Tuesday, 22 September 2009

More Newspeak

She issued a statement saying: "I fully accept the findings of the UK Borders Agency that I made a technical breach of the rules. I apologise for having made this inadvertent error.

"Having examined the documents I accept entirely I should've taken copies of them. I sincerely apologise for my error."

Findings = Investigation

Technical Breach = Broke the Law


Inadvertent error = Broke The Law

My Error = Broke the Law

Truly some Animals are more Equal than Others.

So the next time you make an error driving too fast, apologise for inadertantly breaking the rules, and say it was a technicality. You are bound to get off !

They are dragging us deeper into the mire on a daily basis.

OH Update. Expect the Race Card hat tip to Tory Bear


Outside,looking in said...

Where did she find this person? The idea that anybody would have access to such a prominent Ministers home without any checks or references undertaken is absurd.There is a deeper story to be unearthed.

Newgates Knocker said...

Probably her cousin! Keep in the family, like the Uddins

GCooper said...

It's one law for us...

Captain Ranty said...

How lovely.

I trust Baroness Scotland will forgive me when I inadvertently say "Fuck off. And when you get there, fuck off again".



Anonymous said...

Incredible - one law for the black, wimmin, Nu Labour - another for the rest of us.

Sorry is such an easy word said...

She didn't play the race card on her sky interview,instead she went for the difficulties faced by "working women"
Equality for all,except when i want preferential treatment.

Bugger Lugs said...

Gordon Brown's contempt for parliamentary democracy is so obvious in his choice of ministers for the particular departments he loathes.

With respect to our defence he abhors military types and so has starved out defence forces of money all the years he was Chancellor. When he weaseled his way in and parked his bum at No 10 he extended his brand franchise by appointing the most inept fuckwits he could find to oversea the MoD; especially le Hoon du Jour, Bob Ainsworth.

Other departments get McNulty,Balls, Harman, Jacqui Smith, the list goes ever onwards and now, this cunt*wick called Scotland. A new breed of incompetent, with Me, Myself, I and The Labour Party tattooed inside crainium.

I fact, come to think of it, every last titshit Labour minister is so incompetent and arrogant that they display Brown's compete contempt for democracy and the electorate.

Now we are beginning to learn what we knew all along; that the man is mentally unstable.

What does that say of the men and women ministers and enforcers who carry out his every wish? They serve the Labour party and their own interests; fuck the electorate.

Time for Caligula's horse or better still Mr Ed in 10 Downing Street. We, the Great Unwashed would have a fighting chance then.

I hope that the Labour Party disappear into the mouldy encyclopaedias of the mid 21st Century as a footnote.

Will Cameron dismantle this apparatus of legislated oppression. I am not holding my breath.

The only solution is insurrection and razing the existing system to the ground; ground zero.

Mark said...

An overpromoted twofer, troughing at the expenses canteen to the tune of £170,000, 'inadvertently' breaks a law that she helped to frame. Is fined £5000, keeps job, and gets no criminal record.
And all NuLab superhack Maguire can say is that it's 'depressing' that same overpromoted twofer is getting negative publicity ! This takes wallowing in victimhood to new depths.I can barely imagine how bad it'll get next year after the election.

Sue said...

Speaking of which, whatever happened to the greedy Uddin? Is she now living in her marble palace in Bangladesh was it?

Everything has gone quiet on those that fiddled their expenses and broke the law.

Roue le Jour said...

This story still stinks. The cleaner DOES NOT HAVE the correct documentation. So how can Scotland have examined and found it to be correct?

Snope said...

Bugger Lugs

The only solution is insurrection


Snope said...

They govern for their interests only. Two can play at that.

So any laws this mafia government has passed since 2005 are optional now for me.

Complete and utter non-cooperation.

Sure they can bully me as they are bigger, but otherwise I will obey only if I want to do so.


Locke's Social Contract has been broken. Go to Hell you bastards

Under the Westway said...

Seems to be very difficult to depress Maguire. Most competent lawyers became severely depressed when this ludicrously under-qualified woman was appointed.

scunnert said...

This is the standard issue Labour defense when caught breaking the law - it was an inadvertent technical breach. This is exactly what Wendy Alexander said when she was caught taking illegal donations for her leadership campaign for "leader of the Labour group within the Scottish parliament".

Not only did she "inadvertently" take the illegal donation she "inadvertently" covered it up by recording the contribution as coming from a different source.

It worked for Wendy so why not for Patty?

Rogerborg said...

A £5,000 fine is not "get[ting] off".

Look, the hag should go, but let's hang her on the facts.

g1lgam3sh said...

"Anonymous Snope said...

Bugger Lugs

The only solution is insurrection


22 September 2009 15:42"


Anonymous said...

How did she become Baroness Scotland? Did she marry Idi Amin?

Edgar said...

She has satisfied the legal demand on her. Anyone else who had committed the same offence might have expected a similar penalty.

However, she is in a position of trust and authority with regard to the very issue she offended against.

That calls for resignation.

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