Friday, 16 October 2009

Carter-Ruck v Twitter

Twitterers protest in person at Carter Ruck office

16 October 2009

Media lawyers Carter-Ruck felt the wrath of Twitter users once again as a 'flash mob' descended on their Central London office yesterday.

The symbolically gagged protesters were opposing Carter Ruck's injuntion against the Guardian. Acting on behalf of commodity traders Trafigura, the lawyers had attempted to stop the press a reporting parliamentary question asking about an injunction banning publication of the Minton report which relates to the alleged dumping of toxic waste in Ivory Coast.

The injunction was partially lifted on Wednesday to allow reporting of the question after it was widely flouted by users of the Twitter social networking site.

Richard Wilson, 34, author of, Don’t Get Fooled Again, set-up a Tweetvite luring some of the Twitterers to make their protest in person at the Law firm's offices.

Although only half of the promised 25 protesters turned up police were on hand in case of bigger crowds. The police stressed they were there to facilitate the demo and to ensure no obstruction was caused.

The small crowd was largely unnoticed until a car carrying a mobile stereo system added some entertainment to the proceedings. A group calling themselves the suburban pirates circled Carter Ruck's offices, calling for greater freedom of speech over a PA system. Their vintage pick-up truck, emblazoned with a reggae flag was ignored by the police but it was discovered it had been stopped en route to the protest and allowed to continue.

A member of the web-based anti-Scientology group, Anon, said he felt that Carter Ruck's injunction was symptomatic of the suppression of the media that has been used by companies and individuals to censor adverse publicity. He stressed he wasn’t a spokesman but feared reprisals, taking care to hide his face a mask from the film V for Vendetta.


Anonymous said...

My my, the peasants are finally revolting aren't they? And once roused, will not be stopped until Freedom is achieved. How long before Brown the Clown & his band of Misfits, Thieves & Perverts are forced into complete submission?
O/T but not a good day for McSnot & Pals today
- Gert Wilder arrives in the UK - hope he goes to say 'hello' to Jacky Spliff, Ex-Second Home Secretary & Minister for Porn
- the same Jacky Spliff's constituants are organising a petition to get her chucked out as an MP
- the Sunshine Institute chasing Jacky Spliff for part of the money she stole
- report on WPC Yvonne Fletcher (RIP) & Blair's 'Do-Nothing' Policy leaked to the Telegraph
- damning report on the state of Primary Education in the UK - some unknown thuglike Minister left to carry the can while Ed Ball(Less) hides away like his boss Macavity does when there's trouble
Bad day for McSnot - very good day for the rest of us.

Joe Public said...

Looks like a "Scruffy" mob to me.

Ruth said...

If I hadn't been 200 miles away & working, I would have been there too, as would several of my friends. Carter Ruck need exposing, they are helping set very dangerous precedents.

Thanks to those who protested in person. Many more than were able to make it to this protest are aware and watching.

viva twitter & wikileaks! (best site on the web!)

Ironside said...

Carter Ruck are corrupt and hiding criminals with their gagging orders. Time to stand up to these ghouls.

Ironside said...

Something else that Carter Ruck has its sticky fingers in. This also needs a deep investigation.

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