Friday, 16 October 2009

Baroness Uddin

“We have undertaken numerous bans on different people and i think that each of them have (sic) its own merits. I think when we say that freedom of speech is important and I will support to the death the freedom to speak but we have to remember that maybe what gave rise to the mass genocide of the Jews in Germany was freedom to speak”


You fat fucking THIEF. Don't you even DARE suggest that freedom of speech equates to Nazism.

I look forward to your day in court


Anonymous said...


Pat Nurse said...

What has given rise to the persecution of smokers is the foul bile the anti-smoking money grabbers spread in exactly the same way that Hitler spread lies about the Jews.

Sadly, people like the Baroness are so thick, they can't see past the smoke coming from their own puritanical and bigotted brains.

They wouldn't know how to have an intellectual debate and win the over the other side so they have to shut them up so they can spout their own kind of rubbish instead.

Tuscan Tony said...

She still at large and not remanded in custody? Extraordinary. Or perhaps par for the course.

ranter said...

I nearly crashed the car tonight hearing this fat fraudster spouting this complete load of fucking bollocks. A prime example of the talentless fuckers running our diversity driven political elite.

Why hasn't she been nicked, swabbed, banged up in the pokey and asked if she wants a duty solicitor.

Thick ignorant thieving whore!

Anonymous said...

Yes, Germany was a veritable hothouse of free speech in 1941 when the Final Solution finally got its trousers on. Clearly you've solved the mystery, Baroness.

Shades Of Ansel said...

Paki fucking scum.Fuck off and die you useless cunt.

BloodFedUp said...

Why is this bloody woman in our country at all?

AP said...

In fact Nazism thrived precisely because people didn't have the freedom to speak out against what happened .

How long before NuLabour decide that the middle classes need extinction. Mr Stalin and Mr Mao would have loved to have had this thief on their team.

She is not elected, she speaks for nobody and yet NuLabour deemed her worthy of a platform in the Lords. The sooner she is stripped of her peerage the better

Guthrum said...

Because she is 'exotic' and Nu Labour love exotic in their grey lives.

Matters not a jot she is a money grabbing fraudster

cornishgiant said...

Explain to me, under what circumstances does a cunt like this get a peerage?? What was it for? Shit the bed, we need total politcal reform. I just the country wasn't so full of such spineless bastards in this country who dare not stand up and be counted

Anonymous said...

Uddin is a token. She is Asian, Muslim and female, and is there only to demonstrate that we have got Islam all wrong. If she had anything about her she would have a better grasp of English grammar, would be far better educated by people outside the mosque, and would spare us all by wearing a veil.

Norton Folgate said...

Muslims trying to adopt the mantle of persecuted equating themselves to the Jews.

Ironic really considering their Precious all encompassing religion fucking hates the jews.

Fucking corrupt thieving cunt

Anonymous said...

Why would she understand the meaning of freedom of speech in this country? She isn't from this country, has no connection to this country, has no understanding of this country's culture, history or institutions.

Needless to say, all of these things make her ideal for the Labour Party, as does the fact that she's a thief.

Spider said...

try this freedom you thieving lying troughing pig.
the freedom to take the consequences - you stole £100k by fraudelntly claiming expenses to which you had no right. you should by rights be banged up, instead of which other lying thieving troughers gave you a peerage.
justice? you couldn't recognise if it slapped you in your lying ugly face

Phil Free said...

"maybe what gave rise to the mass genocide of the Jews in Germany was freedom to speak”

Fuck. Off. You. Thieving. Nazi. Bitch.

Harri said...

“We have undertaken numerous bans on different people and i think that each of them have (sic) its own merits. I think when we say that freedom of speech is important and I will support to the death"

" To the death " well for some Baroness, death can't come fucking quick enough !

Hitler might well have been a total murdering lunatic, but he appears to have got the ' solution ' right, he was a tad out on the date '

Maybe its just me (i really don't give a fuck ) but , and at this particular point in time, Zyklon-B, and Baroness Fucking corrupt righteous Uddin seem to me , to be a match made in heaven.

Burn the fucking witch, and don't spare the kindling, or the petrol !

How's that, oh Baroness Uddin Fuckwit corrupt moonbat for ' freedom of speech'

Edgar said...

Freedom of speech includes the freedom to claim that freedom of speech is evil.

Fortunately, despite Shitferbrains and her cohorts, her use of freedom of speech to denigrate freedom of speech just shows what an ignorant, stupid, selfish, undemocratic, filthy camel she is.

