Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Welcome to BMA Sharia

This is too good not to reproduce. Courtesy of Filthy Smoker

In the past few weeks I have been mentioning some of the spurious news stories being churned out by the Alcohol Health Alliance which have kept alcohol at the top of the media agenda. I suggested that...

This is not a coincidence, this is a co-ordinated effort which, I suspect, will come to a head when MPs return to Parliament in October. At every turn there is Don Shenker, Ian bastard Gilmore and all the rest of the tax-it, ban-it, cover-it-up brigade.

There is definitely something afoot.

Indeed there was something afoot. Today, slightly earlier than I anticipated, that 'something' arrived, in the form of a 58-page document produced by the British Medical Association and titled 'Under the influence - the damaging effect of alcohol marketing on young people'. But it's not just about marketing and it certainly isn't just about young people (who - how many times must it be said? - are not allowed to fucking drink anyway).

Sure enough, on page 2:

This publication has been endorsed by the Alcohol Health Alliance UK.

You can bet it has, seeing as the headline proposal is, as The Sun put it:

Ban all booze ads, say medics

But the headline proposal is the least of it. A total ban on alcohol advertising, marketing and sponsorship is just one element of the BMA's nine-point plan - a plan that should remove any doubt that drinking has become the new smoking. Of particular note are:

Minimum price levels enforced by law
Annual, above inflation tax rises on alcohol
Reduction in licensing hours for pubs and off-licenses
Restriction on the number of premises that can sell alcohol
The complete prohibition of any drinks that are deemed to "appeal to young people more than adults"
Windfall tax on the alcohol industry, using the money to set up yet another "public health body to oversee alcohol related, health promotion and
policy advice."

The lead author of this report is one Professor Gerard Hastings, who is not qualified to practise medicine but who does have a PhD in Social Marketing from the University of Strathclyde. He is a member of fake charity Alcohol Focus Scotland, and he is well-versed in the tactics of neo-prohibitionism from his time working for the Cancer Research UK Centre for Tobacco Control Research.

Does he sound like the sort of bastard who would punish the many for the sins of the few? Darn right, he does.

While it is important to target interventions at people facing particular
problems with their drinking, an evidence-based policy should aim to lower total
alcohol consumption in the population as a whole.

Does he sound like the kind of authoritarian, slippery-slope sliding son-of-a-bitch who would apply every trick used against smokers to victimise drinkers? I believe he does.

As with tobacco control policies, reducing alcohol-related harm in the UK
requires a comprehensive strategy that promotes individual behaviour change across society as a whole

Is he the kind of person to demonise the drinks industry? Why, of course.

The vested interest of the industry in the development of effective alcohol control policies is evident. As with tobacco, putting the fox in charge of the chicken coop – or at least putting him on a par with the farmer – is a dangerous idea.

If you have time, I recommend reading the whole thing. It's mind-blowing how far these quacks want to go make alcohol (as they put it) "a little less normal". Fanaticism, paranoia and a total inability to recognise personal liberty pervades its every page. Section 4, for example, is hysterically titled 'The Web of Alcohol Marketing Promotion' (ooh!) and includes this gem:

This web becomes even more tangled when indirect media references are taken into consideration – from soap opera’s set in pubs, through the plethora of drinks references on greetings cards to radio DJs bragging about their hangovers.

You know you're dealing with true zealots when they start seeing birthday cards and the Rover's Return as part of a 'web', but what is most shocking is just how many half-truths and outright lies are contained in this document. For example:


Alcohol consumption in the UK has increased rapidly in recent years

Er, not if by "recent years" you mean the last five years, as the report admits on page 9:

the figures peaked in 2003-04

...over a third of adults regularly exceed the Government’s recommended

Only because you've changed the way you measure how much people drink. Besides, the guidelines were "plucked out of the air" in the first place.

the UK is among the heaviest alcohol consuming countries in Europe

No, we are twelfth in the list of the heaviest drinking countries in Europe. You fucking liars.

In the UK, alcohol marketing and promotion is regulated via voluntary codes governing creative content.

