Friday, 11 September 2009

See You Court Peter (Or Perhaps Not)

On the same day as the £16 million whitewash report is delivered into the Rover Collapse, and screaming Lord Mandelson (he of fraudulent mortgage applications and passports for favours) wants the Phoenix Four banned 'forever' as Directors (there is a limit of 15 years you prat).The Phoenix Four had they been Bankers would have been bailed out for Billions, I am served with my Court papers.

I cannot win this one,dear reader, because a vindictive Government that can spend £16 m of your money on a document that barely mentions the Governments gerrymandering just before the last election and their financial interference, is going to crush me like an Ant, because I cannot match BERR's resources to fight Peter Poppet.

So despite being robbed and mugged by a foreigner, that Mandelson and his friends then give a prestigeous award to in Paris, I am going to have negotiate the best deal I can and operate away from these shores.

The Phoenix Four did nothing illegal, the SFO have refused to prosecute. This IS a political prosecution by an unelected politician, this IS a witchhunt, this is using the Law as a weapon for political purposes.

Any co incidence that Brown was at Chequers being given an earbashing by the Unions ?

They want secure jobs for their members, they want everybody to work for the State.

The next election will be the most critical since 1979. When Labour lose, I want to see Mandelson stripped of his corrupt ermine and put on trial by the State, and he defends himself with his own money. Then I want him banned 'forever'.


Anonymous said...

Riots In London:-

Riot police were struggling to contain protests by anti-fascist demonstrators and rightwing organisations outside a mosque in north-west London tonight.

Officers were hit by bricks and bottles as they tried to keep about 1,000 rival demonstrators apart outside the partially completed mosque near the tube station in Harrow.

Seven people had been arrested and weapons, including bottles of bleach, a hammer and a chisel, were seized, a Metropolitan police spokeswoman said.

Police were braced for trouble after the rightwing English Defence League (EDL) and a group called Stop the Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) said they would converge on the area at 5pm for a rally to mark the eighth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks.

Unte Against Facism called on its supporters to meet for a counter-demonstration.

At around 5pm demonstrators, some armed with weapons, broke through police ranks and ran through the streets.

The stand-off was still going at around 7pm, with groups of youths seperated by riot police.

The police spokeswoman said: "There have been a number of further movements by the crowd in large groups attempting to reach small numbers of other people.

"Throughout the afternoon police have identified and stopped a number of people believe to be heading to the original SIOE demonstration from getting to the protest area."

Witnesses said anti-fascist demonstrators outside the mosque burst through police lines in an attempt to reach groups of EDL supporters who were gathering in the surrounding streets.

One resident, who did not want to be named, said: "It's terrifying. This group of men came running down the street towards us and we had to hide with a couple of young Muslim boys in a shop.

"It's really tense and we can still hear the police helicopters overhead. I've never felt this kind of tension in Harrow, it's horrific."

Before today's protests, Muslim community leaders had expressed frustration that their mosque had become the focal point for the rally and had urged demonstrators to protest peacefully.

The EDL has held several similar rallies throughout the summer. More than 30 people were arrested last weekend at a similar portest in Birmingham.

Rogerborg said...

>they want everybody to work for the State.

That's ridiculous hyperbole. They want about 95% or so of people directly dependent on the State. The other 5% will be allowed to run "private" enterprise that receive billions to in sweetheart State contracts - where else will the Cabinet find yachts and villas for their junket holidays?

lilith said...

I am really sorry to hear that Guthrum.

The Filthy Engineer said...


They're really scared of bloggers like you. The Left wing (and some of the right) do not understand the power of the blogosphere. It is the collected thrust of individuals to get at the truth behind the spin that puts fear into them.

They can attack one but it is like the Hydra with many heads, It will win over the lazy MSM, and those in politics that think we are all stupid.

You have my support, and I hope of many others.

Good luck.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

"When Labour lose, I want to see Mandelson stripped of his corrupt ermine and put on trial by the State, and he defends himself with his own money. Then I want him banned 'forever'."

I have a version of 'banned' that would be far better: Execute the fucking lot of 'em.

Mitch said...

And charge his widow for the bullet.....oh yeah! he is a poo prodder.

Elby the Beserk said...

Dave's first job after election.

1. Reverse the legislation removing the death penalty for treason.

2. Prosecute Blair, Brown, Straw & Mandelson for treason.

3. Fill this in for yourself.

1997 was a silent putsch by a Fifth Column.

hangemall said...

What lilith and The Filthy Engineer said.

If it's any consolation, it seems that Captain Ranty is confusing and, hopefully, confuting the ungodly:-

I thought it needed a wider readership. Hore you don't mind.

Anonymous said...

errr Hope

expitu said...

Today's pronouncement from Peter demanding the Phoenix Four apologise was awfully... Chinese of him, yet at the same time made him look fantastically pathetic in a way.

This nation is being run by an amateur autocrat.

Scrobs... said...

But Guthram, even the BBC showed just a small clip of Mandy saying they should apologise!

Why? They're businessmen, used to dealing in the real world, not some pumped up, pompous weedy politician, hell-bent on taking money from the state for his/her pension, and never understanding how business actually works.

The 'Business' 'prat title' for Mandy is a huge sham.

He has no experience in real work - only whispering, and conniving around his cronies.

Cameron should remember his disloyalty to all of us 'real businessmen - I.E. the ones taking real risks, like our homes and families.


Marchamont Needham said...

The law is a weapon for the rich and the unscrupulous.

Best of luck

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear your news Guthrum - best of luck & hope you still keep blogging.
As for Peter Poppet, I quite fancy duct taping him into his official car, locking the doors & setting it alight.

Anonymous said...

I know shirt-lifter Mandy has completely screwed your average working class Labour sheep-like voter due to them not having eyes up their white arses when they voted but the thought of this unelected Marxist pervert and his Brazilian boyfriend pumping each other up and squirting their brains into one another is just too repulsive and more than this particular white man can bear.

We have an unelected, insane PM and vile Mandelson running/ruining the country. Are the British sheep people so stupid that they will keep voting for their own rogering? Not much will change under David Cameron either, that's for sure. I wonder what Bullingdon Boy got up to in the small hours when he wasn't wrecking restaurants?

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