Monday, 28 September 2009

Smellie To Be Charged With Assault

The Policeman who lashed out at a woman in the G20 protests who delights in the name Smellie, is to be charged with assault.

If this discredited Law about not photographing Policeman had been enforced, this assault would not have come to light. So is this something that was a technical breach of the Law ? Has he apologised, is he going to be sacked ?

Questions also need to be asked of the training methods, the hyping up of the Police with the 'summer of rage' Mr Hartshorn ? and where were the senior officers on the day.


Gigits said...

With a name like that, he's probably been bullied all his life.

I bet he joined the cops so he could 'legally' beat the crap out of people and get rid of pent up aggression.

Chris: said...

If he's delights in being called smellie...then perhaps we should oblige by burying him a compost heap.
Just think - if he smelled like the compost heap then nobody would find him!

Edgar said...

Tony Smellie
Stuck the wellie
Into a girl at G20.
Now Tony the Reek
Must face the Beak:
Give him porridge a-plenty!

Anonymous said...

Is he going to be charged with racially motivated assault?

Bugger Lugs said...

Why do I think that he will get a soft penalty and moved somewhere else in the force, probably the Special Branch so he can do it legally.

Lessons have been learned etc etc etc shite.

One law for them and a million laws against us.

Anonymous said...

Be a refreshing change to hear that this character has been sacked. I might begin to think that the police are actually under some sort of control.

john in cheshire

Sigourd Shack said...

There was no senior "officer" as these were civilian police. Tone looks as if he is saying "What dat Ras Clart white bitch doing getting in de way of my truncheon? Jah". At least we know where to find the aptly named Smellie on 16 Nov!

Anonymous said...

Just another violent Smellie black man.

Anonymous said...

And that, of course, is why they need more 'ethnics' in the police force - to make sure there is plenty of 'force'. Seems like a racially motivated crime to me.

Anonymous said...

Shit, I bet this one has got McEgan's knickers in a bit of a twist.

He must be thinking 'He's a copper, so I've got to hate him..... but he's a coon, so I've got to patronise him....'

Do you want me to help you out McEgan ?

OK, its simple - you're a cunt.

Anonymous said...

yes she was talking im up biiig time not taking it from no women a nd certainly not theese one

is it cultural man ?

one charge but what about the 30 or so killings by police over recent charge

probity mcboom's sodomaniacal henchpoofs said...

The bloke's a fag - a big, steaming, toilet frequenting, arse licking fagmeister.

And a tough guy, of course; very tough - and brave too.

Anonymous said...

The cunt that calls himself K McEgan-Ron Broxted-Wesley Groves-John Steed and Mustafa Wank must be under great strain with this one. Let's hope the woman doesn't come from Tibet.
I see the nonce is bragging of his kiddie fiddling days at the orphanage over on the Indy live journal. Disgusting pervy bastard.

Anonymous said...

Here is a sample from K McEgan Ron Broxted blog where he thinks he is a muslim.

Eid ul Fitr.
Posted by [info]ron_broxted

* Saturday, 19 September 2009 at 05:29 pm

Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim readers. When Britons were covered in blue paint and half naked Islam gave the world algebra, advances in medicine, science and technology. (B.N.P kindly note). It has been called "an intolerant creed" yet the words of a few Shia clerics (for example) are as valid or invalid as those of a Southern Baptist. Finally, my sal'aam to the umma. With respect, Ronald M. Broxted, Esq. (or Khaled ibn Yusuf Al Jebel if you prefer).

What a cunt, Al Gerbil up his arse pipe more like.

Anonymous said...

Get on Facebook, get on Friends Reunited, this cunt might still be around. If he is thick as pig shit he may still have a profile on some social networking site. Hound the prick.

This fucking scum fuck will be reminded by his cowardice for the rest of his life. The big fucking lump will never escape the shame.

Sigourd Shack said...

Anon 21.41 you have a good point. Delroy Smellie is not the commonest of names. I am sure the U.A.F will want to "talk" to him. He lives in London S.East n'est pas? oon to be signing on at Dunstable DSS!

The Cynic. said...

Quote: "The Policeman who lashed out at a woman in the G20 protests who delights in the name Smellie, is to be charged with assault"
I didn't know the woman was named"Smellie" piss poor punctuation!

The Cynic. said...

Not much better from me either - should be a comma after "Smellie"
I can spell, but I can't type!

Rogerborg said...

Let's keep it in perspective here - he hit a shiftless trustafian rug muncher, not a person. If I'd been bricked and petrol bombed by hippies all day, I'd be minded to beat their patchouli-drenched dreadlocks out of my face as well.

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