Friday, 4 September 2009

+++ Exclusive ++The sick man of Europe?++++


"The Prime Minister of Great Britain is a man too ill to be holding the Office." This was the conclusion last week of a senior civil servant liaising regularly with Gordon Brown. For reasons which will become clear, the person involved will not go public with the evidence for this conclusion. The same applies to a high-ranking Treasury official who told us "In both a physical and mental sense, the Prime Minister is a very sick man, seriously disabled." Three years ago, an Opposition MP told nby "He is on extremely heavy doses of cutting-edge anti-depressants, but so far they have made little difference". And during the last fortnight, another high-ranking government source claimed "He is now on pills which restrict the foods he can eat and what he can drink. He is losing the sight of his good eye quite rapidly. It's a mess, and nobody knows what to do".

Rumours have circulated about Gordon Brown's health for a number of years. As long ago as 2004, Simon Heffer wrote in the Spectator that he displayed many signs of Asperger's syndrome: humourlessness, lack of irony and obsessional behaviour patterns. Nby itself ran a long piece in February 2007, predicting fairly accurately how Brown's rigid responses to given situations would prove to be inappropriate, and his behaviour in the end dysfunctional. We noted at the time 'If the Labour Party can organise seventy-three signatories to a document of intent named 'Anyone but Gordon', then there must be something about the man which might make him unfit to be Prime Minister'. In fact, we had already been advised by then that the PM had been on large doses of SSRI anti-depressants - the class of drugs derived from Prozac.

The overall story is well known in lobbyist circles. A senior member of this group told us that "Brown is in a very dark place. Sarah [hiswife, Mrs Brown] has begged him on several occasions to seek help, but he resists most offers of advice." Yet another popular journalist said "I'm afraid all the stories about him throwing things around and screaming at secretaries are entirely true. He behaves impeccably in public and can really turn on the charm when he needs to in private - but inside the bunker he behaves appallingly. He's also binging on junk food late at night - you can see he's gaining weight".

However, our investigation suggests that there is a more important reason for the PM's weight gain: he is now on a different class of drugs, for which ballooning weight is one of the least dangerous side-effects.

These drugs are called Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs). Before the arrival of Prozac derivatives, they were the first line of attack when dealing with severely depressed patients. But a senior physician told us last month "A GP would have to be insane to prescribe MAOIs these days - SSRIs are safer, with far fewer side-effects. Apart from anything else, it's almost impossible to get hold of them".

This is indeed correct. In 2003, SKB withdrew their MAOI brand-leader Parnate because of the dangers it represented, and also because SSRIs had none of the disadvantages. However, at the time several regional mental health units reported that for some patients, SSRIs were nowhere near as effective.

Thus there is evidence that, having tried and seen no help from the newer generation of drugs, Gordon Brown has now been put onto MAOIs. If this is true, then he is indeed in a desperate state - as we shall explain.

This evidence was handed to us inadvertantly. The senior source referred to at the start of this piece mentioned "the latest nonsense - a huge list of things he can't eat or drink because of the drugs he's on...most importantly, cheese and Chianti". Every doctor in Britain would recognise these contraindications instantly: for they are the two great verbotens for people taking MAOI drugs.

As long ago as 2001, prescribing psychiatrists described MAOIs as 'the last resort now we have better drugs'. However, for all their downsides (several thousand people around the world have died as a result of ignoring the dietary advice re MAOIs) this older class of drugs has one huge advantage: for severe depression and obsessive compulsive disorder it remains very effective.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) is relatively common. Most of us display some obsessive features in everyday life, but under stress a minority of people become borderline or actual OCD in their behaviour, and need medication to control both this and the depression which almost always presents soon afterwards. The most obvious symptom is a compulsive need to carry out functions such as hand-washing or counting almost incessantly. (The Asperger's syndrome 'Rain Man' personality displays these too, but the two conditions are easily separable on other bases. Our view is that Brown has OCD, not Asperger's syndrome.)

