Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Political Vetting For Teachers

Ed Balls has just ordered a legal review to see whether members of the BNP can be banned from teaching in schools.

At present, only prison officers and policemen are banned from membership.

Balls has now told former Chief Inspector Maurice Smith to look at the issue in the wake of the leaked list of members that appeared on the internet this year.

His speech just now gave a short mention of the issue- and won loud applause.

But in a letter to Smith, he goes much further. He points out that he and other Education Secretaries had previously concluded a ban was not necessary as current laws were sufficient to stop the propagation of racist material. But the leaked BNP members list - and a referral of two teachers to the General Teaching Council - had made him order a review.

Here's extracts from his letter to Smith:

"The release of information on membership of the BNP revealed 15 individuals who identified teaching as their profession. We cannot know how many more may have chosen not to reveal their occupation."

"I have always believed that membership of any organisation that espouses racist views is fundamentally incompatible with the values and ethos of the teaching profession. The arguments, though, are not straightforward, we would need strong grounds to bar individuals from the teaching profession on the basis of membership of organisations or registered political parties that promote racist views."

"However, teachers hold a position of great trust, they are role models for young people and as a consequence their behaviour and conduct has a bearing on their suitability to work in the profession."

"While numbers are small, there are no grounds for complacency. That is why I believe that it is right to undertake a full and detailed review of the arguments for and against strengthening the current provisions which protect against the promotion of racism in our schools."

My my Mr Balls. How very "soviet". Enjoy the last 8 months of power, because then you'll have to find a real job.

Hat Tip to Paul Waugh


Maturecheese said...

The BBC has piped this to me through my radio all day and how I haven't put a brick through it I don't know. It is an absolute scandal and did anyone notice 'Jerusalem' being sung in the background during the interview with that utter C**t Ed Balls. Apparently some students were rehearsing in the background. This is another example of political bullying by this corrupt bunch of Facist bastards.

AntiCitizenOne said...

I wouldn't worry, we'll try and make sure Ed Balls 'n co never get another job with a shareholder company.

scunnert said...

No dissenting views allowed in his Utopia? He must like the EU then.

Brewblogger said...

Lets ban Labour party members from teaching schoolkids or pupils as they used to be known as. In fact lets make all teachers declare their membership of all political parties. Still a few communists employed who taught me 20 years ago.

mungle said...

One minute they are dismissive of the BNP then the next frantically trying to resort to any tactics to stop them. If the BNP achieve nothing else they have highlighted the contempt for democracy New Labour has when it sees its support ebbing away

moorlandhunter said...

I'm no fan of the BNP at all, but will Balls now begin political vetting of teachers and bar those who hold left wing, Labour, Tory, views or even those who are Trotskite and communists?
If we are to have big brother political vetting letshave it for all public offices

Delphius1 said...

One minute they're lifting BNP policies wholesale (Gulags for Slags), then trying to restrict BNP membership. Ar they trying to corner the market in lefist politics?

I just wonder what Peter Hain has to say about sharing a platform with the BNP now Labour have openly nicked BNP policy? Or for that matter staying a Labour member, as they are clearly alligned with a racist party. The sort of muck throwing they did when Conservative MEPs aligned with the ECR group.

BTS said...

My history teacher, having just spent a term teaching us about the Second World War, debated with me for half an hour about why he couldn't join the Anti Nazi League as he wasn't allowed to show any political preference in front of a student. Surely that rule covers it?

(Although he did join in the end..)

Anonymous said...

"My my Mr Balls. How very "soviet". Enjoy the last 8 months of power, because then you'll have to find a real job."

Don't fret for him the NWO mafia and their EUSSR wing will see him right.

Then It's Daves turn to do the dirty work and play the fall guy for the NWO.

CIngram said...

Watch an NUT conference if you have the stomach. Our children are taught by large numbers of extreme left incompetents who have lost all trace of any education they once had. There are far worse problems than BNP membership.

And if they can swing this, you can bet UKIP will be next.

microdave said...

Brewblogger said "Still a few communists employed who taught me 20 years ago."

It goes back further than that - I had a history teacher who tried to shove Chairman Mao's Little Red Book down our throats 40 years ago!

Dick Puddlecote said...

I heard Balls on the Beeb today too (rather like any other day really), and can't believe that he doesn't spy the totalitarian connotations of this.

He said that 'objectionable' views should have no place in school, but who is the arbiter of objectionable? Labour trots have been infesting our schools with lefty dogma for the past 2 of 3 decades. I find that objectionable and, with this precedent, that would mean that should I be PM, I would be able to ban Labour party members from school grounds.

Balls is a Class A tosser.

