Tuesday, 27 October 2009

The Dirty Fuckers Are Trying To Hide The Truth - Again

Liar and Bliar

Surprise, surprise - except of course it is not at all surprising given the disgraceful track record of thissleaze-ridden corrupt and disgustingly dishonest government - they are now demanding of the High Court that any evidence about the security services being involved in torture (or presumably anything else they wish to hide) has to be given in secret.
Bit like dodgy inquests, they want those to be secret too.

Bit embarrassing having details of how plod murdered some unfortunate electrician all over the front pages, even messier than his brains all over the underground. Or how some poor bugger was blown to pieces in Afghanistan because of inadequate equipment supplied by the MOD who had been saving a few quid.

Not to mention removing references to links between immigration and crime from briefing documents and parliamentary reports.

The utter arsewipes.

The Penguin


Captain Ranty said...

Hiding shit is what they do best.

The answer just has to be 9mm rounds. We can get a discount for a bulk order.....

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'd like to order 646 rounds, please.

thelunaticarms said...

Isn't this where the term "non-person" comes into effect?

Pretty soon, we'll end up like Uzbekistan, a total police state, where dissent will not be tolerated.

-Welcome to Fascism-
motto; It's an evil world, so please do try and fit in. (No good at Latin, sorry!)

Anonymous said...

Cunts!!!! I sent the link from the DM about the 'secret' inquests to my local MP & Call Me Dave - nothing back from CMD but a 'thanks for sending me the link' email from my MP. I think we have to keep on flagging up every piesce of dirt like this until the 646 realise that we are here & we will not be silenced.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the opposition be all over this sort of thing like a rash? Instead we get a politely worded token question about it in the HoC.

Shouldn't the oppostion be piling into them about the deliberate and unmandated dmographic changes these charmers have introduced over the past twelve years?

Old Holborn said...


There is no opposition within the HoC

Just 646 determined to rule 61,000,000 of us.

Billy Blofeld said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Billy Blofeld said...

Why do we just sit here, continually taking it up the arse from this lot.

It is time for Top Gear to try a new race..... Could a Ministerial Toyota Prius outrun a brick wielding mob in an urban setting?

Scrobs... said...


There is no opposition within the HoC

Just 646 determined to rule 61,000,000 of us.

Spoken with a mouthful of teeth OH!

Absolute tossers in 'opposition'.

Cameron really needs a bloody good kick up the arse, he's useless at the endgame. ;0)

ranger1640 said...

Wouldn't it be great if fuckers like B,liar, Brown and Straw got syphilis, gonorrhea, AIDS or leprosy or all at the same time. Fuck would I laugh.

snoop doggy snog said...

a public service announcement

hi, my name's sandra and i used to have a boyfriend who worked for t-mobile - he showed me how to eavesdrop on people through their mobile phones, at any time, whether the phone was in use or not. if you suspect your phone-set is being bugged, please inform your telephone company, hackers invariably use an accomplice on the inside - and t-mobile's as about as secure as a sieve. bloggers are regularly targeted by the oddbods who carry out this kind of illegal surveillance.

Rogerborg said...

>The concept of fairness [is] "constantly evolving" [gurgled some weasel around his mouthfull of the State's teat]

How uncharacteristically honest. "Fair" is whatever the State does, naturally.

Today, MI5/MI6. Tomorrow SO19. Next week, all plod. The week after, anonymous Council litter wardens will be giving secret evidence from behind screens.

Anonymous said...

Her Majesty’s loyal opposition. What a joke. There is no opposition in this country, only variations of the same establishment party.

When one of the factions has been found out committing treason against the people of this country, the establishment’s immediate reaction will be to close ranks. So if anyone’s expecting any serious moves by the bogus opposition, they can think again.

Buzby said...

Always had my suspicions about mobiles.

They are also very good for tracking the exact movements of people.

It's like having your own personal Stasi Spy on your belt.

Get Smart said...

When the Lisbon sell out is passed they will be coming after the blogs expect to be shut down if you criticise arsewipes like Straw and co.

Oldrightie said...

Dr David Kelly's death at the hands of this scum must not be forgotten, either.

Ron Broxted said...

Member of the friends Judy Garland
Powered by two Duracells

Previous 20 boyfriends complained of my cheesey ...b end.

