Monday, 21 September 2009

We had our Berlin Wall Moment- But That Opportunity Is Now Fading

An independent commission should look at ideas such as moving the seat of democracy out of Westminster, a fully elected upper chamber with no whipping system, proportional representation, cutting the number of MPs by half, and reforming their pay and expenses, he added.

"It's time to be radical. Our current model was designed for the 18th Century. It doesn't fit 21st Century Britain,"

Greg Dyke

This is the confirmation that the BBC is firmly under Government control.

The palpable anger over the troughing is going to fade and the only action the people of this country can take, is to replace this Rotten Parliament with another headed up by the Tories.

The Libertarian Party would be far more radical than Dyke, no more than 150 MP's in Westminster charged with Defence of the Realm and Foreign affairs. The Social Service functions of MP's can be put back to the County Councils were they belong, and local taxpayers decide how many people in their communities they are prepared to support.

Fact- Benefits paid out in a year exceeds the amount raised in PAYE


The former French Prime Minister, Dominique De Villepin is going on trial today charged with trying to discredit Sarkozy.

Why in God's name have we not got the same sort of legal remedy against Blair for starting illegal wars and devasting our economy. Impeachment last used against Warren Hastings is still on the statute books !

At this moment in time we are faced with the following nightmare situation- The Irish finally say YES to the EU Constitution, Blair becomes President of the EU,Mandelson holds the Labour Party together through the Party Conferences, Brown announces his decision to stand down as leader on health grounds January/February. Election called May- IMF arrive June 2010. Somewhere in that lot Balls and Milliband slug it out for Labour leadership

Currently the opposition are failing to oppose, the call for 'savage cuts' is not real. The reduction of the State will be at the behest of the IMF, because the political classes are incapable of killing the Golden Goose, and we are too supine to make it happen as the Berliners did in 1989.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to despair about democracy. If the elected representatives do not vote in accordance with the wishes of their constituants,whats the point?
We live under an elected dictatorship.

JuliaM said...

"The palpable anger over the troughing is going to fade..."

Oh, I don't know. Baroness Scotland has just done her bit to revive it...

Ampers said...

I actually agree. The thing that really irks me is the party whipping system that starts a new MP down the road to perdition.

I joined the Jury Team but I can assure you I am not holding my breathe, alas!


Anonymous said...

It won't be Balls & Milliband. It will be Mandelcunt. There's a picture in yesterday's Times of him at the 50th anniversary of the Miniboth arms up in the air, giving the Churchill 'V' sign - Rowan Atkinson (apparently) called him 'Mr Prime Minister' - accidentally? brown nosing? - Madelcunt's reply? - 'Not yet'. That article on LabourLost was, I fear, the start of an even further decine in democracy here in the UK.

Wyrdtimes said...

I see the Libertarian party is attempting to join mainstream politics by completely ignoring England.

As far as I'm concerned the best and most complete solution to all our problems is the return of the English Parliament followed by independence for England.

outside,looking in said...

With half the population alienated or uninspired to partake in the exercise of democracy,is it any wonder that the professionals have comandeered the levers of power.From Politicians to MSM to corporate dominance,the roundabout of corruption ensures that once aboard,centrifugal force means those who would wish to slow it down are thrown off. Add to that the fracturisation of society,where the disparate groups are unable to mount a concerted attack on the status quo,and you have a cowed and beaten people,ripe for shearing.
The culmination of a plan perhaps?

Marcellus said...

We have to destroy Labour's control of broadcast news.

The awesome power of the EU collaborators over the minds of the people of this country depends on Labour's control over all the broadcast news and political opinion programmes.

Control broadcasting, control the minds.
Control the minds, control the country.

This power has enabled them to corrupt our whole constitution.

If that control is left intact, there is no hope.

Labour and the EU collaborators could not have done it without control of these.

First aim of the resistance is therefore to utterly destroy the monopoly power of the Labour controlled broadcast news programmes.

One way of doing this is to open up the broadcasting infrastructure (like BT) to many, many news providers. This is an extension of localism.

However it is done, it must be done.

This is not a game, this is war, at least that is how the EU Collaborators think of it. A war against us.

Without destruction of the left's control over broadcasting, we are utterly, utterly doomed.

Guthrum said...

I see the Libertarian party is attempting to join mainstream politics by completely ignoring England.

So you propose even more government ?

English Parliament
Regional Quangos
County Councils
Town & Parish Councils

power should be as close to the individual as possible for accountability.

ie National Parliament
County Councils

As to the National Parliament, that could be UK Westminster or an English Parliament- who cares

Baroness Scotland said...

See laws are only for the little people.When will you all realise that I am an untouchable.

Wyrdtimes said...

No Guthrum. You deliberately misunderstand? An English Parliament doesn't have to lead to more government.

It can and should lead to less government - much less:

English Parliament
County Councils
Town & Parish Councils

And preferably some kind of direct democracy on the big issues at all levels - technology makes this possible.

With an English Parliament it's Westminster that's redundant. Due to the devolved parliaments/assemblies Scottish, Welsh and NIrish MPs have nothing to do now except meddle in English business. With an EP in place UK parliament MPs would have nothing to do either. Making the UK parliament obsolete. That's the place to make the cuts or preferably abolish.

