Sunday, 4 October 2009

Cameron - "No Referendum"



Tyburn Jig said...

What else do you expect from a bunch of Bilderberg stooges?

Leg-iron said...

Either he's playing a very clever game, or he's a total dope who's going to do for UKIP what Labour have done for the BNP.

I hope the former but unfortunately I suspect the latter.

BenS said...

Nothing wrong with the latter, to be honest. I long for a Labour majority in a hung Parliament, and a Tories getting a good kick in the face from UKIP. That'd force them to stop being so 'progressive' about everything.

Cunts, the lot of them.

Harri said...

Tyburn Jig said...
What else do you expect from a bunch of Bilderberg stooges?

04 October 2009 20:15

Could possibly not agree more !

Cameron, ' there's a reason why we are saying what we are saying ' ?

Yeah , we know you total fucking hoon !

I am fucking convinced that Bliar, at one time 'wanked into a test tube' the sun came out, and Cameron was then hatched !

What a cu*t !

Cameron, Bliar, Brown, Barrosso, different cheeks, the same arsehole !

End of !

Anonymous said...

I would rather see Labour win the next election than this traitor. At least then the smaller party`s could grow more quickly and we could have some chance of escaping the "post-democratic" age they have planned for us. Its "conservative" party members who could actually do something about this if they woke up and realised that their party was hijacked a long, long time ago.

Oldrightie said...

Tried, dear fellow, tried. No place in politics for people anymore.

Sue said...

We need to fight not submit like losers!

Griblett said...

Cunt, hoon, fucking cunt.

What a fucking cunt the fucking cunt.

Mealy mouthed fucking cunting cunt.

Duplicitous fucking cunt.

Smiley, lying fucking cunt.

Prevaricating, slimy fucking cunt.

Slippery, wriggly fucking cunt.

I hate all 646 fucking cunts with equal venom, the fucking cunts.

You lying, lying, lying, prevaricating fucking cunt.

I want your fucking cunt of a head on a cunting spike, you fucking cunt.

And... relax.

Cameron NWO Stooge said...

He knows, we know, every fucker knows that the treaty will be ratified and the Tories will do fuck all about it.


I want a fucking referendum you dirty fucking cunts.

Europe it is then.


scunnert said...

The Tories are not the answer - whatever the question.

Ampers said...

Harri, I nearly died laughing when you said:
Cameron, Bliar, Brown, Barrosso, different cheeks, the same arsehole !"

I couldn't stomach more after two minutes or so.


Guthrum said...

Two faced bastard- what a surprise

Bruges Group said...

Guy Fawkes had the right idea

Stuart said...

Mofo Cameron.

I hope he's a trojan... or we're all fucked!

microdave said...

Where does this sudden suggestion that the Czechs will have ratified it by Christmas come from? I was under the impression that they were going to try and drag it out as long as possible.

It looks as if we are fucked then.

Great Britain - end of......

electro-kevin said...

How can this happen ? How can 60 million people have not say in this ?

Anonymous said...

can I be the first to call for a revolution.... ok i'm a bit late. I guess it will actually be the first EU civil war, bearing in mind the EU super-state will be sending european troops to put it down.

General Stiltskin said...

I think I've sussed Cameron out...

The man's got no fuckin' balls.

He hasn't got the balls to say on air, "so I'm a toff, so what? you want me to apologise every 5 minutes because of the fanny I cam out of?";

He hasn't got the balls to sack any member of his team for being a shithead - e.g. Osborne;

... and He hasn't got the balls to tell Ken Clarke to fuck off and join the Lib Dems; we're having a referendum come hell or high water.

At least Nicky G's got the balls to appear on national telly and say "so I'm a cunt, so what?"
I dunno who the leader of UKIP is these days, but I want a PM who can "sound off like he's got a pair", and Cameron ain't it.

General Stiltskin said...

It is true though, short of a Cromwellian uprising, the only thing that'll make these bastards listen is if we the people turn away from them in droves...

Every Tory should vote UKIP
Every LibDemette should vote Green
and every Labourite should vote BNP

We the people have grab the ballot box and shove right up their dirty lying corrupt fat arses and rape them at the general election until their blood bleeds.

Then they'll start fuckin' listenin'.
The filth in Strasbourg and Westminster give cunts a bad name.

Ian said...

War it is then...

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

What do you expect from the man that led a standing ovation for B'Liar at his last PMQs.

Apart from not being nuLieBore, why should anyone vote for these bastards?

caesars wife said...

