Wednesday, 9 September 2009

W4MP - The Westminster Village

What an interesting site!

The Westminster Village has everything doesn't it?

Check out the Jobs Page and send your CV to John Bercow, the speaker. He's looking for someone to wipe his arse. So is Mark Oaten MP

You name it, it's there. Wages, Weighwatchers, the list is endless

(Psst, the Gym is being put out to tender....)

Explore and have fun

UPDATE: Anna Raccoon found this gem

In just four years out of Uni, I now oversee public affairs (that is, government and parliamentary relations) for one of the UK’s leading trade bodies. I also dabble in the occasional corporate communications (annual reporting), campaign coordinating, events and media relations.

I believe, therefore, it’s possible for anyone to secure employment in Westminster – it just requires some persistence and intuition. I hope the following advice helps you to infiltrate Westminster.


JuliaM said...

Is there a big white beachball thing that stops them all leaving...?

electro-kevin said...

Put out to 'tender' what ?

Young interns' bottoms ?

Vlad the Inhaler said...

Dave says "He wants to 'slash' the cost of Politics"

Bercow hires a £100k pa SPAD.

Real joined-up thinking.

Anna Raccoon said...

Wow OH, I'm seriously impressed, that is some find......

Promptly bookmarked.

Anonymous said...

Oaten doesn't want someone to wipe his arse. He wants someone whose arse *he* can wipe.

Scatty Old Mark Oaten. Mark "Shit on me" Oaten. Poop-covered Stinky Old Shit-Lovin' Mark "Suspicous Brown Stains" Oaten.

But it was all just a midlife crisis.

Anonymous said...

Went to the job section. No recession there. The cunts.

caesars wife said...

Julian M LOL

I think the beachball is for us though

SO17 said...

Those of us employed to run the place not part of the political clusterfuck I mean but the hands on shitty work,we were nothing but fixtures&fittings to the MPs and their staff.
The old Lords however were great.
Real Gents and ladys.

Faux Cu said...

Is that a Fuck Finger Logo

Faux Cu said...


Too much daytime TV

Do you have a berth at the retirement community?

Sir Henry Morgan said...


A job for you - or do you already make more than that?

Anonymous said...

There is a very, very funny writer on that site, Dean Trench. His piece on 'How to carry bags at Party Conference' is well worth a look.

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