Monday, 7 September 2009

UKIP In Trouble At t'Mill

First Farage steps down as leader, now Marta Andreasen the sacked EU auditor is stepping down

UKIP has always been Anti-something, the problem is it is not exactly Pro-anything else in terms of ideology, and will at best get 5% of the Westminster vote.

There are enough Libertarians who support UKIP who must see that the anti-EU parties must coalesce in a broad ranging coalition, Labour/Conservatives/Social Democrats are hopelessly wedded to the EU


Sue said...

I liked Ms Andreasen, she was a rebel and spoke what she thought was the truth no matter what.

Ampers said...

As an ex UKIP member who used to attend NEC meetings, I am not surprised at her move. The leadership is very autocratic and will not brook anyone telling them the propper way of running things.


caesars wife said...

i do hope there is some money left

Anonymous said...

The only party that would pull out of the EU if it was in power (apart from the libertarians?) is the BNP. UKIP want "reform". They've gone native,snouts in the trough.

Kingbingo said...

Libertarians should vote Tory obviously.

Most of Tories are libertarians and vis-versa.

They may not advocate a withdraw from the EU on day one, but that's certainly their direction of travel.

Anonymous said...

Dont vote 4 fuck all!

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