Friday, 18 September 2009

The Righteous on record.

Oh, give it up. Everyone expects you now.

The favourite technique of the Righteous, since time began, has been to take a few lines out of context and twist their meaning to make the speaker look bad. References to the original context are ignored, anyone dissenting is labelled a member of the opposition and a supporter of evil, and no further discussion is permitted.

Any attempt at further discussion is met with ad hominem attacks on the dissenter. For at least fifteen years now, those attacks have always been 'racist-Nazi-bigot', 'I bet you don't have a job', 'I bet you're ugly and lonely' and 'I know you're a racist'. Some variation, but really very little.

Many Righteous have realised that the 'racist' jibe means nothing now. They have belittled the word to the point where even the Ku Klux Klan need not fear it. They have driven many to the BNP with the 'you must be a BNP supporter' jibe. For many, that was the first impetus to look more closely at the BNP and while many would balk at the racism in that party, well, these are people who have been called racist for years anyway. They don't hate anyone and they're called racist. So why would they worry that the BNP are called racist? The results are out there in the polls.

Now, many of the more intelligent Righteous have switched from 'racist' to 'right wing' as their core jibe which will have exactly the same effect in the end, but they aren't going to listen.

Some of the less intelligent Righteous think they can still get away with picking out a few lines from someone's speech, twisting them to mean something they didn't mean and then merely abuse the opposition into silence.

When James Macintyre tried this in the New Statesman, it must eventually have become apparent, even to him, that it wasn't working as planned. Opposing voices were not falling silent and the more advanced Righteous did not leap to his aid. So he pulled the story.

Fortunately, Archbishop Cranmer took a screen shot before that happened, and Douglas Carswell has an archive link which includes the comments, as well as Righteous Mac's responses to them.

Those techniques used to work, when speeches were made but rarely recorded, access to those that were recorded was limited, and people could not easily refer back to original material. Further, blunders of this magnitude could be erased from history and forgotten.

Not any more.

Internet regulation is on the Righteous agenda, and if you want one of their biggest reasons, take a look at the demented babbling of that article. This Righteous is on record and as a case study, you couldn't ask for a better example.

The entire planet has access to it. It's going to get copied everywhere. It can never be deleted now.

Think about that, Righteous.


Stuart said...

Where's "John Steed" when you need him to illustrate something?

OH : Leshana tova tekatev v'etachetem!

John Steed said...

Weeping...I denounce myself. Hell no, it IS all the fault of a bunch of scum like Stewie who judge others on skin colour or faith. "Don't gloat you men, for though the world stood up & beat the bastard the bitch that bore him is in heat again" Brecht, 1945.

Stuart said...


Dazed and Confused said...


I didn't think it possible, that there would ever be anyone as stupid again as Dirty European Socialist but you've proved me spectacularly wrong.

I notice that you've been around clearing up your own inverted commas "Blog" of certain comments - you know, the ones where you talk to yourself, between up to three different aliases.

Have you ever thought about a career in journalism for the new statesman? - It seems by this article, that your just just the type of "writer" that they crave.

Anonymous said...

fuck off you blue suited surrender monkey?

John Steed said...

I'd LOVE to work for New Statesman. Dazed & ver confused, what are you on about 3 voices? Brixton 81 went off air as PLod (i.e cunts like you) started fucking about with it. Finally "I do not wish to hurt anyone, I would like to help everyone, black, white, Jew, Gentile" Adenoid Hynkel, The Great Dictator. You, I feel, would be great for the Austrian Corporal role. Don't forget. IF YOU ARE FREE IT IS BECAUSE OF A RUSSIAN SOLDIER!

caesars wife said...

Your into a funny area with this one OH , although I can see how you might think St Tony pulled this off , his speeches were full of righteous sound bites .

I would prefer to think that righteous sound bites can fool rather than all being incorrect cart blanche.

if not voltair is in trouble also!

Wifflebammer said...

That looks like the inevitable invoking of "Godwins law" which means you lose.

Fuck you and Fuck your worthless dead russian soldiers you cunt.

John Steed said...

Wifflebammer. Fuck The Queen and your worthless "royal" family in the mouth and up the zhopa!

VotR said...

Leftie pipsqueaks.

Shutting the door in their faces is a great way of passing time. In the same category as 'visiting doorstep religious person'.

Edgar said...

Ha! Leg-iron very astutely predicted the troll-pulling power of this post.

Mac got roasted, apparently even by some Labour supporters, for the outrageous 'racist' slurring of Conservatives.

Obviously, all those people who attacked him for his one-man storming of the racist Bastille must, themselves, be racist. So, apart from Saint James the Very White, himself, is there anyone out there who isn't racist?

*Sound of crickets*

Dazed and Confused said...

From Macintyre on Labour List

"If Labour is to recover, it has no option now but to unite around Brown and turn its fire on the Conservatives".

Perhaps this piece in the New Statesman illustrates the beginning of his one man crusade, to force us into a corner of shame, and with it "Save Gordon".

lilith said...

Well spotted Mr Leg-Iron.

bofl said...

this just shows how out of touch these cretins are......the country is bust,un-employment thru the roof and all they can come up with is tedious out-dated yah boo sucks kids stuff.....didnt mcsnot say that he was going to end that?

most of us couldnt give a stuff who is is in govt, we just want someone to do what is right for the country and the people.

it is what they are elected and apid to do........but it never seems to happen........

i wonder how many muslim or jamaican mates this tool has round for dinner or goes to the pub with?

two-faced hoon.

bofl said...

typo.'paid' to do.

mungle said...

"Racism" the last refuge of the desperate.

Katabasis said...

OK as if the article wasn't bad enough, his childish responses to comments was enough to make my eyes bleed.

Jesus wept tears of hate and boiling piss!!!

Saved a copy of that page myself now.

Rogerborg said...

You can't blame a chap for trying. Zanu have made such a hash of things that their only hope for clinging to power is to photoshop Cameron beating Delia Smith to death with a baby seal.

Anonymous said...

John Steed alias K McEgan, Ron frog face Broxted. As slippery kiddie cunts go you take the soggy biscuit you kiddie fiddling perv. Most people on the sex offenders register keep their fucking heads down, not you matey you brazen cunt. I see you are now pretending to be a fucking muslim as Hill 60 on my telegraph.

John Steed said...

TUG re your earlier comment. You said on the Torygraph Old Holborn was shite. BTW to all B.N.P types here, he loves Asians on the My Telegraph site but hates 'em here. Is that being a race traitor? Well, I am pissing myself laughing at you, as indeed anyone here with an IQ higher than room temperature is. Farewell our most noted De Clerambault Syndrome sufferer! Ha ha ha ha ha!!

Stuart said...

We've got a live one here!

John Steed said...

No Stewie, You have a failed special constable (Anon or A Blogger or Morris Minor or Man with a can) who is a repressed gay. He is a fucking retard who failed to get to University. He is 24/7 on the My Telegraph site where he does a nifty gay porn posting. Ideal B.N.P candidate I would say, he lives in Eaton Socon & manchmal im Cheltenham. Signs on at Peterborough DSS on Beech St (I/C benefits). TO THE FINLAND STATION!

Stuart said...

Nobody fails to get into university. You must be really pissed!

Anonymous said...

Dazed and Confused You are a nazi bigot.

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