Monday, 14 September 2009

The Word That Dare Not Utter Its Name- Cuts

Our 'De Facto' unelected Leader is saying what we all know has to happen, slash and burn of every useless pointless non job in the Public Sector.

ID cards should have never got off base one, replacing the nation's defences in terms of Trident, usual Labour response when they made a hash of managing the Government's books.

Government is the world's worse way of delivering any service and this is something they should not be involved with in other than Defence and Foreign Affairs.

This is the best chance, the very best chance we have had in two hundred years for real constitutional reform, to put the rights and liberties of the Individual over that of the State.

When even Labour are admitting that they are going to have to cut back, there is a major black hole in UK Plc's accounts.

Peter Poppet's disastrous interview this morning on the Today program

This is a transcript of part of the interview.

JN: "Why will you not used the word cuts when everyone knows they are


PM: "Because we accept that there will be different spending

departmental plans and these will have to be thought through."

JN: "You accept there will be cuts?"

PM: "They are going to have be thought through. They are going to have

to be redesigned."

JN: "You accept there will be cuts?"

PM: "There is going to be a huge need for fresh reforms, for new

priorities, that means that spending in some areas will be..."

JN: "Cut?"

PM: "...Reduced."

They have tried printing money, and that is not working, they have tried stealing more tax from us, we have none left to give.

The 646 authority is waning before our very eyes,for years they have been writing cheques that are worthless and promises they cannot keep.

The only reason Voldemort can make these statements and not Brown is we are saddled with him as a member of the establishment for the rest of his unatural life. Brown is off to go into teaching ! remember that ?

Those who can do those who can't teach.


Oil slides to $68 a barrel

Gold hits a new high

The words Wall,Writings,On,The - spring to mind


Earthlet Nigel said...

They are fucked, and Broon teaching, hopefully they will keep him away from maths, economics and religious educashun. That aside what school or educashun authority will employ this half blind piece of lard.

Just watch the public sector strike to protect their non-jobs. Wankers the lot of them.

And hopefully Lard Mandelbum of Much-Fisting-in-the-Wold will catch something very nasty very soon.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

The evil, pant-pissing snot goblin must never be allowed to ‘go into teaching’. Not only do we don’t want him infecting students, but he must stand trial for his crimes along with the rest of the nuLieBore regime. Ah, sod the trial; let’s go straight on to the executions.

microdave said...

"Brown is off to go into teaching !"

Even if some deluded skool DID offer him a job how long would he last? You can't go shouting at the little dears, or throw things at them these days....

And, of course, he might fail the CRB check!

Henry North London said...

or the ISA check

JuliaM said...

"...slash and burn of every useless pointless non job in the Public Sector."


No more useless 'diversity' or 'sustainability' or 'community engagement' jobs? No more pointless little quangos sucking up public money by the barrelful and regurgitating propaganda?

I'd like to think so. But I suspect it'll actually be the frontline, worthwhile jobs that go. The nurses, bin-men, park keepers and counter staff.

Anonymous said...

McSnot, to teach, will have to get a CRB and - chuckle, chuckle - register with ISA the new sooper-snoop system set up by - McSnot himself. ISA the system that records people's opinions & other unsubstantiated facts before making a judgement on whether or not you're fit to be around kids & vulnerable adults. I think anyone with a reasonable knowledge of McSnot & his American Adventures (rocking horse & all) should get very busy appraising ISA of all the facts, gossip & innuendo. The phrase 'hoist by his own petard' springs to mind.
Incidentally, doesn't that vile creature in the picture at the top of this have very, very dead eyes?

Anonymous said...

Id rather blow my fackin head off, than submit to these tossers

Anonymous said...


Mandelson's Gerbil said...

You missed out the 'N'!

No mandate Mandy said...

Mandy speeks for no-one but the NWO.

When the man gets a mandate from the British public to lord it over them then perhaps I may listen, until then i will ignore the Brussles dictators stooge.

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