Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Private Unemployment

Whilst the tired old TUC shire horse puffs and wheezes about 'protecting' public sector jobs.

The latest figures show that public sector jobs are still growing, this recession is for the Private sector.

Over the last 12 months 889,000 jobs have been axed from the private sector while 289,000 have been created in the public sector. Even though about 200,000 of these public sector jobs are, in effect a transfer, with Lloyds and RBS workers classified as public sector workers, there is still a net increase in public sector jobs and a large decrease in private sector ones.

Corin Taylor, at the Institute of Directors, said: "So far the recession has been a private sector one, with the majority of the public sector not feeling any pain. Not only have jobs been created, but their pay has increased far faster than in the private sector.

"Considering the scale of the Government's deficit, this just isn't sustainable. Whoever wins the election will have to let people in the public sector go – be it back-office staff in education, health or employees of quangos."

In France - France Telecom opened up to the chill winds of competition has had a run of suicides. Much the same happened when Communism collapsed in the GDR. Some could not handle the responsibility of living without Government 'protection and jobs'

When the expenses scandal was on, it was understood that a number of MP's were on suicide watch. Roll on the Election.


The Price of Failure: One Tax Pound In Four Will Be Spent On Benefits


Simon said...

Someone sent me this yesterday, comes from The Independent apparently. They are still recruiting tossers by the thousand.

Democracy Officer 22k
Safeguarding Adults Promotions Officer 25k
Knowledge Advisor 25k
Policy and Scrutiny Officer 26k
Food Ambassador 30k
Empty Property Officer 30k
Community Engagement and Performance Service, Performance Improvement Coordinator 33k
Short Breaks Project Manager 34k

Early Years Consultant 36k
Manager - Child Death and Overview Panel 36k
Welfare Rights Manager 37k
Neighbourhood Manager 39k
Manager - Barnet Supported Living Service 40k
Public Sector Consultant 40k
Harm Minimisation Service Officer 41k
Communications and Engagement Manager 42k
PPF Third Sector Development Manager 43k
Senior Equality Manager - Mainstreaming 49k
Street Population Co-ordinator 49k
Government Relations Manager, UK 53k
Tenant Involvement Unit Manager 56k
Sessional Freelance Consultant 600perday

Independent Chair of Child Death and Overview Panel 500perday
Head of Welfare to Work 70k
Assistant Director – Adult Social Care Operations 70k
Olympic Delivery Programme Director 75k
Head of Housing Strategy and Regulatory Services 78k
Head of School Improvement 82k

Stuart said...

Suicides... I'm gonna enjoy this!

frosty said...

WTF is a food ambassador? Does he welcome any foreign carrots and peas into the country and hold a party and the court of st james dishing out the ferrero roche?

woman on a raft said...

My local hospital had recruited a "falls coordinator" which, contrary to how it sounds, is "looking at ways to prevent falls through training and education".

She gives talks and puts up posters saying things like "Don't go round on roller skates" and "move that out of the way, you'll have somebody over with it".

On the one hand, I can see the argument that a fall is an expensive thing to be avoided. On the other hand, if anybody had an avoidable accident because they were wearing stupid shoes or climbed on a roller chair to open the window, I'd tell them to stuff any compensation, refuse to pay them sick benefit and send them an invoice for agency staff to cover them. I don't think you'd have to do this more than three times before everybody got the message.

Surely this is a non-fucking-job? If nurses aren't already doing it, they should be sacked and replaced with some with basic common sense.

Before she was in charge of making sure the mats were not curly, she was a "member of the career progression team supporting nurses from overseas and nurses returning to practice after a career break".

Another non-job. We shouldn't be denuding the rest of the world of nurses when we've got plenty of allegedly educated and employable people just begging for a career. As for anybody coming back from a career break - what possible support can they be offered which isn't covered by professional skills updating (their responsibility) or normal supervision.

This woman never the less believes she's doing a vital job in the health service. Sack her and save £40k, or switch her to real nursing.

caesars wife said...

your right OH the private sector is paying for broons claims on unemployment.

Jim Knight was on TV this morning he went all funney when asked to prove that 0.5 million had been saved by gordon investment program

Sue said...

Democracy Officer won't have alot to do...

I can't see one job in that list that seems to be a jobsworth we can't do without.

Who thinks of all these inane titles and jobs?

Tony Blair said...

Soon be a vacancy for Prime Minister.
No I shall not re-apply
Vive le revolution

Nonny Mouse said...

You forgot the 10,000 new recruits this year to...........

Yup, you guessed it. Job Centre staff.

I'm going to dump it on the town hall steps said...

And for two weeks the bin have not been emptied in Leeds as the 'binmen' strike and picket the dump to prevent private dumpage.

It's the end days just like '79.

Piles of black bags everywhere, and when the lazy useless fuckers do turn up it will be more than their jobsworth to take anything that isn't in the right bin.
Meaning the shit they have caused to pile up in the first place.

Just waiting for the dead to remain unburied and we have deja vu.

microdave said...

Here's a few more from our local paper:

Personalisation Development Officer - 23K
Internal Exclusion Manager - a mere 14½K
Positive Images Project Officer - 21K
And not one, but TWO Multi-cultural Coordinators for a 145 pupil school.....

electro-kevin said...

"Private sector jobs lost, public sector jobs created ..."

But if newly unemployed private sector workers getting jobs in the public sector ...

The delineation isn't as clear as we think. Whilst I agree there needs to be a cull let's be clear that this is one huge shit sandwich and we're all gonna have to take a bite.

tattiebogle said...

Electro-kevin has a point. I was made redundant 2 years ago (company went bust). I'm a competent and reliable clerk but have no special skills and no entrepreneurial flair. I'd rather work in the private sector, but the only people recruiting to permanent jobs when I desperately needed one were central and local government. What am I supposed to do - resign and become unemployed on principle? Oh, and nothing on this earth would make me join a union, far less go on strike.

devil's mate said...

While I agree with your sentiments, it isn't really that cut and shut, is it?

The issue of who is public sector, and who is private gets a little blurred when it comes to where the money is coming from.

My relative is self employed, and earns his money developing websites. His largest customer are funded by a EU project. They supply him with over 80% of his turnover. Is he private sector or public sector? Without the money from the EU, he would be out of a job in no time!

I'm sure with a little digging, you will find similar situations all over the country - especially with the larger private companies, sub tendering public sector contracts with smaller local companies.

All of a sudden, we are in a MUCH bigger hole that we would like to admit to - even the private sector has been gouging on the public purse - is anyone truly running a business with no income derived from the taxpayer?

Stuart said...

Weatherspoons, I bet most of their income is from the taxpayer. Incapacity benefit.

Probably the same for whoever brews that pikey cider.

Padmanaban said...

That’s right. Unemployment is increasing day by day. Though there are job openings but still the case is very worse, since the companies are selective, and depending on the need, they take their time in finding the right candidate.

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