Friday, 11 September 2009

Muslims rioting in Harrow

The English Defence League called off their peaceful demonstration against extremist Islamists outside Harrow Mosque today, after the Police decided they didn't want an officer killed.

"The police can't handle the Muslim counter-demonstrators. The senior sergeant said that he doesn't want any of his policemen killed." - Stephen Gash EDL

Stephen has since been arrested by the Police

Meanwhile, 1000 Muslims ran riot and the UAF threw bricks.

Now ask yourselves. The sight on the news of 1,000 screaming Muslims chasing a few peacefully demonstating Englishmen through the streets of London is likely to result in......

The Police unable to control 1,000 Muslims on the streets on London is likely to result in.....

Interesting times.

UPDATE: I see Denham is now saying that the EDL were the cause of the violence by hundreds of Muslims. Even though they weren't there. Doubleplusgood Newspeak.


UAF Brown's War Veterans said...

A DEMONSTRATION against fascism outside Harrow Central Mosque descend into violence and ugly scenes as groups of young Asian men ran amok through Wealdstone.

Despite earlier calls for calm and peace from community and mosque leaders, hundreds chased people through the streets around the mosque and got into scuffles with police.

On The Bridge, close to Harrow and Wealdstone station, the baying crowd of predominantly Asian young men pelted officers in riot gear with rocks, sticks, glass bottles and in some cases, fireworks.

After being forced down from the bridge, the men chased people through the streets and tried to storm Harrow Civic Centre.

With some peacemakers among the crowd, the protesters began turning on each other, leading to angry scuffles and confusion across the streets of Wealdstone.

The violence broke out as thousands, lead by Unite Against Fascism (UAF), turned out to opposed a planned demonstration outside the mosque by a group called Stop the Islamisation of Europe.

However, the right-wing group failed to materialised, and with tensions high among the anti-fascist protesters, it soon became clear violence was not far away.

A group of six white men were spotted heading from the station to the mosque at around 5pm, but before they could make their intentions clear, they were chased by dozens of the protesters, some armed with sticks, through the civic centre car park.

They were headed off by police officers and returned to the main protest outside the mosque, which by this point had completely blocked Station Road, causing traffic chaos through the borough's roads.

As community leaders spoke at around 6pm, declaring the protest a success and a testimony to Harrow's cohesion and multi-cultural make-up, the protesters began running towards the station and to the eventual violent stand-off with police.

As protesters faced up to a police blockade in the civic centre car park, Navin Shah, assembly member for Brent and Harrow, and council leader David Ashton, condemned the violent clashes which had marred the protest.

Cllr Shah said: “This is a difficult, very painful, and unprecedented situation in Harrow.

“We have been telling all parties, members of UAF, and many mosque youth activists, that one thing we must not ever allow to happen is any form of aggression or violence.

“This was a worry throughout, and as the numbers started to grow, you could very clearly see a number of people entering with masks, people who did not appear to be from Harrow, and it only needed any kind of excuse for things to turn ugly.

“These kind of people don't belong to Harrow, they don't belong in any community which is built on unity and respecting each other.

“Harrow must remain a no-go area for any form of extremism, fascism, or violence.”

People remain on the streets around the mosque and the police remain in place to try to restore calm to the area.

Old Holborn said...

It would appear that Harrow is now a no go zone for Englishmen.

Interesting times

Guthrum said...

I did not see this on the Beeb so it could not have happened !

Old Holborn said...

Rogerborg said...

The Police are well able to control 1,000 anybodies on the streets. British riot police are truly outstanding at what they do - they've been practising it more or less non-stop for the last 1/4 century, after all.

What they can't control is the escalating response to any footage of batons coming down on taqiyahs or - Allah help us - dogs biting one of the Faithful.

Gigits said...

It's just the "Autumn of Disgruntlement"

Anonymous said...

What a bag of bollocks. We'll go to the next one.
Al-Hur al-Ayn

(hello Holborn!)

Gigits said...

PS: Like the new look. Ya big poof.

A.B. Gordon said...

"Baying crowds" of Asians but "peaceful" Seig Heiling skinheads. Would these be the same S.I.O.E that support Israel but are part of the "White Aryan Resistance"? Confused.

Katabasis said...

I especially like the way the gangs of Asian lads are described as "Anti-fascists"...


...So if the fash come for the local Synagogue will these chaps be there to heroically fight them off?

Anonymous said...

"Baying crowds" of Asians but "peaceful" Seig Heiling skinheads. Would these be the same S.I.O.E that support Israel but are part of the "White Aryan Resistance"? Confused.