Gordon Brown's symptoms are obvious when viewed in this light: the constant repetition of phrases, and an almost embarrassing (for his Party) need to spray every Parliamentary answer with statistics. Lifting out of poverty, the Tories are the do-nothing Party, global problems require global solutions - these and myriad others have been repeated over and over ad nauseam. Equally, the six million lifted out of poverty, twelve million helped by mortgage benefits, two million new jobs created: when interrogated, these figures often prove to be illusory, but they - and the constant speech repetition - represent Brown's unconscious means of controlling the severe anxiety that accompanies depression with OCD.

We have no means (as yet) of proving his use of MAOIs, although the 'long list of forbidden foods'

is the nearest one will get to a smoking gun - short of a written, signed diagnosis or prescription. We also cannot be certain how long the PM has been taking them, but the remark 'the latest nonsense' suggests that this is a relatively recent development. On average, a heavy dose of MAOI therapy would start to display some results within twenty days to six weeks. Gordon Brown has reportedly returned from 'easily his longest break from Downing Street' feeling 'very much refreshed and up for it'. It is more than likely he took the uncharacteristically long break on medical advice. And it will be interesting to note whether his behaviour changes.

One feature unlikely to change is the increasingly obvious difficulty he has finding his way to and from podiums, and lack of peripheral vision. This (according to a senior, medically-trained source) is the result of failing sight in the one eye he has left. We found so many confirmations of this story from so many sources, it seems to us impossible for it to be pure invention. It appears to be universally recognised in the Cabinet and upper echelons of the Civil Service.

So: here we seem to have a man (unless huges cadres of non-colluding senior people are liars) on a rarely used, dangerous drug to control his mental state - and getting close to a stage of serious disablement in relation to his eyesight. As this would clearly make any such person wholly unfit to fulfil the Premiership - especially in the dangerous, broken world we now inhabit - why hasn't the story broken more widely? Why hasn't the Opposition leapt on it? In answering this question, we need to delve into the murkier waters of Gordon Brown's psyche - and the cynical guessing-game that passes for public service in the House of Commons....on all sides.

Brown rules by fear and smear. He always has done, and it is the main thing he is known (and hated) for in the Labour Party. A former Cabinet Minister told nby in early 2008 "Nobody ran against Gordon because nobody could face the slur, innuendo and blackmail that would go with it. When he gets going, Brown and his little coterie of spinners are animals". Several similar observations appeared in national newspapers during late 2007. There has also remained the rumour that even Blair himself eventually fell foul of this, and left not of his own volition but as a result of threats from the Brown camp. That must remain as conjecture: but given his alleged track record of not entirely legal actions, Blair would have had a lot to be frightened about.

The PM evokes a certain degree of loyalty from close confidantes, but the main reason why no Brown staffer has broken ranks is that this would mean the end of the meal-ticket: either Brown would fall, or he would deny...and bury the whistle-blower. Luncheon Vouchers are also behind the remaining silence in the Parliamentary Party as a whole. Two senior Lobby correspondents have confirmed to us in the last three weeks that "even the most anti-Brown camp think there's no alternative to Brown". Nearly all Labour backbenchers now expect a rout, but think that if Brown were ousted they would be wiped out. Comically, the exact opposite view pertains in the Tory Shadow Cabinet, where "they're so terrified of Labour dumping Brown, they'd do anything to leave him precisely where he is".

This bears further examination on a number of levels. Three of our sources confirmed the general view that the parlous state of Brown's health is well-known among Conservative bigwigs. That they collude in an allegedly dangerously ill man remaining in charge of Government (purely to ensure their own victory) is selfish cynicism of the worst kind - and a damning charge to which, if and when the truth of this matter comes to light, they will have no defence. It also reinforces the electorate's feeling that senior Cameron Tories are woefully lacking in confidence - or convincing alternatives to what the Government is doing.