The Libertarian Party (just like the Brishit establishments) view bypasses England all together but an English Parliament and English independence is a path to much much less government - an English parliament doesn't need 500 odd MPs it could get by on 100 or less and the people of England would still get a better deal as English taxes would be spent on England instead of distributed around the "UK" the "EU" and the rest of the world.

The Economic Voice said...

Bring the power back to the people by destroying the last vestiges of socialism which is the greatest social experimentation in mass control ever devised.....

Make your local public representatives fear you and not the other way around....

Destroy the concept of Westminster being the hub of democracy and Guthrum said it should be a representative and administration center for British foreign policy etc...

And as Guthrum will agree Peter Mandelson should run it all :)

always asume the opposite said...

Any changes made will be to remove democracy and accountability and make it toothless, slice by slice.

The NWO/EUSSR demands it, no other way will be considered.

If the Goverment talks about British or democracy then assume the opposite.

Much will be made of `greater democracy` `accountability`
say goodbye to both.

eg. Conservative fat Ken was put in charge of a commission on greater democracy.

The same man who is a bilderbum stooge and an undemocratic EUSSR cheerleader!

When they say democracy, they mean the end of

When they say british, they mean the end of.

Don't believe me and believe them?

Ask yourself this - where is the EU referendum?

Democracy huh, says one of their commie stooges.

Anonymous said...

Wyrdtimes said...
I see the Libertarian party is attempting to join mainstream politics by completely ignoring England.

As far as I'm concerned the best and most complete solution to all our problems is the return of the English Parliament followed by independence for England.

21 September 2009 10:32

So the UK can be devided and easily consumed by the EU piece by piece?

Why do you think they created these expensive follies in the first place, it was not for nationalism or democracy, it was to sow the seeds of discontent and the fragmentation the UK while undermining our main democractic source - westminister.

They are nothing more than greenhouses to grow ever more EU stooges and to hasten the dissipation of power away from the people to the EU.

People wrongly think that Plaid and the SNP are nationalist parties - they are not, they are communist parties in awe of the EU and it's globalist totalitarian grip.

They care not a crap for their people or national identity, they are communists!

Guthrum said...


The rise of the Nation State is a relatively new concept, before that most of Europe was a patchwork of family fiefdoms, bishoprics and the like. Germany did not end this consolidation until the 1870's and had another crack at in 1939

Even Ingerland was made up seven petty kingdoms until the tenth century, until it was overrun by a small Norman Duchy.

People have a far greater allegiance to there family and there locality, because they can influence how they live.

Big Government leads to big theft and less control over our lives.

Ingerland is another construct, it only exists in your mind, a bit like the United Kingdom, why in God's name are we in the 21st Century still having Kings & Queens ?

You only obey the Government because you are frightened of being locked up or shot- its called coercion- be it English, British or Chinese.

The Paragnostic said...

Guthrum - not only is the rise of the nation state relatively recent - it should be regarded as an irrelevance in political thinking - harmful and restrictive.

The main function of the nation state is to tax and to restrict the basic freedoms of the individual, be you English, Welsh or even Jockanese.

Socialists love the nation state - it offers them an opportunity to control and meddle in other peoples affairs.

We need to move away from the idea of a nation state except for defence and finance - we can't trust the moneylenders ever again, and there will always be people who hate us because we don't follow their idiot mountain god or moon deity.

Other than those two functions there is no need for the state at all.

caesars wife said...

Curiously I found my self agreeing with some or your article OH .

I do not see how you solve the corruption , look at the USA two elected houses and they still fiddle , at govner level at the state .

there is also the probelm of hwo you would make a cabinet ? on a low number of MPs .wouldnt you just switch the corruption to the civil service??

The lords should be compromised of experienced people , i dont see how the elcted system would ensure you had any better quality .

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

Ampers - start holding your breath mate ;)

Yokel said...

Our only hope is:
1a. The Irish vote NO, and/or
1b. Vaclav Klaus, President of the Czech Republic, holds up his country's ratification of the Lisbon Constitution until after the UK election
2. Call me Dave, leader of BluLabour, honours his pledge to hold a referendum if the Lisbon Constitution has not been ratified
3. The UK electorate have enough gumption to see through the lies of their self-appointed masters, and vote the Lisbon Constitution down
4. Call me Dave agrees to abide by the outcome of said referendum
5. Call me Dave does not suffer from "Sudden Unexpected Death syndrome" like David Kelly, John Smith, Robin Cook, and one or two others.

I think it will be a pretty tall order to get all those ducks in a row.

Old Holborn said...

Just because the EU may win, doesn't mean I may lose.

Fuck them. At every opportunity. Use every useless piece of legislation they have introduced to protect Franch farmers or Maltese fisherman to fuck them. Hard.

Outside,looking in said...

The problem is that although you are big in the blogosphere,you only represent a minor voice,compared to the apathetic majority who either do not vote,or cast their ballot for the current popular "New" party.
The British are known for their conservatism,and not even wholesale theft by the governing elite has dented their enthusiasm to continue the charade of democracy.
What hope do you have of altering the situation?

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