Tuesday, 29 September 2009


I've been trying to explain to people the concept of Libertarianism as a political force. Most still see "right" versus "left". I'm neither.

Let's give this a try

Do as you want, or do as you are told.

May 6th 2010 will be a clear choice between doing as you are told by 646 people who have a vested interest in 61 million of us doing as we are told or by 61 million of us doing as we please.

I'm not an anarchist, a rabid "right winger", a nationalist or a Marxist. I'm Old Holborn and I choose to live my life with as little forced intereference from others as possible. That means I will make the choices that affect my life and I will take the responsibility for those decisions. I am not a victim or a subject. I am a sentient being with the reasoning to know what is best for me. I do not possess the arrogance to impose my beliefs on others nor do I aspire a position of power over others. Just my own life.

Think wisely when you have your chance to vote and always ask the question:

"Will they let me do as I want, or will they force me what to do what they want?"


Ampers said...

""Will they let me do as I want, or will they force me what to do what they want?""

You'll not be voting then?

Oldrightie said...

"You'll not be voting then?"

First destroy Labour then ensure the rest of them left get the message. We need and want a new party and a new way of doing business but Labour have to go first. So vote.

bofl said...

O/H you hit the nail on the head.

it seems to me that nearly all politicians hold us in contempt.....for some odd reason they seem to believe that they are superior and we, the proles , are here to serve them......which again is rather fucking odd as we pay their salaries and expenses and everything else.

there is a picure on the mail's site of harman,mandy and brown.......how a picture speaks!

a man hater and two man lovers....
each a delusional fuckwit that believes that they are fighting against horrible men, a business secretary whose only business experience is haggling over the price of a night with a rent boy and a bogey eater who thinks he is the saviour of the world.

until we actually get someone to vote for who has some morals and isnt ruled ny their ego things will just drift into further disaster.

does such a person exist in the uk any more?

politicians and the plod will sell their souls for a free lunch so where will we find a watt tyler or lech wawensa?

Snowolf said...

'Do as you want, or do as you are told.'

Perfect. Simple. Spot on.

I think I'm going to steal it.

libertyscott said...

The sadness is the left thinks it is between:

"Do as you are told, or tell us what to do"

At the election it will be a slightly less aggressive version of "do as you are told" in the Tories, sadly.

B3serker said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
B3serker said...

This has to be you best post yet OH.

You've just summarised what so many people are thinking in a very simple manner which every one can understand.

scunnert said...

I understand and can empathize, to some degree, with the Libertarian attitude towards big government. What I have yet to hear articulated is the Libertarian attitude towards big business.

subrosa said...

Having just listened to Brown's conference speech, this is a little sense in a mad world.

Off for a lie down.

Guthrum said...

What I have yet to hear articulated is the Libertarian attitude towards big business.

It is simple- unless there is effective competition big business is just monopolistic and distorts the free operation of the market. It also prevents new entrants to the market.

The Banks are the case in point, the ones that 'failed' should have been placed into administration and broken up.

Marcellus said...

The individual is more important than the State.

xeno said...

Perhaps I am being fucking thick (not for the first time) but I don't really grasp how this gets us out of the left wing/right wing polarisation of politics. Just because libertarians want to be nice to each other doesn't mean other people will act the same way. Therefore,there has to be some sort of system that protects the interests of the vulnerable. Labour want the system to be big and intrusive and favour and protect the interests of the poor over the interests of the rich. The tories basically favour the interests of the rich over the poor, on the grounds that the poor are as capable of attacking and exploiting the rich as vice versa. Libertarians have to take some sort of position on this spectrum unless they are really what used to be called anarchists. that means they will have to define what is meant by hurting someone (e.g. should murder be illegal), and design sanctions against it. Basically, don't libertarians have to restrict the freedom they want to the "right" sort of people?

I personally think that any socialist is mad, because all human nature is partly venal and that simple fact can't be changed, but to me that is simply being right wing. Are people ashamed to call themselves right wing these days? In my opinion the conservatives are the real problem in the political system, because they are not actually conservative in the sense of promoting tradition etc., just free marketeers with no real interest in improving social cohesion, which is what our country lacks at the moment, everyone with any sense should be able to see this, and labour and the conservatives are just kicking it deeper into the shit with every move they make.

My top two political moves for a better society:
1) Close the house of lords
2) Reduce benefits to single mothers. In other words, pay them more *not* to get pregnant

(I can only think of 2 right now!)

John Bull said...

My prize breeding sow Jordan wants to av a go at being prime minister,....she`s already canvasing around t village.

I tried to put er off.. but with all that troughing goin on... who can blame er.

Bless er dimples.

Maybe as we get nearer the election someone will rise up..stand out and start speaking the language of liberty and common sense....or maybe they won`t

I need a drink!.

The Economic Voice said...

John Bull...."I need a drink!"

Funny that...so do I...

Just watched Brown's Speech done a breakdown of it and now I am bored.

As for being a Libertarian its simple....I want to be free of the state...I want to go and light a campfire by the lake close to me and stay there for a week living a simple life with my family to get away from it all without being moved along by the police or told that it is water board property and I am trespassing. Fuck off and leave me alone. Also it means that I can disagree with other members of my own party and still be in it because we are all individuals.....

The Economic Voice said...

Its about not being tied to the left or right and the concepts of either are irrelevant because they are not the parties focus....if an idea is percieved to be left or right then so be it but it is not the intention of a policy to fall into either sides of left right polarization.

SO17 said...

'Common sense' is what I would call it.
Nothing political, just for once a party with some fucking common sense.

Guthrum said...

Government is a state of mind, if we all stopped believing in it, ie that it has all the solutions- and stopped paying into big Government it would cease to be.

However with that level of Liberty- there has to be personal responsibility- THAT is what people cannot cope with about being Libertarian.

They still need Mummy & Dady to make the decisions, when Daddy is Brown and Mummy is Mandelson- do you follow my drift.

Captain Ranty said...

Mr SO17 nails it. Common sense is the golden key to just about every damn thing.

I mentioned it in my little rant (coupled with Leg-Irons brilliant post) over at my gaff:


Cap'n Ranty.

Old Holborn said...

Politics is the undoing of common sense.

It worked perfectly for religion, after all.

Common Sense is what keeps you alive eveyday. I don't need the HSE to tell me not to lick light sockets.

Those who do, vote LIB/LAB/CON

Rogerborg said...

I notice you haven't answered Amper's question.

What are you going to do next May, and how will it make a difference?

Old Holborn said...


I don't vote.

I am not part of any system.

Rogerborg said...

Fair shakes, I'm done with the farce as well.

If we ever get a PR or transferable vote system I might take another look, but voting for the 2nd worst candidate isn't my idea of revolution.

banned said...

I am a subject of Her Majesty which works very well as, on the whole, She leaves me alone.

I confine my 'libertarianism' to assuring folk that there is nothing whatever that the local NHS Trust can do in law to enforce their " No smoking in the grounds of this hospital " policy ( except for NHS staff for whom it is a disciplinery matter so they must trudge off to the public highway to smoke ).

I will be voting UKIP in the hope that the Tories might depend upon a few small party/independent MPs to support their minority administration because they don't deserve a majority one.

pond life said...

Scunnert - look up agorism and how their views on limited liability corporations differ form libertarians.

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