As to whether Brown is a liability or an asset for voters, the latest poll (30.8.09) in the Guardian showed that Brown's ratings have actually fallen as 'signs' of economic green shoots have become apparent. In short, when it comes to the Machiavellian 'keep him where he is' strategy, New Labour have called it wrong. As ever, they are probably being too clever for their own good.

Perhaps more disturbing is the passive political bias (and dereliction of Constitutional duty) represented by the obvious collusion in any cover-up about the Prime Minister's health problems throughout the senior ranks of the Civil Service. One of the main sources of this story told us, "It's a farce, and utterly disgraceful. There isn't a mandarin in Whitehall who's unaware of Brown's condition - they tittle-tattle the tale wherever they go, dining out on their inside knowledge, and yet won't lift a finger to bring it to the public's attention. We are being let down at every turn by the spineless Establishment running this country".

One can appreciate how a similar situation developed from 1935 onwards in relation to the King's relationship with Mrs Simpson. But it is hard to understand why the press - especially the right-wing press - haven't had a harder go at nailing this story in 2009. The tabloids are too busy shouting threats into celeb letter-boxes, and the more liberally inclined papers may well share the New Labour view that loyalty is their duty at this stage of the game; but that seems unlikely - and what of Dacre at The Mail, or the Telegraph, still fresh from its huge success in blowing the lid off the expenses scandal?

The answer usually comes back 'there's no physical evidence, and it's an easy story to deny - to dismiss as just another anti-Brown smear campaign'. But perhaps the clues about MAOI usage by the Prime Minister make it much harder to deny....and much easier to get written confirmation. For if it's true, Brown's entourage must be sending out strict dietary requirements ahead of his regularly catered public engagements; one could even monitor what he eats on such occasions.

Not Born Yesterday lacks both the sources and resources to do this job. The sole purpose of this piece is to get matters to a stage where the story is out in the public domain, such that the real people who count in Britain - the voters - can make their own minds up about it. And - who knows? - to create a situation in which the Opposition might at last do its duty, and question the PM's fitness for office on these well-known (if not as yet well-documented) bases.

©2009 Not Born Yesterday and John Ward.


Dick Puddlecote said...

Well that explains Gordon.

What's the excuse for the rest of the Labour front bench?

Cretinous lunatics, the lot of them. Probably why they are bussing in celebs to formulate policy. How long till Wogan is installed at Number 10?

CIngram said...

It's been obvious for years that the man is mad, and I don't imagine anyone, anywhere has ever believed he was competent to run the country, but this is the most detailed and best sourced article I have seen on the subject. It needs to get as much publicity as possible.

Anonymous said...

So when he's eventually sidelined, officially it'll be due to 'health reasons' - an attempt to get a sympathetic response from the public rather than the real fact which is that he's an incompetent, malignant, evil, lying, hypocritical, cunt.
Hope the drugs fucking give him seizures - preferably in a very public place.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

So, why the cover up then?


subrosa said...

I've posted on this. Well I've really just put a link to you Anna because I'm sure your post rings many bells.

Anonymous said...

What a hit piece.

The trouble with phsychiatry is its not really an exact science, depending on how you frame it you could classify anything as a mental illness. You could easily define this whole blog as hateful paranoid and delusional.

Parroting slogans is part of politics "Win by repitition". Statistics was how nulabor demonstrated policy sucess. To say both of these things are a result of mental illness is a conceit and would result in the following.

1 Condemn all polititians to the loony bin.
2 The demonstration of aspects of phsychiatry as a fallacy.

My point is phsychiatry is a known demon in a box, they willnever let that loose on anyone in power.

Read political ponerology

Ampers said...

This is really scary.

I think there is a good reason to change the whole way we do things.

I think we should divide the country up into parcels of 50 odd constituencies, and have an election, in each constituency, once every five years with a fixed date.