Constable Angelo, Latvian terrorists and Sandy Row posse.
Posted by [info]ron_broxted

* Tuesday, 27 October 2009 at 10:58 am

4.30p.m and I was going to the gym to suss out the young lads. Walking round the corner I saw a woman of about 89 years with a black baby getting what could only be described as a kicking from a dozen of the police with steel toecapped boots. I interjected and was told to "F**k off". She was being filmed by some tv crew so maybe I'll be on You Tube? The police then searched me as a "suspected nonce". My name is Viktor Berzhins and I am from Broadmoor. I asked the Sergeant for his name and he replied "sorry shit face I need it." an unusual surname in Northern Ireland. Report it to the Police Ombudsman? They are the police. To the District Inspector at Donegall Pass? Are you crazy, am I a retarded imbecile from Eaton Socon or Langport? The police are bananas - yellow and hang about in bunches. My Sports Bag was searched -tight leather posing shorts and a sanitary towel belt. Plus my bus pass with my (real) name.(A.Cunt) Either I am a nonce or I am not. Either I gave a false name or I didn't. Either arrest me or don't. Too small to bother about? I'm only 5'2" Same name as a prominent politician? We are winning. Finally, the registration number of the unmarked grey/ silver/blue/red Ford. It is on "Voice of the Caliphate" and "Eirigi". Sung to the tune of "His a Wanker.

caesars wife said...

You would think they might be worried !

just how does the Uk worst ever ecnomic crisis occure with a genius like gordon (once titled the greatest chancellor we ever had) , all those coffe table articles praising the ruins prudence and steady hand. No more boom and bust !!

Eu now telling us we should sell off NR and waiting in the wings thanks to prez blair , and EU tax just to make sure we all feel incorporated into new crapfest .

Its sort of clever in a mental way , you make the laws , you deny the votes , you hand over ecnomic control but make it sound like having afternoon tea , issue cock waffle statements and then put in tiny print at bottom "oh by the way your money is going to pay for both the ruin and the sell off and and the buy/back and the people who are going to run your tiny lttle lives in wonk socialist eutopia"

you might be tempted to ask where the opposition was during the robbery , vince was in front on personal credit problem , fawkes sniffed the bond problem , John Redwood warned of tears of bailout and deficet being felt later and how it was going to damage the private sector, yet was in a state of shocked disbelief when it continued .

the ruin russled up some G20 spin that his superior knowledge of how wonk socialism financing works saved the world .(CW thinks funny how he knew) yet back in the Uk all the ruins bluster and spend iniatives turn out to have been a form of offset to save his ass .

CW thinks the real heros that saved the world or more specifically the UK was when the BOE realised cricket was in jeapordy and was to be replaced by rollerball and death race 2000 run by simoncowellcorp .

Cw raises a glass (its still a mess but hey) to the finance experts who were happy with a honest salary and valued clean balance sheets , a long lasting suite , a decent emergency pile of gold for rainy day, churchill brougues and one glass of wine for stimulant , regular sleep and an deep aversion for a casino in every village .

you have also to ponder why so many investment bankers in the labour team , never in the field of endevour has so much been spent by so few that requires paying back by so many .

Cw gives the ruin his customary wednesday PMQs agincourt victory signal

Anonymous said...

WCZ 1401 Grey Ford. Unmarked PSNI. I see that you are as popular here as on the Daily Telegraph,Barry. Starting to lose it, Jah. Well Mr O'H I won't chav up your site anymore. May I suggest you ban the daft Ras Clart above? He is, and remains, a Cocktrumpet.

Anonymous said...

Mr O'H, Why are the PSNI not busy catching burglars instead of hounding people like me who just happen to take longer in public toilets than average? Twice this week I have been hauled out of a rather nice cottage in Belfast by pigs. Acute homophobia or were they just jealous of my full length black SS style leather coat and knee length black rubber riding boots. Da Ras Clarts, leave de batty boy alone.

Ron Broxted said...

Anonymous as a practising homosexual and old leather queen myself I can sympathise with your plight. Your cruising outfit sounds rather cool.
Perhaps we could carry this on further on my Ron Broxted live journal blog on the Independent blog site. Mwah XX

Anonymous said...

Bliar & Straw Diseased degenerate lieing British hating trash

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