Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Ministry of Propaganda Speaks

Nothing ruins my day more than hearing the Ministry of Truth first thing in the morning, intoning that Baroness Scotland 'inadvertantly' broke the Law, or she did not 'knowingly' break the Law, and as it was a 'technical' breach of the Law the Government would not be seeking her resignation. Peter Sutcliffe technically broke the Law by hitting women over the head with a hammer !

A source has told Guido that she has already been served with a liability notice, which means the Senior Law Officer broke the Law as she framed it.

The cleaner involved having had her door battered down, has now offered to give UKBC a statement,so don't take any walks near the woods dear, you might suffer sudden unexpected death syndrome (SUDS).

Peter Poppet's grimy hands are all over this one, as Lin Homer *, the CEO of UKBC is feeling 'under pressure' to find a loophole. Peter Poppet does not do open politics and the rule of Law in this Post Democratic Age.

The upside is that if the Senior Law Officer is allowed to break the Law, we all can, because the precedent has been set.

* Lin Homer, CB, is head of the UK Border Agency. She was born in Norfolk and educated in Suffolk. After attending university in London she qualified as a lawyer in Reading before spending 15 years at Hertfordshire and joining Suffolk County Council as chief executive in 1998.

From Suffolk she went to be the chief executive of Birmingham City Council. Her time there was controversial[1].
A judge described the council as having “thrown the rule book out of the window” after a massive electoral fraud in 2005[2]. However, a former Labour leader of the council described her as “one of the best chief executives I have had the privilege to work alongside”[1]

After three years there she joined the civil service as the head of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate in August 2005. Her leadership of the Immigration and Nationality Directorate, (later to be renamed Border and Immigration Agency and, later still, the UK Border Agency), has also been marred by controversy, most notably the scandals concerning the failure to deport foreign national criminals which led to the resignation of the then Home Secretary Charles Clarke.

She was appointed Companion of the Order of the Bath (CB) in the 2008 Birthday Honours


Gordon sees the way the wind is blowing


Newgates Knocker said...

Some little nobody will be found to be totally and utterly responsible for the whole sorry state of affairs, Baroness Scotland will be deemed totally innocent of any intention to deceive. The little nobody will probably be sacked among loud media interviews of tightening up the system. Little nobody re-instated quietly in a better job, rewarded for being the fall guy! It's how new Labour work!

mundeve said...

The only precedent these shits take notice of are ones made in court, not Harriet Harperson's Court of Public Opinion. If it never sees the inside of a court they will merrily ignore it.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

Surely the post of Attorney General would warrant some security checks on people with access to the home and family of the holder of the post? If it doesn’t then isn’t this a flaw in the countries security. If it does and they were not carried out properly then isn’t this a flaw in the countries security? If they were and nothing was found wrong then isn’t this a flaw in the countries security? If they were and they did find something wrong, but did nothing then isn’t this a flaw in the countries security?

In all cases, not only those where Baroness Scotland can be shown to be at fault, there are serious problems.

Anonymous said...

Pity Ms Tongan wasn't a terrorist!

Chris said...

She's a cunt.

Rogerborg said...

The slattern will just bill the £5,000 as expenses, using "now find the hat" accounting.

Joe Public said...


"Surely the post of Attorney General would warrant some security checks on people with access to the home"

Why? It's only a solicitor's house FFS. Nothing to do with National Security.

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