However, each parcel of constituencies should rotate, and we should have an election covering one of the parcels, every six months.

Then if we have another case of a bastard like Brown in, he would not be able to do so much damage as, when an election came round, and the government lost every seat in the fifty odd constituencies, the party would sack him on the spot. In addition, the party would be more careful of the decisions it made, knowing there would be a yardstick within six months.


bofl said...

how many words?

he is a hoon!

a man so in love with himself..believing he is 'special'....
hot housed at school( 1 year big deal)

and wrote such classics as how to drink everyone elses' beer at parties..!!!!

ffs this hoon then sucked his way up to chancellor.......

just because he had a few lunches round at goldman sachs (free of course) he thought he was a City Trader.the pre-announcement of the gold sale cost the uk £7 BILLION!!!!!!!!!

he should have been kicked out for that alone-but all the other tits in the hoc know fuck all too.......

Blair said he read the Koran- and gordies a Bible are reading the wrong books tossers.....

try Buddhism-you will learn that everything is temporary- yes,even you.....whatever you do there will be no legacy.nobody except for a few cocksuckas suffering from similar delusions as yourself will care.we all die and you will not be missed.when that cunt Blair dies i will personally organize a street party......

As a slave to your ego all you do is bring misery and desperation to the uk people-

you are stuck in a harry enfield 'tory boy' world .....

you do nothing to help uk citizens and embarrass us on the world stage.

no imagination-no vision-no understanding-

how does it feel when people say that they prefer ian brady to you?

that is your legacy.......
what a stunning accolade!!!!

electro-kevin said...

This explains a lot and the problem with anti-depresants is that the patient developes a really thick skin. No criticism can penetrate.

He will need to stay on them for the rest of his life. If he is left exposed to the full magnitude of the awful things he's done to this country and how much he's hated we could well have the first ex British PM to commit suicide.

Dick the Prick said...

Bollox - it was vaguely plausible until he has to avoid cheese & Chianti! I think all leaders are fruitcakes & he is genuinely mas as a box of frogs but there's a lot of filling in that article.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Queen Anne has passed away.

anonemo said...

E.K. Why do we have to wait until he is an ex PM? ;-)

Dick, seems it's not bollox.

"Warnings or dangers associated with MAOIs:
When taken orally, MAOIs inhibit the metabolic breakdown of dietary amines. Sufficient intestinal inhibition can lead to hypertensive crisis when foods containing tyramine are consumed or hyperserotonemia (elevated serotonin levels) if foods containing tryptophan are consumed. Tyramine is a building block of norepinephrine, and is commonly found in foods such as chocolate, alcoholic beverages, Chianti and other aged wines, fish, and fermented foods such as sauerkraut, meat and yeast extracts, soy sauce, aged cheese, soy bean condiments, and processed meat."

anonemo said...

Sorry, I missed this bit out.

"MAOIs inhibit monoamine oxidase and so the body cannot rid itself of excess norepinephrine. Raised levels of norepinephrine may lead to a hypertensive crisis and even cause intracerebral hemorrhage and death after the consumption of certain types of tyramine-containing foods or drinks. Hypertensive crises sometimes result in stroke or cardiac arrhythmia if left untreated."

I think I'll send him a nice big picnic hamper.

Dick the Prick said...

Fucking hell anomeno - the git is screwed. I live off that shit. What kind of a gimp takes the drug instead of the food? Avoid booze & fish and take these ickle wickle pills? Hokely fuck off dokely.

Bugger Lugs said...

Some Chianti with Fava Beans?

Onan the Rotarian said...

Remember Chernenko?

Bugger Lugs said...

Better some Port, or Madeira or Malmsay with Balsamic Vinegar

Boom Boom

Marky said...

He doesn't look like "severely depressed" to me or dissociated. Severe depression is very difficult to hide, if you've seen what I call a 'ghost' you'll know what I mean. He could be a bit mad though.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Loved it. If you fancy a guest post on my blog ( then e-mail me at:
Extra credit if you can work out the puzzle.