And MatureCheese, it was 'The Red Flag' playing in the background, not Jerusalem.

caesars wife said...

oh dear public cant be trusted to make there own political choice , labour wont allow a referendum on europe , can you see what is yet !

why indeed is ed changing constituancies !

GCooper said...

The next job Balls has should involve sewing mailbags.

No doubt he applauds the fact that the majority of teachers seem to be little more than conduits for Leftist and eco-loon indoctrination.

The Cynic, said...

How can anyone ban British citizens from being members of a PERFECTLY LEGAL political party?
This really does prove that the Americans had it right with their WRITTEN constitution.
It's more than time that the amorphous mess that is the UK's unwritten rules are scrapped. They are too liable to be "interpreted" in ways which are not beneficial to UK citizens.

Anonymous said...

His idol,Marx,advocated the genocide of Highlanders,Bretons,Basques and Serbs because he felt they were thick nationalist who wouldn't accept his beautiful system.
I never really used to hate anyone,but I hate all of ZaNuLab with a passion I didn't really know I possesed.

hangemall said...

@ The Cynic The American rulers are perfectly capable of ignoring their written constitution. Only congress is allowed to issue money - not a "Federal Reserve" of private banks. Also their constitution forbids forming alliances with other countries.

"Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations—entangling alliances with none" — Thomas Jefferson

Anonymous said...

How about the incredibly liberal teachers in boys only madrassers as in does my bomb look big in this.
Are they extempt.

The fascists will return as anti fascists - Churchill said...

All opposition to the NWO will be banned, ban today, next step is the gulags.

If the BNP proposed this the Labour Nazis would be declaring them fascist and screaming it from every orifice.

Then the NWO would declare war on the UK and the media would pump out made up propaganda, just as they did to Serbia.

What it is to be a hypocritical scumbag Labour Nazi.

Anonymous said...

NWO Tories seem pretty quiet on this front, wouldn't be in on it would they?

Sell the BBC said...

Wonder what the 2m BNP voters make of their elected reprentatives being debarred in this way.
Perhaps Ed might consider banning former soldiers from entering the teaching profession in case they induce toddlers to slot their X-best friend in a tizz.

Newgates Knocker said...

I watched American primary school children, chanting a song about Barack Hussain Obama and how good he is for their country on the fox channel this morning. I wonder how long it will take before that sort of indoctrination starts happening here. What will happened to kids that refuse, will their parents be taken away to be re-educated?

Anonymous said...

I thought you might be interested in the Press Statement issued by the Solidarity Trade Union ( describes itself as a Nationalist Trade Union. It is open to people of all faiths and ethnic backgrounds but has many BNP members and does not discriminate on political grounds. Text of their statement follows:-


The threat by the recent Labour conference in Brighton, schools secretary Ed Balls announced an investigation in England and Wales into "racism" in Schools. He has personally stated that he does not want members of the rival British National Party (BNP) to be allowed to work as teachers. Similar calls were rejected this week in Scotland.

Regarding the possibility of a similar review in Scotland (which is the preserve of the Scottish Parliament), a Scottish government spokesman said: “Teachers must adhere to the General Teaching Council for Scotland’s Code of Professionalism and Conduct, which states that teachers must not be prejudiced by views about a pupil’s lifestyle, culture, disability, beliefs, colour, gender, language, sexuality or age. Membership of a specific political party in itself is not a breach of the Code.”

The Scottish government take the view that the behaviour of a teacher is the key to any possible action not his/her alleged views or party membership. As GTC Scotland Chief Executive Anthony Finn said: “We are content that our Code of Professionalism and Conduct offers a robust and fair measure by which to ensure that teachers registered in Scotland are fit to teach in our Schools.”

Solidarity General Secretary Patrick Harrington welcomed the Scottish announcement saying "Commonsense has prevailed in Scotland. Rules are in place to ensure that all pupils are treated with respect and professionalism. There is no reason to believe that English and Welsh teachers are any less professional or the GTC there any less capable of dealing with unprofessional behaviour. It would certainly seem odd if we arrived at a position where BNP members could teach in Scotland but not in England and Wales!".

He added:- "We believe that Mr. Balls is motivated more by political spite (against a rival party) than a concern for the education of our children. He stated his views in reaction to BNP electoral advances (largely in traditionally Labour areas)".

Pat Harrington continued:- "It is terrible indictment that those who impact upon our working lives (such as the schools secretary) allow their political prejudices and rivalry to affect their judgement. Hopefully Ed Balls will take note of this announcement and drop any plans to ban citizens from becoming teachers because of a party membership. We are conducting our own reasearch which thus far indicates that Party affiliation has not caused problems in schools".

Andyj said...

Roshonara Choudhry stabbed Labour MP Stephen-Timms twice, in the stomach.

A "pseudo-Brit" pakistani student teacher doing the job of the bnp.

Oh the Irony!

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