Please, please, please, if you don't like people saying what they want, go back to Piggystan.

FreedomIsYellow said...

Baroness Udder can officially fuck right off

Stuart said...

Nepotism too...

Gigits said...

She didn't actually say that, did she? (I can't be bothered to follow the link)

Baroness Uddin fail her English GCSE? That's unpossible!

Harri said...

Credit where credit is due !

A fucking thief of Biblical proportions she ( Baroness Cunting Uddin) might be, and at the least £ 100,000 richer.

She has not been ' forced ' to play her ace up her sleeve, and ' get out of jail free card '

Yet !

You/me/we... Really are suckers are we not !

If i, ( Harri ) had just got away hot on my heels , with a sackfull of tax free cash ( £100,000) to be precise, you would have the upmost pleasure of kissiing ny arse ' cheerio' also ! and i make no bones about that ?

The only problem/problems i can see with my cunning plan, is .... i am white, male, non-muslim, male and an oik !

Fuck it ! its never that simple is it !

Chris said...

Thought I'd heard the name recently. The penny didn't drop until I read this.

Thieving old sow.

Anonymous said...

If you'd been in a coma for the last 12 years you could be forgiven for thinking that the criteria for a peerage was to be one or more of the following
1) a wog
2) a faggot/dyke
3) a thief
4) educationly sub normal
5) a totally fucking useless waste of space.

subrosa said...

Dreadful, absolutely dreadful woman and for her, with her reputation, to make such statements is despicable.

When are we going to get politicians of any courage to stand to people like this woman?

At times I'm glad I'm not young.

CIngram said...

She is wrong. Forget the abuse. Forget the many other reasons for disliking her. Forget the prejudices that some of you might have. She has said that we may not think or speak as we wish, and that is enough to condemn her. But it needs to be said loud and often.

john in cheshire said...

Yet another wog given power by the socialsts shit of this country. Mrs. Wog shit. fuck off because if you don't we, the indigenous peoples of this country will surely fuck you up. you and your immigrant shitstock will be extirpated without mercy. You fucking wog shit. you are not fit to live in a civilised society.
Long live the anglo-saxon, celtic gene pool.goddamn the ethnic contamination.

john in cheshire

Francis Futurama said...

Yes, I heard this whore's truculent, deceitful rant on R4 when driving home and had to pull up on the kerb until i'd stopped seeing red. It is now officially 'fascist' to criticise 'slam in any way - I already knew this when recently at a dinner party I referred to the Islamic persecution and murder of homosexuals and Islam's oft-stated mandate of throwing them off cliffs - a shocked silence ensued at the mere mention of Islam in a Nu Labor household until someone piped up 'that sounds a bit fascist to me'. They were referring to me, and had nothing to say about the rights of sexual minorities, and no criticism of Islam. I was deemed to have lost the argument. 'Fascist' is the new 'racist'.

Anonymous said...

Yes, being a thief seems to be a prerequisite these days for donning the ermine - Mandelson, Gorbals Mick & the unlovely example given above - who doesn't seem to even have a grasp of basic English

Fausty said...

Good grief!

Freedom is slavery!

BloodOnTheQuad said...

"So I was at this dinner party in a NuLabour household"

I'll bet they have an Aga they don't know how to use.
Silly cunts

Anonymous said...

Greasy cunt should be boiled in bacon fat.

What qualification has this jumped-up pound shop employee suddenly attained to tell us about Nazi Germany? My grandfathers were fighting Hitler - hers were probably fighting over grains of rice or the odd dead rat.

Never had a proper job, snout fully in the trough. Fuck you, you rancid abomination on the House of Lords, and cancer-fuck the cunts who ever let you in there.

P.S. She are fucking ugly (a noticeable trait amongst her lot). A George Medal and bar to the retard who ever duffed her up.

anti fascism is the new fascism said...

Blue labour have their own unelected version, she will be seen on Question slime this week, promoted some have said for no other reason than her religion.

Yes the unelected Tory stooge against an elected man THEY call a fascist and a racist!

You couldn't make it up!

Anonymous said...

While the woman clearly is a dangerous idiot, there is a good reason to watch out for the NWO importing the new whipping boys and girls only to divert attention from the rest of the destruction of society the NWO have otherwise caused.

Imagine Hitler having no scape goat to blame, what would he do to gain massive control - indirectly import it and then point the finger when his forces and control are near complete.