John Demetriou said...

Can we have Holby the author of the site back to do pieces, please?

I thought this was boring gossip peddling and wondered why the quality was so fucking poor. Then I spotted that the piece wasn't by Holborn but that fucking coat tail riding prick Anna Raccoon.

Go write for your own shit hole. You bore.

Mitch said...

it can cause a dangerous, possibly fatal spike in blood pressure, called a hypertensive crisis.

please please please send the cunt some cheese.

Old Holborn said...

Oi Bubble!

Learn some manners

Cheeky cunt!

John Demetriou said...

sorry dude, no offence meant to you, but I'm still furious with her and I'll probably still be furious with her in around 20 years time.

Until the moment she apologises to me, and she knows why.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

Just ripped this off and posted it here

I gave due credit.

Thank you Anna; this is something that needs to be broadcast as far and wide as possible.

Scary, isn't it.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the mental jockstrap is ill because I would be really worried if a sane Jock was fucking this country from arsehole to sunset.

FireForce said...

My friend Dave and I said years ago this brown chap is seriously flawed no social graces at all.
interupts proceedings, can not take critisim when he is clearly wrong (all the time) He is a fuckwit, time for the men in the white coats.
The sooner we are rid of this lot the better.

Henry North London said...

It just goes to show that if you stay indoors all the time you will go mad.

There is a reason behind all of this.

Poor man, but why does he have to take it out on the country

Constantly Furious said...

Not funny; not fucking funny at all.

Have reposted this, but not with a view to larfs. How the fuck have we come to this?

It says more about the country, that we allow ourselves to be governed by the mentally ill, than it does about the sorry sick bastard in the role.

Constantly Furious said...

Oh, and .. Demetriou ?

On thin ice describing that post as poor when your last two were about 'how I play poker' and the fucking weather, eh?

Call me Infidel said...

Will Broon make it through the Layber Pahtee conference? This is actually quite disturbing. Britain is swirling the toilet bowl and they have a lunatic at the helm. Ordinarily I would feel sorry for anyone who is clearly very ill, but in his case I make an exception. The scoundrels that run Labour must be aware of this but are too gutless to stand up and be counted.

Fausty said...

Outstanding post, Anna. Excellent idea, Ampers, although I doubt any government would go for it, because it would have the potential to reduce their power, just when they're at their most vulnerable.

Thomas Byrne said...

How do we know these sources aren't fiction, sorry?

Bryony Victoria said...

This is completely offensive for many reasons and I'm not saying that in defense of Brown, it is completely offensive regardless.
First of all; what point exactly are you making about the abilities of people who are on anti-depressants, SSRI's or MAOI's? Are they not fit to have jobs with power and responsibility? Are they open to ridicule, they way you're article seems to be attempting to ridicule Brown? Why do you seem to be attacking the mentally ill and the autistic as if you see them as not as good as you are? Some of the medical "knowledge" in this article is also highly questionable.
If you want to attack a politician then attack their ideology or their policies, this kind of attack just makes me sick and realise why the fight to end social stigma about certain illnesses is so difficult. You are stigmatizing with this article.
As for saying that the PM's symptoms are obvious... what is obvious about them? Maybe you are getting personal habits and mannerisms confused with an actual illness. It's easily done, there was even a good BBC documentary about it not so long ago.
Anyway new MAOI's are now available that do not have the same dangers with dietary reactions as previously, so you're list of "forbidden foods" is hardly proof of anything.
Most of your article isn't even worth arguing about for inaccuracy and rubbish but I just find this stooping so low and making an attack over, not even proven, mental illness sickening.

FireForce said...

Bryony victoria.
You can not be happy with the way things are been run in this country can you?
This country deserves a lot better than the half wit brown and his crew.
The mental illness does not allow him to think clearly, so we all suffer from his inability to be logical.
Brown is a nasty nasty piece of work, equal to hitler, mugabe \nd the rest of the odd balls, a control freak.

