Thursday, 15 October 2009

Arise Lady Smith Of Redditch

Despite the good burghers of Redditch signing a petition to force her to stand down, there is nothing they can do about it, because we don't actually live in a representative Democracy. Once we have an election thats it for five years- a Parliamentary Dictatorship.

No matter how crooked and lying they are, they are are unmovable, put them in charge of the Police, so they exercise their 'power' they are then 'entitled' to become one of the Nobility.

It is such a shame as she has brought the dress and everything, but then again so had Marie Antoinette.


The Political Classes are closing ranks, Aux Armes Citoyens !

The practicing criminal barrister told Miss Harman that MPs were: "entitled to regulate their own affairs in accordance with the law, practices and rules that existed at the time."

Any departure from this principle was a "denial of natural justice" and would be unlawful, he added.

In response, Miss Harman said that claims had to be judged "by the rules and standards obtained at the time" and to do anything else would be "arbitrary".

What happened to the 'Court Of Public Opinion' Harriet ??

60 million of us , 646 of you- out voted



Mark Wadsworth said...

"Arsie Lady Smith of Redditch"

Edgar said...

Justice has been murdered by the elected oppressors.

Under circcumstances like this, civil rebellion is not merely a right, it is a duty.

BrianSJ said...

"You might also like"
next to a picture of Margaret Beckett? Is David Blunkett the webmaster here?

Anonymous said...

Is it Labour's 'scorched earth' policy or just spit in the eye for those of us who are kept awake at night because another round of redundancies have been announced?

Whilst the private sector contracts, job losses burgeon and tax receipts fall off a cliff, the government are taking more public sector workers on and increasing their pay above inflation.

Scandalous and not a mention from the media who instead focus on the drop in the rate of job losses.


Or for a more eloquent take, try here:

Joe Public said...

Strange how a number of (Labour) MPS are now complaining of Gordon's incompetence, as soon as it affects their own pocket!

Gareth said...

They keep missing the point, quite deliberately I must assume.

The rules at the time required MPs to submit claims that they envisaged would not be too luxurious, extravagant or suggest impropriety. They were also required to submit expenses for costs incurred wholly, neccessarily and exclusively for their duties as an MP.

Some of this matter is quite clearly addressed in the published note from Sir Thomas Legg that Guido mentions here.

In some instances Sir Thomas is being lenient in allowing a few thousand here, a few thousand there for things MPs should not have been paid for. The real nub of the matter is they shouldn't even have claimed for such things. Morals are beyond them. The rules at the time were clear enough - responsibility for propriety rested on MP's shoulders. Now the public knows they are shits and they don't like it up 'em.

It is the typical politician's response - trying to change the question to fit the answer they have decided to stick to. This thing is being puffed up as a retrospective change of the rules when it is no such thing. Problem is we and the media are wasting time trying to show MPs have been happy with retrospective changes in law when it suits them. This is a mistake. We are letting them get away with a blatant falsehood by trying to argue their point. We should stick to our guns - they took a lot of money the rules at the time say they were not entitled to. It should be returned any they should enjoy being prosecuted.

banned said...

Old Holborn, I am reporting you for posting that picture of Jaqui Antoinette as it is clearly “grossly offensive, disgusting or otherwise of an obscene character
Kindly advise your readers to hand over their hard drives immediatly as they are also guilty by association.

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