Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Time To Start Building Up Our Databases

They have done it to us for long enough, we need to start collating information on the spiders web of connections and influence of those that say they govern us, without going anywhere near an election. Did you vote for Brown to be PM, or Mandelson to run 60% of Whitehall ?

List all the members of all the quango's with their links, affiliations and who the gives Patronage to who, list the favours that they do viz Baroness Scotland- thats a technical breach of the Law etc from the head of UKBC- who was the CEO at Birmingham City in the middle of the vote rigging scandal.

All we need is a sponsor and a secure overseas database. Everytime something dodgy goes off we can see who is linked to who and how they avoided Court.

Why did Peter poppet's mortgage provider not press charges ? Why was Blair's Cash for Peerages never examined in Court. Who invoked Anti Terrorism Laws against Iceland ? etc etc

The Bullingdon Club- who scratches whose back to become the next Prime Minister and Chancellor and Mayor of London.

ACPO- The Private Limited Club that runs our Police Force

This is not an original idea but comes from the Yorkshire Ranter, my politics are different to his, but we share the same disgust about this self perpetuating oligarchy.

Fake Charities.Org has exposed the endemic corruption of Government handouts, A Little Database of Influence compiled on the same basis as Wiki.

At last an idea that people from all walks of life and political views can expose the people who quietly spend our cash


Mac the Knife said...

Call it '', it's infinately more harmful than H5N1...

Anna Raccoon said...

Good idea Guthrum,

If you watched Dispatches on Monday night, I was impressed with the councillor in Erith who has spent many months compiling a database to show exactly where his MP is and what he is up to - the result was horrifying, turned out he's spent three quarters of his time in places like Ethiopia, and Hong Kond - quite an eye opener.

Giolla said...

From a technical point of view I would say that apart from being on an overseas secure server the database should be easily and freely replicable to anyone that ones to keep a copy. Just in case anything were to happen multiple people having copies all over the place is far more secure than a single server no matter how secure.

The verification/validation of data could be an interesting problem.

Ampers said...

The problem would be that genuine theiving MPs would put false information in so they could discredit it.

But the idea, as an idea, is a bleddy good one, once you can sort that out.


Ampers said...

Thieving I meant :-(

A good database for this sort of thing to build up on your own computer is the AZZ database at

It only has two fields, one for the heading (MPs name) and one that will take as much as you throw at it, text, pictures, video, sound in a free-flowing manner. I think there is a limit per record of 10,000 A4 pages - but before you laugh, if we are dealing with corruption here, and MPs, we might need that many per MP!!!


Stuart said...

If we could file compromising pictures of these fuckers that would be great!

Harman's Dildo said...

I wonder if wikileaks has the balls to host that list?

Anonymous said...

We don't need a offshore database, I, like many I suspect, host a decent webserver on my home network, UPS and all - and have a 3TB NAS with only about 500GB of backups on it.

We could distribute or cluster something together, and perhaps use an offshore webserver acting as an offshore proxy. Local data encrypted and ssh only for updates / interconnections.

There must be some software guru out there who has coded an anonymous proxy webserver that calls data from random secure source servers?

Anonymous said...

Sorry "from random secure source servers?" should be "from multiple secure source servers?"

Anonymous said...

Don't think a database is such a good idea as it may be inflexible when it gets big (and other fields need adding). Here, I am talking about a database management system. Lots of work, possibly.

If a record of activities is needed, something like Excel should be OK - very flexible and handles text just fine. Simple, too.

You are dead right though - whatever software is used it has to be hosted, so that there is an 'original' verified copy always in existence somewhere.

Simon said...

Perhaps another section of this database could be dedicated to storing and publicising information on all the Local Authority jobsworths who have enjoyed throwing their weight about over the last twelve years. These cunts are almost worse than the politicians as they're doing it out of pure spite, they enjoy bullying, fining and harassing their fellow citizens and deserve to be exposed.

hangemall said...

might be a starting point for getting ideas for how to do things, although there seems not to be facilities for a large dataBANK that some here are suggesting.

JD said...

This is a very good idea.

Anonymous said...

Wow! I know that I am out-of-date in DBs but this sounds HUGE.

Marvellous, but H-U-G-E. Sounds like a group effort of retired activists with a bit of spare time that costs .. er .. nothing.

Earthlet Nigel said...


