Wednesday, 21 October 2009

£8.99, free postage

You KNOW you want one. Perfect for a day out in London visiting the public gallery of the House of Common Criminals



bofl said...

is it harriet hardman?

Ampers said...

Just sent them the following message - I don't expect a reply but it would be nice to get one:

"Have you thought of a mailshot to the House of Commons?"


Stuart said...

Won't the old Bill take offence at this?

Newgates Knocker said...

I too have a horrible feeling that you will be asked to remove facial coverings, in the same way crash helmets have to be removed. If you all wore Niqabs, that may be ok as in the name of equality it could be difficult to enforce removal. Nothing plod likes more than showing his power in public!!

Old Holborn said...

We did it last year. I have never removed my mask on the orders of Plod. Ever.

JuliaM said...

"Won't the old Bill take offence at this?"

What will the Muslims do, I wonder?

Stuart said...

I was thinking of a pig mask with one of those plastic police helmets they sell in all the tourist shops.

I'll have bring rashers of bacon to throw at mussies))

Boared said...

They're cheaper from the local non-halal butcher, but a bit of a struggle to get on.

the lovely Samantha said...

Thing is, it makes one look dangerously like Jacqui, and there was a horrible picture of her on here which frightened me.

I haven't been able to face a sausage since.

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