No, as a spokesman for the Advertising Standards Agency has already pointed out:

"Contrary to the BMA’s report, the UK Advertising Codes are not voluntary. The
codes are amongst the strictest in the world.

"The ASA rigorously enforces the rules and does not hesitate to take action if the rules have been broken."

alcohol is frequently used as a promotional tool – or loss leader – to attract customers into supermarkets.

So we keep being told, but has anyone actually seen it happen? I have never seen alcohol on sale below cost price and God knows I've looked. If it ever happens at all, it certainly does not happen "frequently." At best, this is a half-truth.

The difference between the retail price index and the alcohol price index has also fallen, meaning that the rate of increase of the price of alcoholic drinks, relative to all retail items, has decreased.

No, the opposite has happened. Since 1980, alcohol prices have risen 19.3% above the Retail Price Index (see p. 83 of this PDF from the Office of National Statistics). Have I mentioned that these people are liars yet?

Naturally, at the heart of this hideous illiberal crap is yet another scheme for the state to steal more money.

In order to reduce alcohol consumption among young people, the level of excise paid on alcohol should be increased

Suck. My. Balls.

This increased taxation would not only reduce consumption levels, but could also
contribute much needed funding for public health research and education

Well, fancy that. It's another bunch of nest-feathering, rent-seeking, thieving, public sector cocksuckers who want to take your cash and spend it on themselves. Fuck right off, Alcohol Health Alliance - you're not getting one more penny from me. I'll kill myself with my own moonshine before I pay the wages of any more unelected puritans.

And finally, here's the BMA spokeswoman to remind us that doctors are still very confused about what their role is in society.

Dr Vivienne Nathanson, the head of BMA science and ethics, said: "The BMA is not
anti-alcohol. As doctors our focus is to ensure that individuals drink sensibly so they do not put their health and lives in danger."

For which there is no more succinct reply that to quote from the Daily Mash:

Emma Bishop, a marketing executive from Twickenham, added: "How's about this? As an adult, I think a reasonable daily limit is me drinking as much as I fucking want.

"If it affects my work I'll get sacked. If it affects my relationships I'll be all lonely and sad.

"And as for my health, following a quick glance at my tax bill I've decided that the NHS will treat me and the government can keep its fucking opinions to itself."

Amen to that.


Steaming piss said...

its more than enough to drive anyone to drink.Fuck off you BMA fascists.

13th Spitfire said...

Now I am not entirely sure about but will check it up. They are not allowed to ban Alcohol adverts as it is in breach of EU competition rules.

Certainly this was the case in Sweden a few years ago when the government wanted to ban channel 6 from showing Whiskey adverts but were informed that they could not due to EU competition rules. As advertisement laws is a competency of the EU, as are most things, there is little Westminster can really do about it.

I think.

SO17 said...

Tax fags out of existance and what happens.
Organised crime fills the gap importing all sorts of dodgy fake ciggies with god knows what in em.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

As for the minimum pricing malarkey, I'm sure that's against some rules or other.

Henry North London said...

The BMA are a tool of government They are about as much use as a chocolate teapot as far as their employee union status goes, so much so that alternative unions are being proposed because the service is such shite.

The BMA is not the voice of doctors it is the voice of the government sponsored doctors.

sam said...

i like this emma bishop.

Faux Cu said...

The key was

"The acute effects demonstrated in our study could possibly form the basis for the permanent brain damage
that is known to occur in alcoholics. This should be clarified in future studies."

Sciencespeak for "Give us the money and we will be better funded"

Jayce Kay said...

Maybe now is the time to start home brewing then ...?
Fuck em!

Anonymous said...

Why "Sharia"???
Why not "Halakha"???

AntiCitizenOne said...

WRT Harm reduction strategies,

Just listening to this jumped up puritan shite makes me want to harm them.

I sometime wish for a bit of a collapse so I could go about my "harm to freedom reduction work" unhindered.

Anonymous said...

services become authorities, so predicted Lenin.

What the hell! said...

Over £1 billion of taxpayers’ money in the “foreign aid” budget is being spent on Labour Party-supporting trade unions and blacks-only organisations inside Britain, a shocking new report has revealed.

