Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Something To Be Really Worried About On May 6th 2010.

I listened to Radio 4 this morning, to Austin Mitchell after his fringe meeting at the Labour Party Conference yesterday. Eight people turned up at his meeting, and one of those was his wife.

I saw the empty seats, the closed off areas at Brighton

I saw the photographs of half dead, half asleep Lib Dem supporters whilst Cleggy gave his all at the Lib Dem Conference.

UKIP and BNP are in dire straits financially; the LPUK is examining the pointlessness of contesting seats at Westminster in favour of building a grass roots local authority base.

Next week I am going to be watching the glassy eyed adoration of no policies Cameron and the Conservatives.

Basically Party Politics has collapsed in this Country, dwindling party memberships, over centralisation into Westminster, the recession, the expenses scandal etc has traduced democratic politics that has taken four hundred years to build up in less than twenty years.

The Public know it’s a fix, the Public want Radical Change and a New settlement, that was evident at the Forum on Modern Liberty, but that clamour for real progress has been stymied by the big three parties, and the growth of smaller Parties and pressure groups will never have a voice under this Electoral system. The British just don't do the 'Summer of Rage'

The Public has withdrawn from even voting, because ‘the Government’ always gets in. This has produced the bizarre situation where corrupt faux aristocrats lead the Labour Party. Has it really got to the point where Mandelson is the saviour of the Socialist Left? Is there nobody left in the Labour Party that can see what a travesty this is. We have now got a situation were Esther Ranzten and a baggage handler from Glasgow, are now seen as the authentic voice of politics. Don’t get me wrong anybody who takes on somebody who is trying to explode a car bomb has physical courage, but I am not sure that I want my politics to be along the lines of ‘fisticuff’ Prescott. A man who can barely string a coherent sentence together.

Politics is dead, the only option on offer is Mandelson’s ‘post democratic’ age. This is just an Oligarchy by another name with the rest of us condemned to the role of exploited serfs.

Unless the Radical smaller Parties start to coalesce around the concept of a new constitution, a new settlement and a new voting system, we are going to see the gradual sapping of the life blood in our democratic institutions, with the Police and the EU taking up the slack and running the country by default. The Army is now a degraded institution, loved and respected by the people. Hated and kept short of funds by the political classes and sent to fight illegal wars and to occupy foreign countries, the police on the other hand seem to have no shortage of equipment and helicopters, because the political classes see them as the only thing between us and them.

I spent the weekend as a Libertarian, with a Socialist, a near BNP supporter two Tories and a Liberal Democrat. We discussed politics we all had strong points of view that we could never agree on, but we had a forum to discuss politics because we had respect for each other and ‘ground rules’ that everybody was entitled to their say. What we did agree on that this was not replicated at either National or Local level. There is no forum. If nobody is prepared to listen to my point of view, why the hell should I listen or engage to somebody who wants to talk ‘at’ me about their politics.

That is the position that the Public now have with the current political structure.
There may be only 646 of them and sixty million of us, but nobody is listening to the sixty million, only to the 646, and pretending that this the body politic.

Personally the prospect of a Cameron Government on May 6th fills me with dread, as it will not be any different to Blair/Brown.

Irrespective of each of our political standpoint, we have to fight for a New Constitution, one that comes from below not imposed from above.

Our Politics are Moribund, and worse still has absolutely no mandate from the people of this Country.


The Self Preservation Society said...

Only a major catastrophe will shake the national psyche out of apathetic lethargy. Society is now so fractured that a bunfight amongst competing interest groups stops any congregation of real opposition.
They must be laughing all the way to the bank.

bofl said...

lib/lab/con+ all the same.........

they shit in our faces..........


funniest thing i saw this week was darling banging on about bankers greed....oddly he failed to mention his expenses and the 5 HOMES he has fiddled/STOLEN fron US!!!!!!!!

when will the dumbass uk public wake up?

polaris said...

So what do we do? I keenly feel the dis-empowerment Guthrum eloquently describes, so I hand wring and worry for this and the next generation - but that's hardly constructive...

WTF do we do?

Oldrightie said...

This post perpetuates the very argument it tries to offer. "They are all the same" mantra is as old as it is tiresome. It is this Labour Government that has failed not the system. We do have a crisis but we will come out of it the further away from this corrupt shower of shit that is Socialism and Labour, we get. When they are gone The UK will, overnight, be a better place to begin a rebuilding exercise. I'm no fan of all Conservative MPs but the worst of those are far better than the best of Labour.

Jackart said...

"No policies" Cameron is just a tedious lie. And a Lazy one. You're better than that.

Scrap ID cards
Scrap many of the Databases
Curb CCTV review existing
Locally elected police chiefs
Free schools
Scrap foxhunting ban

These are already announced. However much of IDS' welfare makes it into the manifesto will make it worth voting Tory.

You're going to have to admit that whilst they may not be your ideal party, they will be much better than this shower of cunts.

Guthrum said...

It is this Labour Government that has failed not the system

This is not true- ALL MP's were troughing, ALL Parties lost £1Bn of OUR Money in Iceland

Looks like a systemic collapse to me !

We need a New Political Settlement, where All Parties have a say, where all parties are accountable.

Guthrum said...