Using ever method he can lay his hands on - the media and state sponcered EDL for example.
Put it this way - do you think the BNP would have been allowed to march in such a manner without their doors being booted in on the the morning of the demo?)

I believe this is just the beginning.

The civilised solution has been there all along, end mass immigration. It is not the recent immigrants that created these policies inicially it was the NWO as part of the nations destruction.

Yet the only party that ever highlighted this were demonised by the NWO Media and their fellow stooges as evil racists and to such great effect that we now find ourselfs facing such deliberately planned issues with no real opposition.

Now the country is fragmented just as planned and the NWO can now play their power games with scape goats.

In short the NWO Goverment both Blue and red created the problem and now offer to find the solution, directly or indirectly.

and guess what, you will beg them to `save` you from the problem they created, rather than vote for a `rascist` party.

Then you will thank them for saving you.

While this woman is wrong and thinks her closing down of free speech is the answer, what she does not realise is that it was not the BNP that have set this issue up, but the current lot in power and the NWO who she thinks will help her as they close down all political and ideological opposition.

That opposition she hopes willl be closed down would have ensured that this situiation never arose in the first place and her biggest fear should be the ending of freedom of speech and democracy.

banned said...

Anon 20:17
A veil is not good enough for fake 'baroness' Uddin, she should wear a burkha, back to front, like her logic.

I know that the time is long gone when elevation to the Lords was the result of some great service to the Monarch or State but what has this disgusting woman ever done for anybody ?

Anonymous said...

What a cheeky bitch. Talking about your fraudulent behaviour may equate to nazism "Baroness" is that the sort of thing that you mean? Actually what might encourage extremism is being lectured to by a fat fraud.

III said...

John In Cheshire:

You are a moronic, deeply stupid sonofabitch.
How long will it take for y'all to understand that melanin content has no bearing on one's character or commitment to liberty?

Over here we have all manner of people, of all shades who strive to live as freeborn men and women,

Conversely, there are plenty of whitebread folks who live on their knees and whose chains rest easy upon them.

When you use such language you completely alienate and drive away liberty loving individuals who happen to be non-white. It's not like you've been too proud enlist the aid of Johnny Wog in past conflicts against fascists, right?

You are wasting a golden opportunity to attract more right-thinking freepeople to your cause. If the comments in this thread are typical, you deserve to fail.

Fuck Y'all Very Much.

Gladys Pew said...

Ranter, I had to turn her off when I was driving home she made me so angry! Why are they never challenged bluntly when they make these repressive statements? I would have ripped her a new arsehole if I had been there!

Anonymous said...

Twisted fuckster

Anonymous said...

My grandfathers were fighting Hitler - hers were probably fighting over grains of rice or the odd dead rat.

Actually, her grandfathers probably fought for the Empire of Japan in the Indian National Army. And if they didn't actively fight for Fascism in Asia, they certainly sympathised very heavily with it.

If you know a little something about Indian history, it's funny to listen to ZanuLabor's ethnic cohorts like Virendra Sharma singing the praises of a murderous Fascist traitor who supported a murderous Fascist regime.

Truly, the only qualification you need to rise in ZanuLabor is a racist hatred of white Britons.

bofl said...

go and live in saudi arabia love.see how you get on there!

electro-kevin said...

This would have been a good post to juxtapose the Shariah The True Solution - Freedom Can Go To Hell

(I've added a comment to the tube worker post for ballance - having worked there both as a train driver and a copper)

john miller said...

Fuck me, she's proud about banning things?

But only those things SHE doesn't like. Can I ban Muslims from entering the country? Strangely, no, that would be a breach of their human rights. Can they successfully lobby Fat Jack to ban Wilders entering the country. Of course, because otherwise their human rights would be breached.

If I remember correctly, my old man used to have a trick coin like that...

Rogerborg said...

Did she just Godwin herself? I guess that's game over for Zanu then.

Lancastrian Oik said...

Fucking stupid bitch- it's speaking out against Islamofascism that will stop the insane bearded cunts from ever gaining power over us. They're the arseholes who want to kill the non-believers and exterminate the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Funny, it's actually against the law in some places to question some contradictions and mathematical impossibilities about the holocaust.

You vill not criticise Isreal's ethnic cleansing, crimes and racism of the cosen ones today. Heil Israel, Zionism ueber alles.

I am Stan said...

I do not believe her race has anything to do with her words,i say that because many comments are obsessed with with your insecurities..not everyone is white and never have been,never will be.