Anonymous said...

Bryony, go fuck yourself. Take your politically correct faggotry and shove up your crack. If you think that letting a manic depressive autistic with serious rage issues have control over this country's arsenal of 200 nuclear weapons is a good idea, you're a bigger fucktard than your ridiculous name suggests.

In conclusion, die in a fire, you sanctimonious cunt.

John Demetriou said...

Constantly Furious.

What a shame you've decided to turn against the B&D. I thought you were alright till that point.

Just goes to show, I suppose.

Just checked you site by the way. I can obviously see why my criticism of the article touched a nerve. Long may the back-slapping love-in continue. All pals together, all climbling up that slippery pole.

Yeah, no-one likes Brown, but how about sticking to facts instead of weasly gossip and scurrilous rumour for a change? I know, it's harder to do that, isn't it, but makes a change fromt he usual deranged venom spitting that has no end and no purpose.

Get your own fucking content. What is it with bloggers who copy over other peoples' articles anyway? I never understood that.

Oh well, sorry to make you feel so precious CF. And anyone else for that matter. I didn't realise criticism and free speech is only OK if it's towards certain select enemies. God forbid we should have a little introspection amongst our 'own number' every now and then.

Good job I'm not in this game to make pals and lick arse crack.

Fuck the lot of you.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Nooooooo! Say the snot goblin isn’t mad. The last thing we want is him being able to plead insanity at his trial. If he is proven to be sane the we can execute him, otherwise we have to keep the cunt alive.

caesars wife said...

Think of all those people with mental illness , with the debts they were suckered into and loss of job.

If he stays the UK will be marxist EU wet dream , weve done the petitions , called him to give the public there choice of direction as he rode roughshod over parliament and his own manifesto pledge on the EU .

IF he is on Bonkers limitation drugs , sorry for family and all that , but all he has to do is have the leadership skills to give people the vote , if he doesnt get that aspect , he will not avoid the tradegy of his tyranny .

Reimer said...

In retrospect the unnamed cabinet member's 1997 prediction that GB would make an effing terrible PM seems understatement of a Whitehall degree.

His continued presence, the unchallenged rising from the grave of Mandelson, the pan-European bipartisan govt by summit on yacht in the Med, and the moves by Harriet to eliminate any serious opposition, show how much further the Orwellian walls have moved in on us.

OH's call for representation by delegates we can collar in the pub show the ever-growing gulf between the kind of healthy, accountable political culture so many of us want and the interstellar-distant elected dictatorship imposed upon us.

Reimer said...

"In retrospect the unnamed cabinet member's 1997 prediction that GB would make an effing terrible PM seems understatement of a Whitehall degree."

sorry, 2007 not 1997 - wonders of Guinness (hic)

Marky said...

Well said Bryony Victoria.

myqui said... Over There. They're is "They are"...Their is the possesive form...oh fucking hell did not one of you ignorant cunts ever pay attention during English language classes?

Bugger Lugs said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah,Bugger Lugs....get in the fucking queue...

Bugger Lugs said...

I don't like sloppy seconds.

Stu said...

Hang up, isn't this post just lifted from here:


Why is a post from another site being copied in its entirety and posted without introduction, then claimed to be both 'EXCLUSIVE' and authored by Anna Raccoon?

Something's not right about that picture.

Fidothedog said...

Gordon is a hoon, the reasons for matter little.

His hoonery is ruining this land.

Onan the Rotarian said...

Stu said...
Hang up, isn't this post just lifted from here

To be scrupulously fair, the post ends with a copyright statement crediting nby as well as a link directly to the original piece. Anna Raccoon may have "ejaculated" this item on OH but does that imply ownership or merely a report? I think we should be told - well, not much really, because the story is far too hot to worry.

