Sunday, 4 October 2009

Another Nu Labour Minister In A Technical Breach Of The Law

Look I am sure even you as a man, can see it was only a technical breach of the Law, and in the Court of of Public opinion I am very important

The Harperson slams into a parked car last July (!) and airily winds down the the window and shouts out the window 'I am Harriet Harman you know where to find me'
So this is the get out of jail free card free now is it ?-

The arrogant woman has committed a offence under the Road Traffic Act- but the Law only applies to the little people doesn't it Harriet. No doubt prosecuting you will be spun as some anti femminist act of male aggression.

Failing to stop/report an accident

After an accident you have been involved in you must stop your vehicle and, if required to do so by any person having reasonable grounds for so requiring, give your name and address, the name and address of the owner of the vehicle and the identification marks of the vehicle (Section 170(2) of the Road Traffic act 1988).

The duty to stop means to stop sufficiently long enough to exchange the particulars above: (Lee -v- Knapp 1966 3 All ER 961).

Section 170(3) places an obligation on the driver, if he does not give his name and address under subsection (2) above, to report the accident to a police constable or police station as soon as reasonably practicable and in any case within 24 hours. The duty to report means "as soon as reasonably practicable": (Bulman -v-Bennett 1974 RTR).

It does not mean the driver has 24 hours within which to report the collision.
The maximum penalty is:

* 6 months' imprisonment

The chances of this going anywhere near the Courts are nil, as Mandelson and Scotland have proved.


Allegedly She was also on her mobile phone as well.


Rogerborg said...

You sexist pig. It's not Harperson's fault she can't drive, it's genetics. Probably her father's fault.

Joe Public said...

She was probably going through that "difficult time of the month".

Anonymous said...

Fucking off from the scene of an accident also allows the alcohol in the blood to fuck as well.

Mitch said...

Small token fine,a faux apology at some press conference and business as usual.
Nothing to see here.

We have seen it all before, ministers are above the law.

tris said...

I hope they send along a female police officer to speak to her about the "alleged" offence(s).

I'm sure, however, that there is small print in these precident cases that you quote which excludes "important" people (as there will be in all English Law.

I expect the Sun will have fun with this one.... What goes around, comes around Ms Harman.

If I were Mandleson or Scotland I'd be being extremely cautious. Mr Murdoch has eyes everywhere.

Billy Blofeld said...

Old Holborn,

A 6 month maximum prison sentence....

Do you think Harriet is going to regret saying this in 2004:

"And sentencing too, is vital for public confidence. If a sentence is lenient – it needs to be explained. The opportunity is there for magistrates and judges to thank those in the agencies and the victim and witnesses for the part they have played in bringing the offender before the courts. That can be irrespective of the verdict and whether or not those referred to are physically there in court. Above all, sentences need to be explained. Particularly if it is lenient.

But if there is an unjustifiably lenient sentence in the Crown Court which will undermine public confidence, the Attorney General and I can, and often do, refer the case to the Court of Appeal for the sentence to be increased."

bofl said...

this piranha faced loony passed twio laws HERSELF last year!!!!!!!!!

check it out!!!!!!!!!!!!!

she must be dealt with like any other person........

so will plod do something or will they just show that they are spineless as usual?

bofl said...

typo.....'two laws'..........angry!

SO17 said...

'Community' what the fuck is that?
A place where police have to wear Flak jackets.
That slag will not see the significance of the body armour she wears.
She will not admit her and her slag lefty mates are wrong and always have been.
She and her fuckwit friends are the enemys of the 'Community' and should be executed.

Under the Westway said...

She crashed while talking on a mobile, according to the report I saw.

This happened at the beginning of July. Why didn't it come out before the Labour conference?

Under the Westway said...

Sorry, OH, you mentioned the mobile.

woman on a raft said...

If it had been you or I, do you think the police would have waited until after the conference to interview us?

If the cops want to speak to a Tory next week, do you think they will say "sorry, don't wish to disturb you, do contact us in your own sweet time".

Bah, humbug. Fix.

Demetrius said...

Five bob says her insurance is out of date as well.

Scan said...


It clearly states "...if HE does not give HIS name and address..."

Harperson claims to be of the female variety, therefore has done nothing wrong.

The bloke who parked his car where she could crash into while being pissed/on the phone/sat on a diesel powered vibrator is plainly at fault and should be prosecuted far beyond the extents of the law.

Grevious Bodily Harman said...

Normally,Hit and runs drive off because no one knows who they are.

Anonymous said...

Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. However - as usual with one of Labour's own - nothing will happen.

Anonymous said...

she,s 59 hardly time of the month

Edgar said...

The more they get away with this kind of shit, the nearer the revolution.

caesars wife said...

happend in july so why so long to confirm if mobile was inuse or not , bit wierd though crashing into a parked car , could have been on sauce !

Anonymous said...

hang her!

Anonymous said...