Fact is she is just plain stupid!

Anonymous said...

She got a "positive action" promotion. That gives us every right to bring her race into it Stan.

Pat Nurse said...

I don't like the race stuff. She's a stupid woman whatever colour or religion she is.

I am Stan said...

So because they focus on race and not on say talents or contribution
which i believe they should.{if what you say is true}

YOU follow their lead like a puppy,
you also focus on race but with insults and anger so you lose sight of the issues ie she is talking shit.

Distracted,angry,bitter,abusive and aggresive...thus your legitimate concerns are overshadowed and you become marginalised and ignored.

Anonymous said...

Stan you're such a retard.

I hate Gordon Brown. If I'm critical of him, am I following his "lead like a puppy"?

I am Stan said...

Annonymous-its very simple...

What i am saying to you is...YES be critical..state your point of view...but once you start with racial abuse or any kind of obuse for that matter your point of view becomes overshadowed.

Gert Vilders has a point of view but he has kept any abuse to his living room...he has been invited to the house of lords...for what its worth.

Do you get my point now annonymouse

That why wre talking about the abuse now and not the issue...that she is talking shit.

Anonymous said...

Stan. If my doctor tells me I have 6 months to live, would you mind if I moved in with you?

I have a feeling it would be the longest 6 months of my life!

Phil Free said...

John in Cheshire,

Go fuck yourself.


Anonymous said...

not everyone is white and never have been,never will be.

Indeed, not everyone is white. Most of the world is not white. And perhaps the "Baroness" would be better going back to the country she was born in - the country whose culture, religion and traditions she still espouses - rather than shitting up my country.

I don't give a flying fuck what colour your skin is. I do care when you set out to destroy the culture and constitution of my country and turn it into Bangladesh-on-the-Thames.

In conclusion, go fuck yourself.

Anonymous said...

" III said...
John In Cheshire:

You are a moronic, deeply stupid sonofabitch."

A) Lt's see shall we?

"How long will it take for y'all to understand that melanin content has no bearing on one's character or commitment to liberty?"

A) probably the most stupid straw man argument I have heard in some time. Do some research on the difference between races, you will find it concerns a far lot more than melanin! However the differences are played down by the moronic PC brigade, even when significant. How often do we here about the superiorty of the black athelete! yet other areas where blacks fail to cpmpete the blame is layed on the white race, even when other non white races have more than succeaded - chinese for example - yet we are all the same right! you are a moron trying to over simplyfy an issue that has very dangerous historic consequences should you try and hide the realities to fit with your deluded brainwashed simplistic crass bollocks.

So now i will await for you to explain how one group who faced as much racism as any other group has done well while other have not?

I expect it will be a long wait, or you will dissapear in a puff off smoke up your own arse!

"Over here we have all manner of people, of all shades who strive to live as freeborn men and women"

A)Yes but race/cultural identity is a natural thing, it is an extension of ones family and traditions born over thousands of years and genetic developement over hundreds of thousands, which is why such a thing as white flight excists as does the grouping of ethnic groups, the reason why amny prefer to import a wife rather than look for one from the local stock - or are we just imagining such things, in spite of the evidense! - constantly seeking to hold on to their ethnic and cultural identity. Which is the real reason why such people have been imported, for the NWO to smash cultural ethnic identity to gain totalitarian dictatorial control, with as little national opposition, an opposition that had a united tradition of race and culture including political culture.

"Conversely, there are plenty of whitebread folks who live on their knees and whose chains rest easy upon them."

A) What's with the racist `whitebread` remark? rather ironic isn't it! seems you have an interest in ethnic identity yourself, seeing as you refer to white people as whitebread?
It is this natural identity - an extension of ones family and culture which sets up for conflict, however trying to destroy such identity and culture - some of which is genetic lead leads to more bloodshed misery and poverty than simply not trying in the first place.

Anonymous said...


Unatural systems, much like communism which is why it fails, every time and leads to oppression of the natural.

"When you use such language you completely alienate and drive away liberty loving individuals who happen to be non-white. It's not like you've been too proud enlist the aid of Johnny Wog in past conflicts against fascists, right?"

A) Ah yes here we get the `you used foreigners` in the past in your wars! and? so did the romans -and? after the war india wanted and got independance, it wanted to have it's own cultural identity and the vast majority wanted the aliens out of their home lands, much as they did in Africa, as I said it is perhaps not utopia as the communists would like but quite natural.

