Friday, 30 October 2009


Further to my post below, our masters have just decided to hand over €90 Billion a year of our money to various eco loons to save the planet.

This is WAR

UPDATE: An example of how the money will be spent

Sahena Begum lives in the village of Kanderpara in northern Bangladesh. Located in the Ganges basin, the village is no stranger to serious flooding and, with the reality of climate change bearing down on it, the future is likely to bring even more extreme weather.

However, despite the threat of yet worse floods, Sahena and her fellow villagers have never been better prepared. The reason? Special training sessions, paid for by DFID, that have put Sahena's women's group at the centre of the community's flood survival strategy.

Now, if the area is deluged, a plan of action is in place, as are the resources needed to see the storm out. After being notified of any flood warnings through a radio supplied by the training providers, the women will first of all call a meeting to alert the other villagers to the situation. Children, the elderly and anyone who is unwell will then be escorted to the village shelter, which the group has built on a raised plinth a ten-minute walk away.

Across the village, encouraged by the women's group, people have begun to raise the foundations of their homes above flood-levels. This ensures that life can continue – that livestock and possessions are saved – when waters sweep through.

Oxfam's overall PPA with DFID runs from 2008 to 2011 and is worth £27.8 million.



Billy Blofeld said...

50p says that once the Unions have either died or turned on Labour, that we will find a new wave of Eco loons who will funnel their EU grants towards supporting the British Labour Party.

GCooper said...

OK. That's the one I was waiting for.

Spartan said...

Buy shares in Mercedes .... there's going to be a great demand for these cars when orders start flooding in from these 'developing nations' .... what a freaking joke!

Old Holborn said...

Our grandchildren are in debt whilst bankers hand out a trillion of our cash to themselves and now the fake religion of Climate Change is to be handed £360 every year from every man woman and child in Europe.

Enough is enough

comork said...

We'll be forking out a pretty penny if we don't watch it, but the 90billion Euros isn't paid just by us, it's the arbitrary figure for a modern life-tax is what they say the world must pay, presumably to some global quango who will then dish out a fraction of that money on crap.

They really a great big bunch of toppers. Alistair Darling has said previously the EU should contribute £10billion and Britain would chuck in £1billion. Then some others in the EU said £15billion, and on until it was £30billion. Completely arbitrary. Utterly destructive too, as it will reduce productivity. We might as well have a war instead.

I must have missed the manifestos and elections where these international socialist put such proposals to the electorates of Europe.

.243 Win said...

What the fuck ?????

It wouldn't be so bad if there was equivalent funding for mass-mailings of "Empire of Debt", "The Tipping Point" and "State of Fear" to counteract the greenwash.

Then again, allowing the masses access to sufficient information to make their own decisions would be a shade contrary to the EUSSR "ethos"

SO17 said...

Mass Immigration,ban the bomb,ban nuclear power,multiculturalism,communism and so on and so forth.
In a debate about climate change forget the science just give the above examples that the Left have never been right about anything.
Ergo,man made climate change is bollocks.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I've just let rip at my place. My blood is fucking boiling.

Mr. P. Bear (Alaska) said...

So who are we giving the money too?

The fucking Polar Bears?

And where is the EU going to get all that money from? We are in a recession / depression.

Anonymous said...

Plenty of B.S. in this one.

My first job - Iain Dale

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Bloody hell, Dale goes on and on and on....

Tom said...

Yep - the UK is giving India £1 billion of our tax pounds a year to India and they're building nuclear ballistic missile submarines nad sending Moon missions fer chrissakes.


Green loon antidote at The Register:

This fuckwittery must stop.

Anonymous said...

eco lies = moneymaking opprtunity

Anonymous said...

ne mind the green bollocks stop mass immigration invasion

VotR said...

Gordon loves throwing it all away, like shovelling green paper into a coal fired boiler. If only it was his to shovel in the first place.

caesars wife said...

Until they get round to resolving the corruptions of third world goverments , it is money wasted and greasing the corporatists wheels and enfranchising the ak47 gold taps marble palaces democracy/marxist state control .

Lisbon is just giving these loons authority .

bofl said...

doubtless more money to BORROW!!!!!


who will the cash go to?
china? opening a new coal fired poer station every 10 days?
brazil? burning down the rainforest-to make burgers for fat chavs.......

they seem to think that the uk is a bottomless pit of wealth.......

if that is true then why did they have to print £200 billion of cash?

still brown only spent 10 years as chancellor so he didnt have much time to learn anything!

Old Holborn said...

£27.8 Million spent on teaching Bnagladeshi women how to climb trees when the annual floods come

Spartan said...

Quote from OH's link

"However, Green groups criticised the deal, saying it was not nearly enough.