Harman_Pride said...

Before I begin, can I point out that is is immature and disrespectful to refer to our PM by crude and/or informal nicknames.

Please refer to him as "The Prime Minister" ("The PM" for short), "Gordon Brown", "Mr. Brown" or "Dr. Brown" in future.

Labour has been written off before. But the Prime Minister is nothing if not resilient. His determination, courage and resolution are just some of the qualities that mark him out as one of the greatest statesmen of our day.

Even if you Right-wingers don't acknowledge this, the history books will.

The British electorate will continue to reject the Tories' reactionary, oppressive, bigoted policies. David Cameron's Old Etonians will cut public spending by 10% - that means fewer schools, hospitals, buses, trains and police officers.

Meanwhile they will lower inheritance tax for millionaires.

Only Labour continues to support the vast majority of hard-working British families. We are the party of the many; you are the party of the few.

Go Fourth!

Onan the Rotarian said...

@Harman_Pride: Go Fourth!

That's 4 sure.

Bugger Lugs said...

Go Fourth, that is all you ever will get in Scotland, unless the Greens take off and it will be fifth.

Anonymous said...

@Bryony Victoria: If you want to attack a politician then attack their ideology or their policies,

Bollocks! Brown is in charge of the little red button, it's entirely reasonable to question whether he, or indeed anyone else, is medically fit to be in a position to make planet-destroying decisions under enormous pressure.

And if Brown's dosing himself up to the eyeballs with industrial strength happy-pills, then as a voter I want to know about it, not have that decision taken away from me by a conspiracy of silence.

Fidothedog said...

@Harman_Pride, if the snot gobbling trouser pisser is doped out of his mind we need to know about it.

Anonymous said...

Give the story to the American press, with a link between insanity and letting out the bigest mass murderer in our history.

A) They would have something to blame the madness on

B) Brown and co. listen more the noise of the yanks than to us.

The Paragnostic said...


I myself am a manic depressive with mild Aspergers and violent tendencies, and have been on SSRIs, SNRIs, various mood modifiers without success.

I know that the next stage for me will likely be MOAIs and lithium, and would not consider myself to be in a fit state to work in a bloody shop under that medication regime, let alone run a country.

Brown is not only mentally ill (I can recognise the signs), he is unbelievably arrogant as well if he thinks for one moment that trying to continue in his position is good for the country or for himself.

Keep your PC concerns for the mentally ill to yourself - as a sufferer of mental ilness I don't want your support or the support of people like you, I just want to withdraw until I am cured, like Brown should do.

WV: 'unhooli' - someone not even Cameron would hug, perhaps?

cunt said...

Paragnostic - good post
A politician's medical history should be disclosed to the electorate of this country. After all they want to create a database of our medical details although politicians and 'VIPs' are exempt.

Bryony said...

Thanks for that but I suffer from manic depression as well and am fine on SSRI's and mood stabalisers, so maybe actually find out something about me before you attack me. As a sufferer I found the article offensive and I am free to voice my opinion. People react differently to medications and have different variations in severity of illness. you can't throw a blanket over everyone and say they are unfit to do certain jobs.

Henry North London said...

Bryony and Paragnostic

Labelling someone mad because they are depressed is wrong.

I should know.

There is no call for it.

If he is ill then he shouldnt be working. If he is managing despite being on medication then its up to his doctors to call the point.

Badmouthing him and saying that because hes on monoamine oxidase inhibitors and that because of that hes unfit is totally abhorrent.

Winston Churchill was on a couple of bottles of Whisky a day no one badmouths him about that.

The whole article is full of stigma and suspicion.

Get a grip and grow up.

We are all nutritionally deficient and that is why mental and other illnesses are increasing because we are being fed rubbish.

Rubbish in = rubbish out

Now stop making madness claims and just tell him to resign or to have someone else doing the PMs work whilst he recovers.

Bryony said...

