Sunday, 6 September 2009

Your Eggs and Sperm belong to Labour

Whilst I am shocked at the two little shites from Doncaster who decided to torture and attempt to kill other children, I am not surprised. Labour has after all allowed...sorry...financed the feckless underclass to breed unabated so I guess we'll all have to live with it.

I've watched the arguments. Social workers are to blame. The parents are to blame. The welfare State is to blame.

And then, our favourite Labour MP blogger comes up with this

Parenthood is a privilege, not a right.

I need to go and lie down a bit. I am the father of four children and a parent of six children. Never, did I ask the permission of the State if I may have a child. I really wouldn't know where to send the letter.

So Tom. I want to know how a British Citizen earns the "privilege" to have children. I want the criteria that your party (or you) would place upon having children. Blond? Blue eyed?

Ye fucking Gods. Two monsters created by the (Labour) welfare State go on the rampage and suddenly having children is a "privilege".

I look forward to you explaining, in detail, to my fat hairy bollocks what exactly New Labour require of them.


Fausty said...

The Left have a dangerous ignorance and arrogance, which trips them up time and again. They fail to see this, of course.

They believe they they can solve all human problems with some system of their devising. And yet all they manage to do is to make things worse.


Because they believe that they can 'manage' people and engineer society, they devise policies bereft of common sense. Which don't work, unsurprisingly.

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

i think he does have a point......
those hoons that had baby p for example should never have children.

a child is for life........
more responsibility is needed-
however labour have decimated the education system so that many new parents are as thick as shit...

others have babies 'to save a relationship' and many do not use contraception!

meanwhile Labour only want 'brown' babies like waynetta slob as the latest population figures showed last week......

All Labour want is a dumbed down population that votes for the freebies they pretend to give....

ps holborn:
what's happening on nov.5th?

JD said...

Labour dumb down education because clever people don't vote for socialism. It really is that simple. JD.


Anony Mouse said...

I can see both sides of the (non) argument. On the one hand there are a lot of bad parents and bad kids out there, and doing something to stop bad parents from having bad kids may appear to be a good thing(tm). But here's the problem, who decides who's good and who's bad? In the end, no-one can and that's because you're talking about going against one of the fundamental forces of nature: reproduction.

Fidothedog said...

Maybe it requires a large (ahem) donation to the Labour party.

TheFatBigot said...

Seems to me he made two different points: (i) having children is a privilege and (ii) having children is not a right.

I don't agree with the first point except in the somewhat circular sense that parents who bring their children up well can rightly think themselves privileged to have nice children rather than scummy children.

What is most certainly not the case is that that, or any other view of the privilege of parenthood, is or should be in the gift of politicians.

There are simply too few criteria against which anyone can judge the fitness of any particular person to be a parent. We hear a lot about feral youths rampaging through "sink estates" but little if anything about the well-behaved children of parents with exactly the same background as those of the young scum and living on exactly the same estates.

You can't judge it by how much money the parents have for exactly the reason I have just given - the scummy ones are, I believe, a small minority.

What you can do is place responsibility on potential parents by ensuring they receive no financial benefit from producing children they cannot feed and clothe.

The second point is undoubtedly correct. Some cannot have children because their reproductive bits don't work. In the same way, I can't play cricket for England because my cricketing bits don't work well enough. So I hope he is campaigning for removing IVF from the tax-funded health service. If those who want to, and can afford to, pursue IVF on their own watch, so be it.

electro-kevin said...

Fucking hilarious punch-line !

The thing that worries me most about modern Britain (and I sometimes lose sleep) is my well raised kids coming to harm at the hands of some shitehawk's badly raised kids.

It's not about money or equality. I live in a shack and don't have a pot to piss in. Not without my loans anyway.

Newgates Knocker said...

It seems to me that the crux of the problem is no one wants to be ultimately responsible for making the decision that crap parents are just that, (crap) who shouldn't even be allowed to own a pet gerbil because their lives are so chaotic and disfunctional. So many excuses are made for the poor quality parenting(Lack of money, poor education, poor quality housing etc) that by the time all this possible causes have been looked into and money spent trying to help. they finally realise that Tyra is never going to cut it as a parent and seek to remove the child, who by this stage is about five or six and almost beyond help. Sad but true, you have to get these kids out quick or their brains get fucked for life.

Anonymous said...

So, I see Tom Harris continues to struggle with the feeling that something is terribly wrong with New Labour social policy, but he's still unable to work out exactly what it is. Part of his brain is crying out "we should stop paying people to do nothing" but he can't articulate such crimespeak.

I assume this is why he is saying that social workers should carry on doing what they already do, but do it more often. It's the sort of non-answer that won't get him into trouble with the media.

Anonymous said...

Tom's saying that if you want to be a parent, you do not have the "right" to expect "limitlesss amounts of council tax-payers’ money, in the form of social workers and related services, [for] dysfunctional families who, at best, are utterly incapable of providing the love and support to which every child has a right and who, at worst, regularly abuse or neglect their children, using their addiction to drugs/alcohol as an excuse."

He gives the alternative as "...happy children being loved by their adoptive parents throughout their lives"

Not what I'd usually expect to hear from Labour, who get a lot of support from
1. those who do not make a living for themselves but are dependent on the state and
2. those whose jobs depend on these "clients".


adam said...

no. 1 Scottish Blog
no. 1 MPs Blog
no. 1 Lefty blog

this is the kind of garbage people consume in Britian. Carol T is right to leave.

squat said...

The two little shites in Doncaster were in foster care weren't they? Two of six or seven in one home and fed cannabis to keep them quiet.

How on Earth did that couple get State stamp of approval to be foster parents?

Having children is an inalienable right, unless Harris wants to start sterilising people. What should not be a right is the vast sums of money that have now, predictably, incentivised bad behaviour of plopping out more and more yoof but the parents having no need to take any responsibility for raising them.

JuliaM said...

It was their mother that fed them the cannabis (allegedly), not the foster parents in whose care they were put by the SS.

Though it certainly appears that those foster parents were hopelessly unable to cope with these children.

Rogerborg said...

Uh... reading what he actually wrote in context, I can't find much fault with it.

Anonymous said...

Its amazing how fast eugenical nazi ideology is being embraced, Baby P is being banded around like some bogyman. Ask peps if you think theres too many people in the world and the majority will say yes, thats just a hop step and a jump away from firing up the gas chambers.

Anonymous said...

A well armed law abiding public are the birth control to son of Scrotus.
Not some penis in government.

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