She was as nished as a pewt .... dodgy bitch.

Anonymous said...

mmm I got stopped for walking down a semi - rural road because, erm ' acording to the police women she 'didn't know me'

Anonymous said...

She should be let off!!
Cause I was a victim in a similar incident several years ago (although no phone was being used) & the Pigs refused to investigate because it was not in the 'Public interest' & would be a waste of time. So, if MPs should be subject to the same laws/procedures as us..... :-D

Road_Hog said...

The mobile phone company will be able to confirm she was using her mobile, not that it matters anyway, because she'll get off on a technical offence.

JD said...

Anyway, a collision is between two moving objects, and I believe one car was stationary, so it was not strictly a collision, as reported. She should still be charged for not reporting the crash though. JD.

thelunaticarms said...

Of course nothing will come of it. Lord "army of 10,000" Ahmed was freed on appeal even though a man died due to his actions (texting on a mobile while driving).

Labour are the Communists/Nazis in all but name. They make the Laws to keep us plebs in place, not out of any benign malevolence.
Our slow march towards Total Fascism is near complete. They don't even have to hide it no more they're so well positioned.

On a side note, the street she is on in the photograph is along Meeting House Lane. The Police Station is behind her to to the right. Damn, to think I've got nearly half a dozen MPs living near me... gives me shivers.

Old Holborn said...

The Chief Inspector of Surrey used to charge anyone who hit a stationary vehicle with driving without due care and attention. Automatically.

"Well, it can hardly be the car's fault, can it? "

electro-kevin said...

*Slams car into Harman's ministerial motor*

"I'm Electro-Kevin. You know where you can find me !" Drives off.

Bugger Lugs said...

Oh this is easy for her to answer.

When she had the unfortunate accident, minor thing really, she saw that there were angry voters in the car park and feared for her person.

It was obvious that she was recognised so her rapid departure was not to defeat the ends of justice but for her own safety, as is permitted.

The fact that she forgot to inform the filth afterwards was entirely due to he Burdens of State, overwrought by the dreadful loss in the life in the fire, racism by The London Fire Service not saving any the asylum seekers, Nigerian con artists and future labour voters etc.

Police caution.

Afghanistan Banana Stand said...

Poor Hattie is probably not used to being behind the wheel:

".....the 59-year-old, who is normally chauffeur-driven in a silver Toyota Prius, was driving her Ford Fiesta....."

Clearly a case of inexperienced driving coupled with the stress of driving among the Great Unwashed without a stab vest or police escort while making an absolutely vital telephone call on matters of state.

Case dismissed

Road_Hog said...

JD said,

"Anyway, a collision is between two moving objects"

'fraid not.

Nothing about both objects moving.

john in cheshire said...

Kill the fucker.

Road_Hog said...

Forgot to add the link, she'll got off with it just like she did last time.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I'm with John in Cheshire.

Seen the pic in the Wail on Sunday? Harperson's wearing plimsolls! Plimsolls, FFS!

Tits 'n steering wheels, eh? Never a good mix.

seebag said...

Perhaps she could get her darling solicitor sister on the case - I'm sure between them they can conjure something up, after all these laws are only for the little people, aren't they?

Old Holborn said...

"The crash happened in the afternoon of 3 July in Dulwich, south-east London, near Harman's home"

Her home is not in London. Her sister's bedroom is in London.

anonemo said...

Think you might be a bit confused OH.

Old Holborn said...

indeed. too much Vino.

woman on a raft said...

The more I look at that picture, the more I think: twelve years and all they've achieved is that a woman needs three police officer and a stab vest if she is to walk down the road.

I know Hattie has enemies, but even so, that they have built a world in which she needs almost as many minders as Madonna does not show they are on top of security - it shows the very opposite. They've lost it bigtime.

General Stiltskin said...

I tell you what, I'd love to sponser anyone 10% of my next week's looto winnings if they put on an elvis suit and video themselves ramming a certain fat evil trollbitch off the road, and roll the window down and shout "who the fuck do you think I am, shitweasal?" and puke on her (after notifying the proper authorities of course - the local vet).

I tell you what, I'll bet 'er inbox is full of angry old white man's bile (fnarr fnarr).

Anonymous said...

That Fast Show clip is sooo typical of NuLabour. It would be hilariously funny if it didn't demonstrate Govt's very real complete contempt for the law & for voters 'law is for little people' - a very suitable NuLabour slogan for the next election.

Sexist Pig said...

All her kids have HER surname, despite being married to Jack Dromey since 1982!

Did she make him wear the wedding dress too?

General Stiltskin said...

The reason why her and Patrician Scotland are so arrogant is that they are effectively immune from removal.

Hateman sits on a massive majority (not her arse, but yeah); and Patrician is some kind of civil serpent, well, Patrician in the Lords... I've a feeling it'll take more than David Camemblair to remove 'em from inflicting their egos upon us.

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