The accord had been threatened by a coalition of nine poorer EU nations, which argued that richer countries should pay more"

Can't we use these Green Groups as fuel for Power Stations?

Anonymous said...

Here's another thieving green c@nt.

Nick Clegg

This is my money he's talking about giving away,not sure who to or what for though?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

OH - might not be so bad but for two things

1/ There aren't any fkn trees in Bangladesh

2/Monkeys have natural ability to climb trees anyway.

I taught myself to climb trees when I was about four. Yes, I was a regular little monkey according to my gran. A proper British white one though.

bofl said...

i dont mond helping those less fortunate,,,,,,,,,but.India has a caste system.they dont give a fuck about the poor.........

and they have the money to send rockets to the fucking moon!!!!!!!!!!

let them sort their own fucking crap out!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

UK officials say that, subject to the 'conditional offer' being accepted in Copenhagen, the UK share of the EU contribution would work out at about £1bn a year by 2020.

Brown borrowing/printing more money so he can give it away.

.243 Win said...

Just read the fill-in and..........


Yup, that's the sound of just one taxpayer being arseraped. Again.

The sheer PC smugness inherent in the DFID article is just mind boggling.

Sod the sheer - typical - vagueness of the whole shebang (things are "likely", there's a "threat", there's the whole issue of "if the area's deluged". IF FFS....)

Sod the PC "the wise wimmin of the developing countries are the only ones who can save the world" with added extra bloke-bashing bullshit ("My husband and my husband’s brother tried to stop me....the fact that we have united to form this group is a matter of pride for us women,")

Here's the thing that really, really gives me the shits : " the village is no stranger to serious flooding". But without £ 9 million a year pissed away over it, the couldn't figure out that a solution was to build things higher or put them on shelves.

Fucking miracle they survived as long as they did to be able to tell the whole heartwarming story.

scunnert said...

Much of the flooding in Bangladesh stems from food aid given by Oxfam to Nepal in the fifties and sixties. This prevented famine and starvation and led to an increase in the population. This larger population needed to cut down more tress on the southern slopes of the Himalayas to build more houses and for fuel. This denudation meant that the annual rains instead of being captured by forests simply swept down the slopes into Bangladesh.

It has something to do with the law of unintended consequences.

Michael Fowke said...

I just can't believe the stupidity of these people. Are we supposed to have an endless supply of money? Is the idea to turn European countries into Third World countries? What the fuck is going on? Who the fuck voted for this shit?

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn said...


This isn't stupidity. This is clever.

How are the REAL poor in China and India going to come up with £380 per person to match what we have to pay?

This is genocide. Whilst the rich get richer.

Michael Fowke said...

@Old Holborn

It seems to me they are trying to destroy Western civilization. Seriously. But don't they understand that their money won't protect them when everything collapses? They will be in the shit with the rest of us. We will all be living in a Mad Max film.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Global communism. Redistribution of wealth.

“The threat of environmental crisis will be the ‘international disaster key’ that will unlock the New World Order.” – Mikhail Gorbachev, quoted in “A Special Report: The Wildlands Project Unleashes Its War On Mankind”, by Marilyn Brannan, Associate Editor, Monetary & Economic Review, 1996, p. 5

Right now I'm racking my brains trying to think of a solution. Unfortunately all of the ones I can come up with require mass movement, and if the people around me are any indication, that isn't going to happen.

This fucking debt is an illusion, it should be cancelled, seeing as those cocksucking dipshits signing these legal documents have no power of attorney (they weren't given a mandate via election).


I don't have the fucking language necessary right now, to describe how FUCKING angry this all makes me....!!!!! FUCK FUCK FUCK

Old Holborn said...

Nope, we'll just print more money.

The whole climate change scam is an attempt by the West to stop the growth of India and China and keep them in their place. Poor.

"Here are our chains (£380 a year) put yours on"

Old Holborn said...

Mr Watkins

It's coming.

Michael Fowke said...

Stopping India and China? Good point!

I wrote about that in a blog post last year - here.

Dave said...

The only climate change I fear is the big freeze. The wind farms are useless if it's too windy or not windy enough and the coal fired stations are at full stretch.
All it will take is for a prolonged spell of freezing weather with no wind and the lights will go out.
And not just the lights. No electricity means no central heating, no petrol pumps, no supermarkets. It will be bad.

The Cynic. said...

Let the buggers drown - fewer of them = more space for us!

Old Holborn said...


Electrickery is only 100 years old. Mankind is 2 million years old.

Everything is OK

Anonymous said...

New research: Emissions Trading Scheme costs consumers £3 billion a year

Anonymous said...

Given the choice, I wouldn't give them the steam off my piss.

Follow the money said...