The study, called “Fake Aid: How foreign aid is being used to support the self-serving political activities of NGOs” and published by independent charity the International Policy Network, has revealed that by 2011 the Department of International Aid and Development (DfID) will have spent “over £1 billion of taxpayers’ money on propaganda.”

According to the report, among the recipients of this money are trade unions and other partisan political organisations in the UK. Examples include:

- £1.2 million given to the Trades Union Congress (TUC) since 2003 for activities such as lobbying, hiring new staff and an “international buffet and wine” event to celebrate “International Women’s Day” in the UK. The DfID also paid the TUC to hold lessons in how to apply for DfID funds.

- £300,000 to the National Union of Teachers (NUT) to “enable them [teachers] to become global agents of change.”

- The creation of the “Connections for Development” (CfD) non-governmental organisation (NGO) which is a “forum for black and ethnic minorities to engage on issues relating to international development.”

The DfID created and is the only donor to CfD, providing it with £600,000 in its first two years. A review by the National Audit Office questioned “the purpose of the organisation.”

What the hell! said...


Over its first two years, the CfD received £600,000 of taxpayers’ money. It only has five employees and its expenditure aside from staff wages is listed as “other costs.”

- £10 million spent flying poor Brits to poor countries to work for free.

IPN’s Julian Harris, one of the report’s authors, said, “DfID often hand-picks the largest recipients, such as trade unions, behind closed doors. This smacks of cronyism.”

- The “Development Awareness Fund” gives money solely to UK organisations to promote government-supported views on climate change, trade, HIV/AIDS and so on.

- A programme which funded children in Britain to talk to children in Nepal about HIV/AIDS and “stigma.”

The IPN report also reveals that much of the money distributed has suffered from little or no government scrutiny as recipients have tended to self-audit.

The Taxpayers’ Alliance said that the DfID expenditure amounted to an abuse of trust, especially during a recession. “It is a complete abuse of [taxpayers’] trust for DfID to spend their money on lobbying our own government or supporting trade unions,” said Taxpayers’ Alliance research director Matthew Sinclair.

“Many taxpayers think that, with times hard at home, we can’t afford to send so much money abroad as aid, and we have to stop the lunacy of taxpayer funded lobbying.”

* The Conservative Party has published a manifesto with a personal pledge by party leader David Cameron to increase spending on the DfID.

Shadow Development Secretary Andrew Mitchell said in his reaction to the report that “some of the criticism is misguided — many leading British NGOs do a brilliant job and fully deserve our support.”


apocalypse nowish said...

As any serious researches would tell ya, the amounts you drink isn’t nearly as effective/damaging as what you drink, and, even more so, how much you drink at any given time. For instance, I’m Swedish, we drink a lot when we do drink and we almost always drink to get drunk. In most of the countries of that Forbes list, people drink 2-3-4-5 or more beers (glasses of wine) each day to lunch, dinner or after work, that’s just part of normal life. That’s not how we do it in my birth nation, instead we go out, and get wasted a couple of times a week, really bench drinking, hardly ever touching alcohol otherwise. The same goes for Finnish and Russian people. Studies show that this is what creates alcoholism and the most damage.

Vlad the Inhaler said...

But the BBC (who never lie) tells us "White wine (is)good for lungs"


So actually smokers should booze to cure two ailments.

mind your own business said...

Watched the garbage Pravda have been crapping out all day on this rubbish,as that lady has already said they should mind their own business and get on with what we pay them to do.

by the way Iam teetotal.

Warsteiner said...

They can fuck off, and if they waste time dabating this in parliament, as I am sure they will, all I can say is, run the country by all means but don't try and run my fucking life


Anonymous said...

Conflict of interests here. frankfurt school subersives encouraged excessive drinking.
what a dilema!

bofl said...

s it any wonder that people want to drink in the uk ?

thieves,liars,perverts and nutters stealing our money and fucking up the country on purpose from the inside with their crackpot ideas.....

banks,utilities,railways and every other cunt legging us over......

a closet pm who wants to hold more discussions than the peoples front of judea-surrounded by communists with 5 houses or hating men or 'the english'..