"You are wasting a golden opportunity to attract more right-thinking freepeople to your cause. If the comments in this thread are typical, you deserve to fail.

Fuck Y'all Very Much.

17 October 2009 06:47"

A) No, the comments are born out of a reaction to an unatural mass program of resented and resisted deliberate political, cultural destruction and oppression through mass immigration and it is used by the politicians as the key catalist to destroy the identity of these islands and fragment it to destroy it and then rebuild it in their mould(in short where the international bankers and their corporate elite and their families maintain world power indefinately - well until they have a falling out and a new world war starts). I do not blame or hate immigrants, I am simply more than aware of the big picture and the effects of mass immigration and not blided by the PC bollocks which is nothing more than the tail waging the dog and it is undemocratic and dictatorial by nature.

This open resentment of oppression through immigration is no different than what the indigenous of India and Africa expressed when they wanted Brits etc out of their multicultural paradise.

While the numbers and the holding of power may have been different at the time the simple fact was that it was culture and race that was the dividing line. The rest was simply the political class holding on to power - black or white a political class elite will hold power and still do.

You would be the white guy in India and Africa telling all the natives to shut up and except the wonderfull multiculturalism!
telling all the natives that they will soon become the minority and that they must be carefull not to offend the immigrants or they may face seven years in prison, while the Brit invaders outbreed them and import their wifes while creating no go areas for the natives!

See how stupid you now sound, all it takes is a fresh perspective without the PC brainwashing, so sorry son, it is you who have failed, this is a brainwashed free zone!

Anonymous said...

Phil Free said...

John in Cheshire,

Go fuck yourself.


genes are everything

Anonymous said...

you see race does matter that is why WHITE western races are being genocided every way possible by the NWO and the stooge like Barren Udder

Anonymous said...

Wait for the NWO international banker mafia to bomb us should we resist, when they declair their EU/NWO stooge base in kossovo just east of London!

I am Stan said...

Curious that the most abusive, deranged and paranoid always post comments as annonymous..

Can not even bring themselves to use an identifiable made up name.

It seems like you guys are terrified of life.....

You are living in a fear of your own help..

Or hide in your wardrobe say La La La until the shadows go away...

Ooooor be brave and embrace life..but that takes a pair of bollocks!

The Paragnostic said...

I'm not a racist - got plenty of Jamaican and Nepalese and Hindu friends that I consider to be as British as me, because they want to be part of this country, and are fine upstanding honourable people.

Baroness Udders, on the other hand, is an unqualified, corrupt and venal pig, as are most of her co-religionists. As far as I'm concerned, she's not worthy of citizenship, let alone a place in the Lords.

As the song in Phoenix Nights went - 'Send the buggers back'.

Oh, and if you don't like my views, feel free to fuck right off.

WV: steallo - like wifebeater for thieving cunts?

Road Warrior said...

You Is Stan, you took the line

"YOU follow their lead like a puppy"

straight from the Humongous in Mad Max II.

Anonymous said...

Stan, I hear the Guardian has a comment section. Why don't you fuck off over there?

Anonymous said...

I see more of your friends have been "celebrating diversity" here Stan. Now try and tell me I'm not entitled to hate people like you.

I am Stan said...

Annonymouse-what happened to that woman is a terrible thing and the bastard who did that to her should get life.

You ask about "Hating people like me" well its very simple...the majority of people,that means most people, would never in their life time do any thing like that, weather they are white ,black,yellow or brown.

All races are capable of violent acts,you are useing one person to represent a whole group

Do you hate the people like me fighting in our forces for our country while we sit at home.

Fact is if you want to do that then you will..but you will live your life like a frightened rabbit hating everyone and everything.

Not much of a life eh!

Anonymous said...

So you claim to be in the majority Stan. Why is white flight happening then? Why

People who take such an issue when race is mentioned, like yourself, are not a majority. People who are browbeaten into silence are the majority.

You say all races are capable of violence when 90% of violent street crime in London is by blacks. That's denial.

I can't reply to the rest of your comment as it makes fuck all sense to me. Sounds like some libtard rant that only other libtards understand.

Geert Wilders for EU President! said...

Her Husband should give her a Koranic beating, put her ugly arse in a Burkha, then get her to get in the kitchen and make him some fucking dinner.

For once, I am in agreement with the Taliban.

Anonymous said...

can't wait for her to be in Holloway eating her PORK sausage & beans on a tin plate

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