As for telling me to fuck myself and die in a fire, well that's nice, good argument...

Old Holborn said...


I wouldn't let a one eyed pilot fly me anywhere.

He could actually claim disability allowance because he is unable to work. Instead, he's running the country.

61,000,000 people under the total control of a man who should be at home, recovering.

That doesn't worry you?

Dick the Prick said...

We've had loads of alkies err... leading us.

John Demetriou said...

So would the supporters of this unseemly, mud slinging piece based on rumour not fact have been happy if this was 1989 and the piece were written about Maggy Thatch rather than Gordy Brown?

Can't see people getting so animated about that eventuality somehow.

Old Holborn said...

OH has a very special bottle reserved for the demise of Thatcher. It has been on ice for the last 20 years and I am absolutely dying to drink it.

Fuck. them. all.

Leave. me. alone.

John Demetriou said...

What are you going to do with the bottle, Holby? Or is that on a 'need to know' basis only?

Anonymous said...

I would prefer it if he had some wasting disease and he spends his last weeks cold, alone,in severe pain, and rolling around in his own excrement whilst reading reports that Zanu's support is down to single figures,and support for the BNP (and libertarians) is soaring

John Demetriou said...

Lovely stuff.

Nice to know the anti-establishment is in good hands.

Old Holborn said...


My business. Not yours. Mine.

Isn't Libertarianism fucking glorious?

True freedom. Till I die.

Anonymous said...

So what if Gordon Brown has only got one eye that works? Ron Broxted has only got one testicle and it hasn't stopped him from being a cunt.

Dave B said...

This article has been copy/pasted from Not Born Yesterday, why is it labelled an 'exclusive'?

The Paragnostic said...


Not sure who you were referring to that told you to FOAD, but it wasn't me.

I don't find it offensive that people are worried about the state of mind of the prime minister, just as I don't find it offensive that some employers have been wary of employing me, even when I have been temporarily stabilised by medication. I manage to convince them that I can do the job, and that's it. But you yourself will know that there are periods of time when you are unfit to make decisions, in both phases, so I try never to put myself in that position.

You yourself are perfectly free to be offended at these attacks on Brown, but please don't presume to speak for others.

There is only one real difficulty that I have faced in employment due to my condition - that of employer-funded health insurance, which is often denied when I answer the questions honestly. That's an issue worth getting steamed up about - it can lead to loss of employment in some cases.

I repeat - Brown should not be working in his condition and under his medication regime. It may be temporary, but he should withdraw until he is better.

john said...

I am the original author of this piece. Let me make two things clear:

1. None of the sources in this article are invented. The fact that none of them will be named is down to (1)Hippocratic oath and (2) Fear - which tells you a lot about the thugs in power right now.
2. This is not innuendo and 'making fun' of depressives - that would be a strange thing to do given I'm one myself. The difference is, I'm not the PM with my finger on the nuclear button. Brown is clearly a bloke who should be let anywhere near Jason Button,let alone the nuclear button. He is ill - the 4-week 'holiday' was probably his washout time between SSRIs and MAOIs...well done the blogger who spotted that.
I'm making zero,zilch,nothing from this. I just believe it needs to be out in the public domain; and if you think that's bollocks - well, there's nothing I can say really.
By the way, I'm very happy with the old bastard's credit to me at the end of the piece - so to the misogynist who had a go at Anna, fuck off.

John Ward

Old Holborn said...

Thanks from all at Old Holborn John.

More please

FTAC Watch said...

If Brown had to go through what they did to me for nearly five month, he’d never see daylight again. I have seen the sick people held under section in mental health wards in the NHS and Brown is way beyond some of them. He is an extremely dangerous man and should not be free.

Marky said...

OMG! This must be true John Ward says so...

"We should believe what we see, read all evidence carefully, and say what we think on the basis of this. Anyone trying to stop us from doing so is - almost certainly - a bad guy."

What evidence?

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