I wholeheartedly endorse your idea about the council jobsworths. Councils could save so much more money if they got rid of the non-jobs; diversity officers, anti-bullying teams, communications officers et al.

polaris said...

Simpler implementation might be Semantic Wiki would only take a couple of days to get it up and running. I installed one a little while ago for an academic project. Would be happy to do it again FOC.

Giolla said...


A wiki makes a lot of sense, wouldn't need much of a server at first and very easy to mirror the content.

So that covers DZ's issues of costing nothing and I'd chip in some free time to help (and run a backupsite)

polaris said...


Sounds great - so when do we start?

We will need some help on actual wiki setup - ontologies, categories etc They tend to be the sticking point, without structure the information tends to present like the ravings of a madman (like Biased BBC).

e mail me?

Sir Henry Morgan said...

See what can get started when they no longer have the media stitched up like they used to. It's all about rapid communications between individuals.

They will soon come for the internet. They have to kill it or they are finished. The cleverest thing on Earth is a collecyion of humans if only they can instantly communicate. Take 100 people at random: Almost all problems will be do-able.

Oh, there'll still be an internet there, but it won't be a shadow of what it was.

I only wish I had the skills, and had discovered it from the beginning, instead of getting a computer just 3 years ago. They're going to have to kill this thing.

Janum Moondi said...

A Semantic database of interrelationships of Government, Third Sector Organisations, and Social Activism campaigns is already well underway.

Anyone can help, Anonymously, and the site is easy to use, and utterly politically independent.

banned said...

Readymade archive

Liars, Buggers & Thieves blog

hangemall said...

Copied from Guido's site:-

reg511 says:
April 8, 2009 at 3:00 pm

Under the pseudonym Charles Linton the young Tony Blair pleaded guilty to importuning in public toilets at Bow Street Magistrates Court and was fined GBP 50.00. This occured in 1983. So, I guess our future European Emporer has a bit of a colourful history, which of course does not colour his judgement (such that it is) on contemporary issues today. Not at all. Err-hem. Puke.

Gordon, Bliar, Mandelbum, you couldn’t make it up

Scoop says:
April 8, 2009 at 3:35 pm

I wish Clarissa of Two Fat Ladies would spill the beans, she observed them all at one time.
Mrs Linton says:
April 8, 2009 at 6:09 pm

Tell me that is true!


Is that really true?
Anonymous says:
April 8, 2009 at 6:11 pm

Where’s your proof as opposed to his poof?
reg511 says:
April 8, 2009 at 6:42 pm

Reported in the Indescribably boring refm Bliar and the Pope
reg511 says:
April 8, 2009 at 6:49 pm

wasn’t there some gossip about George Robertson?

"Now, Mr Blair, we are sorry to hear of your bit of trouble but if you just do us one or two little favours we are sure it won't get into the MSN. Who knows, perhaps Greatness becons? Oh, and don't sound too sorry for the Palestinians or Lord Levy will have to rebuke you in public. Don't forget. 'The Lord Giveth and The Lord Taketh Away'."

Anonymous said...

Giolla said...

Sir Henry,

Whilst they may come for the internet, it'll be a trickier nut to crack than they may think. Unless they just turn it off utterly which would cause them other problems. Many of the skills are really easy to pick up, it's all actually an awful lot simpler than it looks.

(But don't tell anyone else us IT types will have to get real jobs)

Giolla said...


I may be missing it but that appears to be for the official government not all the dodgy inter connects. I think what is being proposed would somewhat subvert their purpose.

Anon @11:47's link to nndb looks terribly handy though

Giolla said...


Mail on the way. As you say the categories etc. will be the tricky part, the techy side is easy.

Janum Moondi said...


Correct - but it is the furthest along exposition of national and local govenrment institutions so far made semantically.

Therefore the local authority/govt info could be extracted, slammed into a new smw with wikipedia export of all our target elite people

10 minutes...

and the rest is just wiki knitting which any mongoloid can enjoy

however don't let my practicality stop all the dreamers from wanking off together over SP+ARQL queries in a google group and getting fuck all done over a six month period.

People think the internet is dangerous to authority. "100 motivated people can change...blah blah... no--

My fucking arse. If it wasn't for all the porn and free games movies and music last decades - something might have fucking changed.

Oh well.... hopefully the Who's kid are you think gets off ground nonethelessie.

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