I think your watching a special look e likey marr clip , i dont have a problem with waiting and seeing what checz do or poland , while ever it is open we get the referendum . I mean why form the new MEP group.

its just a non story as far i can tell ,pure labour taking wild shots in the dark . Everyone gets weve been cheated by labour in numerous ways . Hes just using the current options, eventually it will come back on labour as to it was them that didnt do the right thing.

General Stiltskin said...

I've got it!

"Cameron - a cock with no balls". for the rest, I just hate them all... hateful social leper fucktards.

Sometimes I just wish there was a nuclear war... I'd sooner take my chances wi' that

Summer_Breeze said...

LOL @ General Stiltskin.

You've just about hit the nail on the head, though I wouldn't have used quite the same words ;-)
C.M.D. is as much a traitor as the rest of them and should be treat with the contempt and sheer hatred that they deserve.
As for your call for a revolution. I am ready and waiting for the word.
I think I'd have to leave the southern areas to you guys though, whilst I concentrate on co-ordinating the Northern effort.

I am glad though, to find out that I am not alone in my thinking and that there are, other sane people left in this country.

hangemall said...

Time, methinks to declare myself a freeman-on-the-land. Or should I go for lawful rebellion? (Magna Carta gives to right/duty to engage in lawful rebellion. Article 61)

Or perhaps instead of automatically beating doorstepping PPCs to an amorphous pulp I might ask them if they will make an oath or attestation that they will vote against any pro-EU law under penalty of perjury and full commercial liability.

That should sort out the cunts. Their word is worth nothing but hit them in the pocket......

They will have to come out one way or the other. And keep their word.

If they umm and ahh then vote for the monster raving loonies.

Simon said...

Cameron's Conference is less than a day old and he has already let the nation see that he is a traitorous cunt of the first order. All of the main three parties are headed by cunts of equal magnitude, every one of them hellbent on selling us out to a corrupt foreign power.

There is fuck all the people of this country can do but vote for UKIP or BNP. Given the magnitude of the problem we face I think that the least those two parties could do is to merge or at least form some sort of tacit agreement to work together against the LibLabCon alliance by at least not contesting the same seats.

The only other alternative is for the people to rise up and I can't see that happening. Cameron, Clegg, Brown and their little army of fraudsters look like they're going to win and get a massive payout. As we've seen, self interest is the only thing that drives this bunch of thieving, traitorous cunts and they've got the upper hand at the moment.

JD said...

Big swing to UKIP on the cards I should say. Cameron sure knows how to shoot himself in the foot, spineless twat! JD.

Dr Evadne said...

Could hardly watch yesterday's cringeworthy interview with Marr. Dave could have nailed this after the Irish vote. As Leg-iron says, perhaps he is being clever but as far as I can see he is just trying to prevent an EU rift in the party. If its all about Ken Clarke then the Tories would be no worse off without him. He has done nothing to take on Mandlebottom as he was supposed to. Beyond the Lisbon treaty stuff, he came out with some pretty wishy-washy things. Maybe he doesn't want Liebour nicking his ideas (eg IHT) but I don't have much confidence. He didn't seem that appalled either at the possibility of Bliar being leader of Europe and the worls. Bring back Nigel to UKIP, he has a proper job to do now.

Anonymous said...

One thing he's managed through that interview is drive a wouldbe Tory voter to the BNP. You may not like everything that they say but at least they don't faff about with half truths.

The 5th Horseman - Apathy said...

This explains why they all want to concentrate power:

Anonymous said...

Hate to say it but judging by sheer lack of interest on MSM message boards round t'internet land, most people either don't know or don't care about EUSSR. Under-reporting has taken care of that.

Anonymous said...

same old nu-lab, this time under the ZANUCON flag. Welcome aboard shipmates!

Dixie Dean said...

Strange how Dave's mate George the Nose is a good buddy with Nat rothschild? If u think the UK will get a vote you should be on Gordon's pills!!!

The Economic Voice said...

I think there are two conclusions to draw here.

1. He is serving his illuminati masters and will do nothing to ruin their agenda.

2. He is playing a very shrewd game using Johnson in a good cop/bad cop performance to keep the Europhiles from kicking off before conference whilst allowing Boris to express the soul of the party.

Joe Shmo said...

The labour goverment promised us a referendum and they backed out of it..
How does this fucking douchebag sleep at night?

Griblett said...

