Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Underdogs? - So send them a collar

So Labour feel they are now "underdogs" do they? 12 years of ruthless State Control and they want us to feel sory for them because the public has had enough? No Labour, you are not "underdogs" but you are about to realise what it feels like to be put on a lead and collar again.

I hereby invite readers to send an "underdog" a collar to wear. They are cheap on ebay (under a fiver). I have just posted mine to Harriet Harman who says

"Let's face it, the nearest their political analysis gets to women's rights is Page 3's news in briefs. We are all angry about the Sun this morning but I say to you: don't get bitter, get better. Don't get outraged, get out there. Don't get mad, get mobilised. Yes, we may be the underdog but we will not be bullied. This underdog is biting back."

Remind them YOU have the lead to THEIR collar.


Tony Blair said...

I'll certainly cock my leg to that and I will hand deliver a bone to Gordon Brown

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't flea collars be a more useful option? After all they are supposed to kill parasites.

Griblett said...

'...but we will not be bullied...'

What the cunting fuck is this?!

You deluded feminazi twatess, you and your band of Righteous cretins have bullied the people of this country for twelve fucking years.

Your statist, authoritarian hands are covered with the blood of freedom, knifed from the populace by a myriad of tiny cuts.

Your deranged group of champagne, troughing socialist scum-suckers have taken every opportunity to beat the shit out of ordinary people for twelve fucking, god-forsaken years.

I want to rip your socialist fucking head off, stick it on a spike, eat a fucking big Vindaloo washed down with snake bite and shit down your fucking rancid neck.

Oh yes, the underdog will be biting back but it's not you, you dumb fuckess. It's us.

GCooper said...


Muzzles are what's called for.

Swiftly followed by a visit to the vet.

John Bull said...

A pack of rabid feral underdogs ,hunting all over the country ,stripping the flesh from the living and the dead so only white bones are left

Humping in the street spawning litters of runts to fight over the scraps.

Jaws foaming and bulging eyes darting into every corner so no morsel is missed.

Pausing only to sniff the wind for fresh meat and lick each others arsehole`s

Dogs indeed..

Siberian Tory said...

The underdogs! Give me a break!

It must have been a piss poor meeting that though that up!

It's so transparent "Hey Gordon, do you know how the Brits cheer the underdog is sport...well....whatdya think?"

Prescott's Thong said...

I think a ballgag would be much more fitting.

And some time in the basement of Zed's shop.

'Bring out the Gimp.'

'But Gordon's asleep, Mr. Mandelson.'

'Well, you better go wake him up.'

hangemall said...

Unfortunately, OH, these professional parasites will only get nice cushy jobs in quangoes even if they *are* voted out. I can't see CallMeDave doing anything about those. All the main parties are the same underneath.

I suggest the quangocrats should go on the database mentioned a few posts later. (No, I can't see the future.) (Actually, I do now and then, but that's a different story.)

WV = nabrant Thought it was Rabrant for a second.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'm generally an eater of plain Britih foods - which are not really that plain. So a genuine question - can you get pork vindaloos?

I mean: while you're at it you may as well kill two birds with one stone, so to say.

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