Let me help you out AB, the march was cancelled, there were no skinheads there, the asians attacked random passing white people, and for some reason the Harrow civic centre - OK?

Old Holborn said...

Let me put it this way.

EDL or Casuals United used to travel hundreds of miles every Saturday for a fight.

Every town has a Mosque.

Welcome to the new Mods and Rockers. Clockwork Orange style.

digitaltoast said...

Well, I expect by now you've seen the kind of divisive, hate-filled fascism the UAF can whip up, even in the peace activists from the Religion Of Peace, who were so peaceful today (11/09/09), they were throwing bottles and bricks at the police and generally smashing the place up, even though there was no-one to fight.

Well done, UAF, you must be very proud. You've managed to whip up more racism, more hatred, more anger, and divide more communities.

The best thing people who genuinely want peace can do is to look at the wall of shame and then write to their local MP and ask if they really support egging and bricking and violence and the kind of fascism that comes through the UAF's thug-fests.

I've had the reply from Cameron - he is NOT a supporter of the UAF (as they have listed him). I'd be interested to see what YOUR MP says!

North London Intifada said...

Tony McNulty is the MP for Harrow and was there yesterday and today helping community relations and showing solidarity at the local mosque - job done Tony, you fucking ignorant fat traitorous Labour cunt

A.B. Gordon said...

I bredrin put Babylon under heavy manners.

Anonymous said...

Nice one AB, maybe if you talk like that loudly in a North London pub a Rasta will let you give him a blow job

Soppy Right On Cunt.

Dazed and Confused said...

It's interesting to note that, even on S.I.O.E.s own website now, Muslims are posturing for confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Was McNulty staying with his Mum overnight? That'll be another £20k or so.

Anonymous said...

The Bengalis and Somalis are at it as well in the East End.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

It wasn't the EDL - it was SIOE. There is one hell of a difference between them.

13th Spitfire said...

Though always a big fan Mr. Holborn, surely there must be something more informative to link to than the BBC?

Anonymous said...

Do you imagine for one second that mod of Muslims would stop kicking your head in for a second to listen to your deluded soppy rhetoric AB?

You are as much the kaffur as the five blokes who were protesting against another Mosque.

Come jihad your as fucked as the rest of us except your kind let them in.

Amusing Bunni said...

Those Freaking Muslim Mutts! They are the most disgusting pieces of filth ever to defile England and America. We have their savior running things here for the moment! It figures they would pick the 8th Anniv of 9/11 to run amok. I sure hope no Englishmen were hurt. Get's worse every day.

I can only imagine what the disgruntled madmen will be cooking up in the states tomorrow.

English Victim said...

Meanwhile, the stasi middle management* live in a dreamworld where they are loved and respected by an ever grateful population.

"..and above all do not recklessly abandon the British model of policing that is admired and respected across the world, for short term political dogma and theory."

*Authoritarian, incompetent, and above all, useless.

abdul al-hazred said...

"SIOE...part of the White Aryan Resistance"? Uh, actually, no. Their motto is 'Racism is the lowest form of stupidity."

Not one to let the truth get in the way of a fat lie (or liar), are you, A.B.G?

Dazed and Confused said...

Guess whose fingerprints are All Over This yet again?

Anonymous said...

EDL/SIOE didn't show, the Muslims kicked off at the police once they got it into their heads that the fight they came for wasn't happening. Did make me laugh when the mosque people told the local crusties to fuck off and stop shouting slogans.

The Beeb's got it wrong as usual, the only violence was caused by UAF and Muslims. For once the Old Bill actually did something sensible and pulled back to the perimeter, only getting involved when the cunts began attacking the civic centre. That was about the same time as two very dodgy bearded geezers started arguing that smashing windows constitutes "fighting back against racism". Islamofascist cunts.

reap what you sow said...

reap what you sow labour
reap what you sow Conservatives
reap what you sow liberals
reap what you sow libertarians(including the ignorant crass OH)

and this is just the begining, them demographics are changing fast!

Still at least no one called you racists!

your children will be the ones who pay most dearly for your cowardly ignorant ways.

How long will AB gordons gay rights and womens rights last under the control of his new `friends`?

reap what you sow fools!

Anonymous said...

Read your blog, I was in Birmingham (OU event, 5th Sept) whilst the EDL protest was going on. I must say most people were more intimidated by the large gangs of black & Asian youths massing in the city centre, than the EDL, who were basically the same football supporters Birmingham sees every Saturday (- no Prem football that day, England were playing, all trouble was over by the time the match kicked off! draw your own conclusions!)

I had a look at the EDL website to see what their views were, was amused to see an advert for a 'Muslin dating agency' on it... ads provided by Google. I didn't realise Google had such a sense of humour.