Well I think that he already knows that Klaus is going to ratify:

Klaus pulls rug from under slippery Dave

So there is no harm in promising to do something that he will never be called on to deliver. At the same time he cons the electorate into thinking that he "genuinely would have, if only he could have, honestly."

He's not playing a stalling game, pretending to be one thing and then morphing into the saviour of the UK. What you see is what you get. A Blair clone. And just another traitor to go along with all the others: Eurofederalist Traitors

Also, best make the most of this way of communicating while it lasts: Watching you

Be careful out there.

Anonymous said...

Those dirty fuckin, tory, two-faced bastards!

Anonymous said...

READ Cameroon and Hannah (pair of shits)

More from Blue-Lab..

ukipwebmaster said...

One wonders if Dave is simply stalling so he won’t have to carry out his half-hearted promise?
This is the legal position taken from Mary Ellen Synon’s blog:

‘The legal position is clear. The Lisbon Treaty has to be ratified by all 27 states before it comes into force. Any time up to that point, the instrument of ratification of any state which has ratified can be revoked. If there is a general election before all 27 member states have ratified the treaty, then the United Kingdom can revoke its ratification. The treaty will then be dead unless the UK reinstates its ratification following a “Yes” vote in a referendum.’

‘However, if it is ratified by all 27 member states before the time of the general election, legally it takes effect and supersedes earlier treaties. Then it cannot be amended or revoked except by further treaty or an instrument equivalent to a treaty, such as a protocol. Britain would need to get agreement of all other member states for that.’

General Stiltskin said...

Well lads (and lasses if there are any),

If we're gunna have a revolution, we'll need a good legal department and PR to get all that quaint mediaeval law-age out...

Personally, I have been moving towards the BNP for the last few years; the only trouble with them I find is that their people are not so much cocks, as embarrassingly dim (not all of them, mind.. they do seem to have some clever bunnies in their ranks).

Then it came to me... there is an alternative party the the big three... one that's not branded as evil; and one that has real MPs and real MEPs...

[drum roll please...]
I never thought I'd say it, but I want to vote DUP!

Prime Minister Ian Paisley... and his election slogan:
"It's not what you know, it's how loud you say it!".

General Stiltskin said...

...picture 'im, in the EU membership referendum shouting "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOI!

Griblett said...


With respect, it may be 'legally' this or that but it is not 'Lawfully' anything. And as such is not binding on the English people unless they foolishly allow themselves to be bound by it. Even then, it has no LAWFUL prerogative, quite the opposite.

Furthermore (see my post above), Dave already knows that the Poles will ratify due to Irelands cave-in (they've already said so), and that Klaus is preparing to do the same and will have done so by the end of the year.

Dave isn't being clever and he isn't stalling, he already knows he won't have to make good on his lies. Hence in the interview he is at great pains to point out what he will do if Klaus stalls, knowing full well that he (Klaus) is not going to do so.

It is simply a con of Blairite magnitude, say something, appear to promise something, whilst knowing 100% that you will never have to make good on that promise.

He is as much a traitor to the people of this country as any in the Labour party.

I hope I live to see the day when the English finally realise what's been done to them and set about righting it, firstly by hanging all those who have been a party to this treason.

I won't hold my breath though.

General Stiltskin said...

Yer never know, Afghanistan might just do it.

The military is being shat on, and has been for years... I want to see them revolt (act against parliament for the monarchy), and create a constitutional crisis.

How can it benefit Camembert if the Czechs, cash their cheques in before our next election? It's surely going to tear the Tory party in twain, could be interesting watching both Labour and Tories crash in the polls as they approach the election... but that could mean more Labour... fuckin' 'ell, does Camembert work for Blair now?

Griblett said...

Regarding the Armed Forces, I've read the odd comment suggesting just that. So you never know.

As to tearing the Tories apart, being in a position to stick to his word and hold a referendum would also tear them apart so it's a lose/lose for him and them.

The benefit to Dave, is it allows him wriggle room within his own party. To the sceptics he can say, "well I would've, you know, if Klaus hadn't buggered it up." To the 'philes he can say, "Ah well, there we are." Same with the electorate.

However, and this is a bit of a stretch. Maybe, just maybe, he's double bluffing the EU itself. I dunno. I've never read anything that would suggest he's that ballsy but it's a possibility albeit a faint one.

Whatever game he's playing it's a dangerous one and liable to end in tears.

banned said...

He won't give us a referendum because he's a cunt, just like blair and Gordon fuckbag Brown

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