Thursday, 15 October 2009

The 24th April Seems So Long Ago

It pays to look closely at not just the headlines but the tiny little stories that get a brief mention.

This one on the 24th April, where we highlighted the storm to come for Parliament and Brown.

The political classes hoped to bury this one in the summer and redact the 'offending' parts. The reality was that the unedited truth came spewing forth from whistleblowers and the Telegraph.

'Lord' Martin fought tooth and nail for this not to see the light of day, took legal action to subvert our right to know under Freedom of Information legislation. For his pains he was sacked as Speaker, the first for three hundred years. He now is safely where all left wing socialist firebrands end up in the House Of Lords.

The third horseman of the apocalypse is heading in this direction, the House of Lords decision on unfair bank charges in the OFT case in January.

So of the Banks have already thrown the towel in and reduced their charges. The claims going through the Courts run into Billions.

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