Anonymous said...

How many more battalions of Muslim demonstrators are available in Britain to cause trouble?

Anonymous said...

Concentration camps seem the correct way to control these brown skinned, foreign, anti-british, bastards.
Contracts for gas ovens invited, anyone?

Dazed and Confused said...

Re Reap what you sow:

And where will you be located in this great time of change?


Brewblogger said...

Sky news had footage of a white policeman with pips on his shoulder (Inspector or above) praying with the savages in their mosque. Wonder if the officer would consent to be filmed praying in a church?

Anonymous said...

John Denham says it was all the fault of the 'blackshirts' lol

Does he mean the 9 lads surrounded by Police by a block of flats? yes its all there fault

Weston Bay said...

I've never read such a load of utter shit. The EDL are racist cunts. Any fuckwit out there who thinks they're some sort of libertarian vanguard needs their fucking head examined.

Tony Blair said...

These Asian demonstrators need to be shipped out to Helmand Province and quick

Mohammed was a peado said...

Will you still be writing your utter shit Weston when your home is in the shadow of a Mosque and your families women are spat at and told to get out of their Muslim area.

Nice to see all the arrests were violent jihadists, at least the police on the ground know who the problem is.

Anonymous said...


Anyone that stands up against the Muslim death machine is ok in my book.

Have a think about these quotes:

"We sleep soundly in our beds because rough men stand ready in the night to visit violence on those who would do us harm."

"men can only be highly civilized while other men, inevitably less civilized, are there to guard and feed them."

Every civilization has had these kind of people.

Old Holborn said...


Anyone who objects to Islamic Fundamentalism in the UK is OK by me.

Name ONE peaceful Muslim country.

Newgates Knocker said...

When you see the sheer numbers of them who are moved to aggression by the smallest prompt, it gets very frightening. Hopefully people outside the cities will be watching and waking up and thinking "when the fuck did that happen?"

Anonymous said...

The UAF are the establishment's funded thugs, useful for when the establishment wants to:
- break-up lawful meetings and protests
- threaten opponents
- close down debate

Remember, every authoritarian shithole needs their UAF.

Dazed and Confused said...

I attempted to ask Iain Dale why it was that David Cameron supported the U.A.F., but he refused to publish the question.
New Labour to Blue Labour in one easy action.

pissing blood said...

Don't worry knocker people outside of cities are watching ,Blackburn, Bolton, Burnley, Oldham to name just a few here in the N/west.Exactly what the flashpoint will be i don't know,
that yesterday reminded me of school-kids running around in the playground making lots of noise,UAF organised most likely,it was a very poor riot in any Book,i don't think your average Brit as forgotten how to fight after all these years and when the crunch comes he will be there and won't run,if given the go-ahead.

Sir Oswald Muesli said...

An appropriate moment to read once again the speech by Enoch Powell"Rivers of Blood"

How right he was all those years ago

Ivor Biggun said...

I would round up these Muslim protesters and hand then over to the British Army to be used as target practice.
Saves the cost of sending them to prison

Weston Bay said...

@ OH. Believe it or not I too object to Islamic fundamentalism but I also object to people biggin' up organisations like EDL/SIOE as if they were some kind of working class English liberation front. They're not.

And just to point out I have no time for UAF either whom I see as little more than a bunch of social misfits.

Now if you want to address why our towns and cities are so utterly divided you can challenge multiculturalism and the insidious philosophy that stresses our 'differences' as opposed to that which we all hold in common.

Yes, I am a Leftie cunt. Feel free to call me anything you like. I won't mind. Honest!

Anonymous said...

Weston Bay -

‘Now if you want to address why our towns and cities are so utterly divided you can challenge multiculturalism and the insidious philosophy that stresses our 'differences' as opposed to that which we all hold in common’

Our towns and cities are so utterly divided because naive and malicious people, overwhelming from the middle and upper classes, pushed for and imposed mass immigration onto the rest of the country.

The fact we now need a ‘Minister of Communities’ rather shows just what a Balkanised shithole Britain has descended to. There was plenty we all had in common with each other before mass immigration/ethnic replacement was rammed down our throats.

If you think for one moment we have much in common with muslims and Islam, then you truly are deluded.

Old Holborn said...

I'm not interested in right or left anymore. Yesterdays politics.

I'm interested in Liberty or Authoritarianism.

Unlike Sikhism, Judaeism or Buddism, Islam seeks to tell me what to do and how to live my life. Right now. So it can fuck right off.

pissing blood said...

