Saturday, 12 September 2009

Stalin Courts- Keep Sending Them For Trial Until they Get the Right Answer

Nu Labour are now undermining the Rule of Law by sending the three alledged acquitted conspirators in the foiled Air Bombing back for a third trial.

Step back from the fact that these people are Asian Muslims. Being sent back for trial a third time because the previous two juries came up with the 'wrong' decision.

Since when have we got to the stage where we have introduced Soviet Courts into this Country.

Labour are leaving a scorched earth policy as they exit power after twelve years of devastation of the economy, the social fabric and finally the Law


George said...

Yet the CPS won't take these gits to court

The Economic Voice said...

No-one takes corrupt politicians to court once, let alone three times.

It doesn't matter who you are or what you are thought to have done, if the jury don't find you guilty then you are innocent.

I would not like to live in a country where my prosecutor could keep coming after me, changing the charges at a whim.

This is a sort of extension of the EU voting system, keep holding votes until you get the right answer.

Simon said...

They're starting to get the kids used to this sort of thinking. My son was kicked out of school on an invented charge. When I protested one of the LEA bosses sent me a letter containing the following phrase: “The exclusion process is fraught and may not feel to represent 'natural justice' because the presumption of 'innocence' that we are used to elsewhere doesn't operate within this legislative framework. For exclusions, the balance of probability is what is used - and that really does feel right especially when applied to our own children”. That's from a Tory Council as well so don't expect any changes under Cameron. We are sinking ever deeper.

Guthrum said...

I would not like to live in a country where my prosecutor could keep coming after me, changing the charges at a whim.

You already are. 'Prosecutors' independent of the Courts are the following-

BERR Inspectors
Traffic Wardens
Speed Camera Partnerships
Congestion Charge
School Authorities
DNA Databases (illegal for the innocent since a ECHR ruling)
Social Workers
The Paedophile witchseekers
TV Licencing

Any others who have extra judicial pwers to fine and jusdge you without reference to the Courts ?

Above the Law

The Monarchy and MP's. The latter only have to apologise to the Commons when caught lying, stealing, corruption and fraud.

Old Holborn said...

THIS worries me.

Take a "suspect", stick them in Belmarsh and then dictate where they can live. Oh, and never charge him with anything. Just "suspect" him of stuff.


Anonymous said...

They need to keep trying because Muslims on the jury will not convict other Muslims.

AP said...

How many of us still think we live in a country with freedom speech, where we are innocent until proven guilty, where double jeopardy still protects us and where we have individual rights?

This is all getting very very scary.

Anonymous said...

Just slot them. Simples.

Fausty said...

AIUI, double jeopardy no longer exists - culled by one of the new "justice" laws. Can't recall which one, off-hand.

The Tories are quiet on these matters and their response to the the vetting database has been wholly inadequate.

Tyranny will persist unless we throw out Lib/Lab/Con at the GE - or at least dilute their majorities with independents and libertarian 'fringe' parties.

A.B. Gordon said...

Internment without trial, suspension of habeus corpus, extradjudicial killings. Largest database of innocent people on earth. 3000+ new "laws". Not Uzbekistan, not North Korea. Ingerlund.

Guthrum said...

Look up PEP on Google, Politically Exposed Person

I have been told by our company bankers that I have been designated as one of these and they have to charge my company £875 a quarter in bank charges for the 'reporting' they have to do !

My company is no longer registered in the UK !

Oppose the State and you will be dealt with and you will be dealt with

Rogerborg said...

My position remains thus:

If MI5/6 truly believe that Citizen X poses a clear and present danger to Her Majesty's United Kingdom, then they should take said Citizen to one of our (many, many) abandoned coal mines, put a bullet in the back of their head, and toss them down the shaft.

If that's not what the Security Services are for, then what is their purpose?

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