Monday, 12 October 2009

CUNTING Thief says "whatever, plebs. Ha ha ha"


Anonymous said...

Filthy corrupt CUNTS

The Economic Voice said...

I want to personally defruad these so called honourable MPs of 'their' money, then stand up in front of the whole nation and apologise.

Kinderling said...

A den of thieves.

Simon said...

They were talking about the person who has led the assessment of expenses on Radio 4 this morning. I've forgotten the name but they were saying that he is an ex Marine who will not stand for any nonsense from the corrupt MP's.

It brought to mind a story that was on here a few months ago about a bloodless military coup and how ex military people were behind the leak to the Telegraph. If that was true let's hope that this is an extension of that action and that they will keep this story right at the forefront of public attention in the run-up to the next election.

Riders on the Storm said...

OH. As you seem to be the only person trying to organise a meaningful protest at the disgusting behaviour of MPs,we hope that your attempt to get the snowball rolling will attract support from the frustrated victims of this scandal. An all out effort by all Bloggers can bring this to the notice of the wider public.
Go get 'em Boy.

Anonymous said...

So clearly breaking the rules (which means she committed fraud, not accidentaly but knowingly sought to gain financialy by breaking the rules) means she has to say sorry, corrupt fucking wankers.

kill them all, it's only a breach of the rules.
Sorry should suffice!

Anonymous said...

Moral compass - those MPs & their 'protectors' Plod, CPS Criminal Justice System wouldn't recognise morality or truth if it hit them in the face. I assume we can all follow their example now, cheat, defraud etc etc & get away with saying sorry?

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

The The Days of The Lampposts and Piano Wire are fast acoming.

It is the only thing they seem to be able to comprehend.

Edgar said...

When the State fails, the People have a duty to intervene.

I do not give a flying fuck what the Committee says: the bitch is guilty and it is perversion of justice NOT to put her in jail.

Anonymous said...

Thief forced to apologise to her fellow thieves for getting caught.

Disgusting. They consider us (the victims of their CRIMES) as worse than shit on their shoes.

Anonymous said...

What happened to those "sunlight" people who were going to bring a private prosecution against Little Miss Jackboots?
I sent them a tenner!

Maturecheese said...

If I had only to say sorry for the 1000 pound overpayment by the tax credits over three years, I would have been a lot happier. What actually happened is I had to pay every penny back at 50 pounds a month, dual standards and it makes me sick.

Lutney Chocker said...

...of course, public protests near parliament are now apparently illegal.

Does anyone read history any more?

Robin Hood?
Wat Tyler?
Cato Street?

Blogging's all well and good, but it seems to me that there's a lack of an umbrella campaign to enforce some radical change on the system.

Perhaps it's because most people don't so much want the system to change; but to work.

...unless of course there was a bright idea somewhere... like a Federal Republic of Britain campaign, where you could state that you wanted to start from year 0 or something.

We know they're bastards; we know they're lying, thieving, retarded, irrational, lefty, statist cunts... BUT, what's the alternative?

We need an alternative idea.

You lot and all the "newspaper comments" people might well be able to sustain months of repetitive Derek & Cliveness, but I dunno how many other people just switch off after a while.

Maybe the problem is, not so much the flies (the politicians), but the shit (the poltical system)?

Chris said...

I'm amazed there was no-one outside the court throwing rocks and rotten eggs at the thieving whore. We're too gentle and polite in this country. Time was (and not so long ago) there'd have been bricks through windows over something like this.

excuse note: I live at the other end of the country.

Lutney Chocker said...

It's worth pointing out that she actually COMPLAINED about the judgement that let her keep the cash and simple have to say sorry.


Not between those vapid unblinking mince pies, the retarded whore.

Guthrum said...

No This is Good !

The very fact that she has got away with massive fraud, will just demonstrate that Law and Order has broken down.

The last woman who said let them eat cake came to a sticky end.

Stop whinging and see you in London Nov 5th

Wir sind das Volk 1989

WE are the people 2009

Anonymous said...

...of course, public protests near parliament are now apparently illegal.

unless of course your stated backed and state funded brown shirts like the
''u a f'''

She is guilty is there no justice anymore?

yes if one is an immigrant or a criminal like the Mps they get off free

Anonymous said...

All as bad as each other,
ZanLab / ZanuCon, and even the pathetic LDs.

Shades Of Ansel said...

...and did you see Cameron on the bbc,where he said 'coneratives have paid back £250,000' as if it meant NOTHING.It slid out of his slimey mouth without touching the sides.Like it was something to be PROUD of.How the fuck can these crooks STILL be in their jobs.If that were us,and we'd stolen from the public purse,we'd have the fucking book thrown at us.Yet these cunts just pay it back;wasn't my fault,all within the rules bullshit...and then that's that.They keep their jobs and carry on as if fuck all just happened.This country is FUCKED.

Maturecheese said...

In May 2009, it was revealed that Balls and Cooper together 'flipped' the designation of their second home three times in a 24-month period, in order to fund a property portfolio, despite being warned several times by expenses officials that their claims were excessive

This is from wikipedia. Are this pair of thieving gits going to get any kind of punishment. Surely this is blatant fraudulent misuse of taxpayers money for personal gain. What would happen to me if I did something like this? I would be crucified and I'm a nobody whilst they are supposed to set an example.

General Stiltskin said...

Here's a nice list:

We need a complete one for everyone in the country... every relevant constituency to access during the build-up to the election so there's a clear hit list of MPs to depose... come election night we can keep a running score of who's gone and how much of a kicking they took.

Any fellow geeky types are welcome to contact me if they want to set up and work on something like this.

General Stiltskin said...

Whoops, I missed this:

Still, a nice site with photoshopped mugshots, and available alternatives per constituency...

Anonymous said...

The Clegg review is the biggest scandle of all. Why so little press coverage?

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