"Unlike Sikhism, Judaeism or Buddism, Islam seeks to tell me what to do and how to live my life. Right now. So it can fuck right off."
Just a Thought Agenda 21 UN mandate,tells us how we will live,don't think the muslims will like that either,i know i don't,i just want to be free from any state interferrence and live my life as i want,stuff the bilderbergers and rothschilds and rockefeller.

Captain Swing said...

Fascism, form of totalitarianism that seeks the strict regimentation of national and individual existence in accordance with nationalist and often militarist ideals; conflicting interests being adjusted by total subordination to the service of the state and unquestioning loyalty to its leader.

I cant see how the above definition of fascism can be used to describe English people campaigning against the religion of death and destruction.Surely any sensible person who is against extremism should be against Mussies wanting to kill all non believers.What can be more extreme than that?
As someone else said earlier it just goes to show what a Balkanized
shit hole this country has become.

Captain Swing said...


Stuart said...

Fringe events to look forward to at the Tory conference this year:

Tuesday 6 October
19.30 Conservative Muslim Forum

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

Winning Muslim Votes - Speakers from the Conservative Muslim Forum alongside PPCs and MPs will outline how to get Muslims to vote Conservative and to join the Party

Speakers : Andrew Stephenson, PPC - Pendle in Lancashire

Other speakers tbc (Refreshments available)
Wednesday 7 October
19.30 The Muslim West Facts Project (A partnership between Gallup and the Coexist Foundation)

Midland Hotel : Chester Suite

Top 10 Myths about Muslims around the World; fact-based information to guide the policy debate

Speakers : Magali Rheault, Senior Analyst for the Muslim West Facts Project - Gallup

Refreshments available (Bacon Sandwiches?)

Anonymous said...

A.B Gordon (a.k.a Wesley Groves) real name K.McEgan is a self-confessed Righteous. How do I know ?

Simplez... he openly admits to being a member of UAF (Undergraduates Against Freedom) in this comment he posted on Obo's blog :

McEgan Admits to being a Righteous cunt who opposes freedom

Like I've always said - he's a cunt. Case closed.

McEgan, this is a Libertarian blog and you are part of a State-sponsored campaign to stifle opposition. So why don't you just fuck off and die ?

Enoch said...

As I look ahead, I am filled with foreboding. Like the Roman, I seem to see ‘the River Tiber foaming with much blood’.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

UAF with thousands in a crowd being whipped up into a frenzy of righteous indignation by an agent provocateur. All hyped up with no 'fascists' to shout at, I suggest they go to Downing street or ask the Iman of the mosque his views on gays and womens rights.

Anonymous said...

U A F prick check this out the mussies hate you too

A.B. Gordon said...

1.My name is not Gordon, nor Groves, nor McEgan.
2.Blakelocks head on a spike.

Stuart said...

A.B. Gordon said...

"We (UAF) are on the moral high ground. BNP and EDL/C18/KKK are fuckwits. Get with the program baby!"

Anon said...

"A.B Gordon's real name is K.McEgan.

He's a Marxist nonce who also poses as 'Ron Broxted' on the Indy here :"

So it's kiddie fiddling that puts you in the lefty coalition of "minorities" and single issue groups. You always stand up for a nonce religion and you certainly look like a nonce in your photo. It all makes sense now.

A.B. Gordon said...

But Stewie you haven't put a photo online. Are you scared? You should be. Lots of nasty Jews, Muslims, commies, all plotting to fuck your royal family up the old kazoo!Final message cunt..YOU HAVEN'T GOT MY REAL NAME Constable!!

Stuart said...

WOW, the C word, that rattled you!

Definitely hit the nail on the head.

A.B. Gordon said...

Would much rather hit you on the head old chap. Little chance of brain damage if anyone did though. Now fuck off back to carving swastikas at the desk constable.

Stuart said...

So was that your final message?

Ultimate FAIL lol

Anonymous said...

With this sort of violence and disruption coming as it almost always does from the UAF and Asian mobs how long will even the Beeb be able to stay on message?

Old Holborn said...

We can expect more UAF/ Muslim violence tomorrow in Trafalgar Square as Hezbollah march through London.

Rogerborg said...

>Name ONE peaceful Muslim country.

Malaysia. Quite civilised, if you stick to the air conditioned bits. They even drive on the left!

Old Holborn said...

pissing blood said...

fucked up religeon,is this what we face.

JPT said...

If you dare to protest against Islamic extremists you will get attacked by Islamic extremists thus proving your point (although the press will SPIN it).

Anonymous said...

These Muslims have only portrayed the UGLINESS OF ISLAM religion. C The MODERATES, please speak up to show us otherwise.

angela ooi

Stuart said...

How do you define a "moderate" ffs?

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