The NWO need the `climate change` (rebranded global warming - ooops) myth for these reasons -

We have to view things in a global light as the people in power seek to seize control of the whole world and to build a global religion of global change is one way of preparing the minds of the people for such a `global` mind shift, it also allows them to tax us in orfder to build their imperialist empire and at the same time build up their political institutions under the guise of departments for climate change.

In short it is to fund, build and indoctrinate the people into an undemocratic fascist global state.

They brainwash your kids with your money and then get the kids to demonise the parents when the parents explain it is bollocks.

Climate change denier, is the new `rascist`.

Both pavlov dog responses serve the same people for the same reasons.

Wait for the laws against climate change denial.

Oh and when the NWO have finally built their empire from the blood and sweat of our sons, the whole climate change religion will be dumped and laughed at, as at that point it simply becomes an hinderence.

But look at the number of MPs cowardly support such a crock of shit in order to not evoke the wrath of the new pavlov dog.

These people would tell you the sky was green if it meant more time at the trough.

In fact these bastards would invade other countries killing and wounding millions of inocents if it meant more time at the trough!

Anonymous said...

Saw an old clip of Jim Davidson.
It went something like this.....
"Do you realise how much I'm getting paid for this?"
"Do you realise there are starving people in the third world?"
Two second pause......
"Fuck 'em"

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Saw an old clip of Jim Davidson.
It went something like this.....
"Do you realise how much I'm getting paid for this?"
"Do you realise there are starving people in the third world?"
Two second pause......
"Fuck 'em"

Who do you think gave the third world (and now us) loan shark loans that means perpetual poverty - the same people controlling the NWO, the same ones who now want more of your money so it can pretend to be helping the third world while building it's world empire of poverty and misery and corruption!

The same ones who financed third world dictators, wars and tyrants for profit and power!

Ever get the feeling you're being lied to!

Wyrdtimes said...

Fucking outrage. And this is what Brown considers a sucessful days work.

Someone should to organise a tax strike.

Anonymous said...

Toavoid the risk of flooding either live a bit further up te hill, build your hut on stilts or better still claim asylum in Tower Hamlets. I claim £1 million thanks.

£6.93 redundancy after tax and NI said...

And meanwhile in the UK even the paper boys are being made redundant.

Bob said...


JD said...

John Galt When trading is done, not by consent, but by compulsion - when you see that in order to produce, you need permission from men who produce nothing, when you see money flowing to those who deal, not in goods, but in favors - and your laws don’t protect you against them, but protect them against you, when you see corruption being rewarded and honesty becoming a self-sacrifice, you may know that your society is doomed.

Anonymous said...

JD 23:43 - that's Britain fucked then as we've been getting fucked over ever since 1997.
O/T but accidentally saw McSnot on TV tonight (normally I turn off at the first stench of the freak) - he's not looking good is he? All blubbered up - mouth dropping inanely - swollen up all round his eyes - purpley red complexion. Back from a three mile run Gordo - who do you think you're fooling? 100 yds & you'd keel over - and bring much joy to the hearts of a grateful nation.

Adam said...

there not a fucking chance in hell that 90 billion will go to bangladeshi villagers.

it will go to Al Gore and his mates

bofl said...

at last-the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1929 said...

meanwhile the depression is only just starting.........

Rogerborg said...

Ah, DFID. Let me tell you a tale of what DFID means, in the form of the itinerary of a typical trip to edumacate the Johnny Foreigner.

1) Jet from the UK to Kuwait.
2) Issuing of helmet and body armour by UK military (as lacked by UK troops).
3) Flight on borrowed US military helicopter complete with door gunner (because the UK can't afford helicopters[*]) from Kuwait direct into the Green Zone in Baghdad.
4) Assignment of armed bodyguard.
5) Setting up loads of new DFID-provided computers in the Oil Ministry.
6) Push button. Realise that there's no God damn electricity in Baghdad.
7) Explain to the Iraqis what they could do with the computers if they had electricity.
8) US military helicopter from Baghdad to Kuwait.
9) Jet from Kuwait to the UK.

You couldn't make it up. Well, you could, but you don't have to, because that's exactly what DFID does.

[*] Anyone care to venture guesses as to what we're spending money on instead of helicopters? The hint is in the story above.

Dave said...

Dear OH,
Thanks for your comment on my post.
"Electrickery is only 100 years old. Mankind is 2 million years old.

Everything is OK"

maybe. There will be few less of us next spring is all.

Old Holborn said...

True of every species Dave

Rogerborg said...

Not if you classify politicians as a species.

Given their dynastic and incestuous nature, they're well on the way to forming their own ever-spreading but shallow gene pool.

Henry Crun said...

"£27.8 Million spent on teaching Bnagladeshi women how to climb trees when the annual floods come"

It would have been cheaper to hire Pickfords and move them a couple of miles up the road.

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