Jackart- I know you are a Libertarian who sees his salvation in 'This Party is Not a Libertarian Party' Cameron.

I see this as just a change of authoritarian Headmaster in a crumbling school, full of apathetic children.

as to-

Scrap ID cards
Scrap many of the Databases
Curb CCTV review existing
Locally elected police chiefs
Free schools
Scrap foxhunting ban

Apart from the last one, I will believe it when I see it !

ID cards- even Labour are binning this

'many' of the databases- how many do we need ??

Elected Police Chiefs will not happen- any commitment to winding up ACPO ?

Free Schools- nothing is free and never has been.

This is just tinkering, a County Council could do all of these.

Where are the Big Constitutional Changes ? Nowhere.

sixty per cent of the public no longer vote, because it is pointless.

Wyrdtimes said...

Party politics is part of the problem.

How about abolishing political parties and voting for representatives based upon personal manifestos or better still having MPs acting as a conduit for genuine public opinion via referenda.

Oh yes and re-establishing the English Parliament and going for independence would help too.

Small country - small government.

Ampers said...

A very good article! I have read a few of the comments and and they seem to be talking at me.

Surely, we need to put our ideas forward as suggestions to be discussed, not as a "done deal" that look no further discussion!.

We've all been at this for so long that I fear we have lost the ability to discuss matters with each other, except other's points of view, and look for common ground before exploring further.

I'm just as guilty, I have hard and fast libertarian views and cannot understand why a freedom loving people could possibly have other views. But they do, and I have to learn to accept this.

I am not stupid, and know that we cannot have a libertarian government overnight. First we have to move everything from central government to local government and put the power in the hands of local people. Once we have done this we can then examine ways of moving everything from local government to the people. This could not be accomplished as quickly as Daniel Hannan and Douglas Carswell contemplate in their book "The Plan". Personally, I think it would take a decade or so.


polaris said...

Abolition of political parties might be a good start, dunno how we could stop them coalescing into mutual appreciation societies though.
"Anybody who wants to be a politician..." and all that

Anonymous said...

the real problem is that half the country is more interested in who jordan is shagging rather than what is going on right under their stupid noses. the other problem is those that oppose our liberties being flushed down the U bend,the islamification of the country,and the corrupt totalitarian EU,are not united under one banner.

Anonymous said...

Since I am always a cheerful little ray of sunshine I have to say it is even worse than you say.

Of the 646 probably no more than half a dozen have any real say.

Rather like the bandits in The Magnificent Seven, the power of the bandit leader is magnified by his followers, and is exercised on the passive peons.

What we need is our own Magnificent Seven to mobilise the electorate. Otherwise we are going to be planting beans for others to steal, all over again.

T' old 'un said...

I have been preaching this since the later days of Maggie. At the time I put up this :-

At the time most of those who read it were not entirely convinced, but in the intervening years it has been proved to be not far off the target.

The reading of it is not as easy as it could be, but if it is read with and open mind and without any preconcieved ideas it does make sense.

Particularly interesting to me, and saddening, is the way the section on money has worked come out as predicted.

Please read it and use it.

Anonymous said...

"BNP are in dire straits financially"

Last I heard the BNP were again healthy financially after putting together a massive European campaign, don't believe the bull of the electoral commision about late accounts submitting lie(BNP are appealing this and have proof of postage) or the lefty nut nuts.

All part of the game.

No idea on UKIP.

Anonymous said...

just a few ideas i just briefly had.

The people don't need political parties.
reduce them to town clerks (along with their wage) whome once a month meet at westminster to discuss problems that their area is having, this way real solutions are put forward instead of lunatic ideas foisted upon the people.

their expenses will come from the people for whome they represent (i.e. the town) and should be claimed from said town hall where the reciepts can be shown on the town halls website within 48hours.

No second home crap or mortage on the taxpayers.

Needed national ministers (and far far fewer than what their currently is!) would be considered full time, as such they should recieve the current back bencher pay (£64k is far more than i would pay them to be honest)
They should be chosen by their skills and not by whose arse they have kissed and which party has conned the most into voting for them.
if they quit their post then they lose their constituancy job as well (no more hissy fits from them without real consequences as in the real world)

If a needed ministerial position cannot find an elected representative with the required skills/experience then that is when a member of the upper chamber (lords) will be appointed by vote from those within the commons (no parties and no whips means a more balanced choice)
The people should be able to deselect this person just as they should be able to deselect their representative as soon as they feel they are not being represented.

chris southern

Rogerborg said...

Of course we need a better system than first past the post, but since no incumbent elected by such a system will ever give it to us, what form would you suggest our "fight" should take?

Presumably it's not supporting the status quo by voting for the 2nd worst choice. So do I throw my vote away on a joke party, don't vote, or spoil my vote?

Specifics, please.

Guthrum said...

When the Tory 'landslide' comes in with less than 33% of the vote, refuse to acknowledge them as a legitimate government, just repeat the phrase over and over again no taxation without representation.

outsha said...

Perhaps No representation without (net) taxation! would be a better battle cry.

Otherwise, you can still get plenty of representation if you're workshy dolescum or a public sector non-jobbing waste of space.

Anonymous said...


WV: monarch!

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