£trillions pissed down the draina nd the country bankrupt!

i'm reaching for the gin right now!!!!

as for advertising -their view is bollocks!

most people drink what they like....
ie they find a drink and stick to it...just because a flashy ad comes on the idiot box isnt going to make someone really rush off and drink 18 pints of carlspiss-probably!

Dick Puddlecote said...

Anti-Citizen: "Just listening to this jumped up puritan shite makes me want to harm them"

Exactly the sentiment my kids saw for the first time from me when I heard a BMA spokeswanker on the radio this afternoon.

If you read the report, they class 'problem' heavy drinking as 3 pints on one day in a week.

Anonymous said...

As a smoking non-drinker, I just love all this. It was so obviously going to happen. And I await the drinkers wrath when the guillotine falls.

Oh, joy!

FTAC Watch said...

The medical profession is riddled with the cancer of Labour. The will say whatever their political masters decree. This last weekend one of the doctors in the Megrahi case confessed to being making judgements based on political pressure. I have seen first hand how party loyalties dictate clinical judgement. I fear that it is too late and UK healthcare is now a terminal case.

Newbie said...

Yes the great plan to "de-normalise" a few beers is well and truly underway.

It's my life, if I sink a few beers, harm no-one, who the fuck are they to dictate how I live my life?

Cunts, absolute pious Cunts

Jayce Kay said...

@ Anon 21:38 We can still home brew, hows the tobacco plantation going?

jaymason said...

After reading that shite I need a beer

Anonymous said...

If Cameron is thinking of cuts he could do a lot worse than cutting all funding to those cunts at the BMA and their associated "charities". Tell all those fucking jumped up Doctors to get back to work healing people isteead of trying to dictate how they lead their lives.

Katabasis said...


So, it seems clear that once the Beer Monster is dealt with, it will then be the Body fat / food monster and after that - perhaps the sex monster and then.....?

Rogerborg said...

>Maybe now is the time to start home brewing then ...?

Prohibited in 3... 2... 1....

Antipholus Papps said...

services become authorities, so predicted Lenin

You're preaching to the choir here mate.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for Fullers ESB I would never have got married!

Anonymous said...

It was Courage Directors Bitter that did for me.

Newgates Knocker said...

My daughter went for a drink yesterday and the barman told her the drinking age was going to be raised to 21 in January. Wonder if it's true. Bet that would please all the youngsters in the Army if they come come and can't have a beer. This Government never applies simple commonsense to a problem. I wonder why not!

The Economic Voice said...

The trade itself is following the same arguments as made by the tobacco industry (marketing makes people change brand, it doesn't make new drinkers/smokers etc), the arguments that failed.

Once we gave the NHS the remit to prevent illness not just cure it the slippery slope was set.

Doctors and health research delay death, they do not save life. We all die and the cost of that death and illness is delayed at best a few years every time. So we live longer but in a Spartan world of perpetual work, no risk and ultimately no fun at all.

Anonymous said...

I will stop consuming alcohol when those cunts (MPs)start telling the truth. That being the case more beer please.

Anonymous said...

As always the wrong things/people are blamed for the failings of our children.

It's NOT advertising or price or availabilty that is the problem. It's the inabilty of parents to control their children exacerbated by the governments micro control of the population through restricting regulation.

AND GUESS WHAT!! They're going to continue shoving their controls where they're NOT needed AND get a chance to collect more money from an already over taxed population.

They're looking in the wrong direction. Question... Why are kids getting drunk on the street?? Maybe it's got something to do with the fact there is NOTHING for them to be doing thanks to government cuts. I remember as a kid things like youth centers and the like but you'll be lucky to find them today.

Our sociaty is going down the pan hole and the government is at fault.

Anonymous said...

I think these arseholes haven't though this through very well. If people can't continue getting pissed on reasonably priced booze, the people of this country are gonna get mighty pissed off.Then they make "awake".
Tread very carefully Puritans.

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