Monday, 19 October 2009

Do you carry ID?

Well STOP IT NOW. You are about to be harvested at will, like it or not. No ID on you means no fingerprints or iris scans. You NEVER have to give your name and address to the Police if you are not being arrested or charged. Not even if you are section 44 searched.

Read this from Computing

The Metropolitan Police wants to buy £3m of handheld units for law enforcement agencies that would be capable of capturing facial, iris and fingerprint biometrics as well as reading chips held on credit cards and passports.

The Met is tendering for a framework agreement with selected suppliers that would set out terms and conditions under which purchases can be made by different agencies for the length of the contract.

Such agencies would include HM Revenue & Customs, the Serious and Organised Crime Agency, the UK Border Agency, the Home Office, the Ministry of Defence, the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and all UK police forces.

The agreement will be for three years with the option to extend for another two. The devices will be separate from the mobile computers currently being rolled out to UK forces to assist with day-to-day policing.

The Metropolitan Police had not provided a comment at the time of writing.


I am Stan said...

¨you never have to give your name or address¨

Sounds good... but what happens when you refuse..a whole heap of shit on your plate.

Giolla said...

Stan - last year when we got stopped on Old Holborns little stroll none of us gave any details at all, and it caused no hassle. well no more hassle at any rate.

so I guess it all depends on circumstances.

HeartAttackSurvivor said...

What's the betting Capita get the IT contract?

I am Stan said...

Giolla-Strength in numbers and knowing your rights i guess...

TheBigYin said...

I've been carrying ID since I first began working, and probably before. It's called a National Insurance Number but I didn't think that was good enough so I also carry a driving licence, go on the voters roll and many other things besides. What the fuck else should they know about me...oh yes, that criminal record that I thought had been expelled in 1993, you know, the one I thought that had been expelled after three years??? I can't even go to Argos and order something without them saying "what's your postcode," before i've given them the address to send the goods, then they TELL ME WHERE I LIVE!!! No matter I've never transgressed since, never said boo to a fucking goosestepping 'hofficer of the fucking law', what a joke.

Fuck em, fuck em all.

Time for the revolution...all can attend but for those with criminal records pre 1997 (retrospectivly to 1907!)

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"What's the betting Capita get the IT contract?" - HeartAttackSurvivor

And claim that the can't find suitable staff in the UK so have to import them from India.

Anonymous said...
Member of 14th Gay/Lesbian Commando
Powered by Red Bullshite

Previous 20 Offences relating to young boys witheld, following advice received from my Probationer Officer.

The Battle of Ratcliffe on Soar.
Posted by [info]ron_broxted

* Monday, 19 October 2009 at 04:59 pm

How many arrests were made: A. 80, B. 57, C. 52, or
D. Nottinghamshire Constabulary are innumerate mendacious thugs?
Did Sir Ian Blair say in relation to the de Menezes murder: A. The firearms team should have received medals,
B. The firearms team would have received medals if de Menezes had been guilty of something (other than being foreign),
C. Smash Bourgoise Revisionism, or
D. How much is an eighth?
Ron Broxted is accused of: A. Kiddie fiddling,
B. Impersonating a fat ugly dwarf in a built up area during daylight hours,
C.A turd,
D. All of the above?
Police dogs are: A. Cleverer than their handlers,
B. Useful tools in the repression of dissent,
C. Fucking nice when being shagged.
D. All of the above?
The difference between the B.N.P and unreconstructed nazism is the nazis had nice uniforms;
A. Negligible as Britain is not a de facto police state,
B. Negligible as Britain IS a de facto police state,
C. Negligible as"Coronation Street" is on soon or
D. None of the above?
E. I'm fucking barking mad, send the buggers home, send the buggers home.
Nick Griffin for Prime Minister.

Anonymous said...

My friend is an IT tester who's current project is installing terminals at large Post Offices, ostensibly for drivers wishing to obtain/renew their driving licence.
have your picture taken, sign on the screen and your licence is delivered ther and then.
Phase 2 involves fingerprint readers.
ID cards aren't going away.

John Steed said...

B.N.P membership list (updated) to be leaked at 00.00. YYYYEESSS!!!

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