Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Letters Published

Oh Dear Jack.



Anonymous said...

Did somebody have a go at his front door with a 12 bore?

Anonymous said...

I have no interest in 'streak of piss straw' aside to watch him dangle from his neck.

Katabasis said...

MORE bald faced lying that they will get away with AGAIN.

There's just enough vagueness in that letter for him to be able to spin it away.....

Ampers said...

You've only shown the top half of the photo!

Didn't you want to catch him with his pants down?

VotR said...

A ripping yarn. And they won't publish the rest, Labour are shitting bricks. Almost a smoking gun, but good enough:


Katabasis said...

That second letter is a classic - "you COULD make your own decision, but actually you're going to do it my way regardless"

Scrobs... said...

Is he coming in or going out?

bofl said...

"The English are not worth saving as a race" - Jack Straw.

interesting that jack and peter who both have jewish backgrounds are so friendly with muslims.

Elby The Beserk said...

@bofl, 01 September 2009 17:38
"The English are not worth saving as a race" - Jack Straw.

Jack Straw is not worth saving as a human being. He makes my skin crawl, the smug fucking cunt. Anyone who can dob his kid in for weed is beyond redemption. Regardless of the rest.

Anonymous said...

Strawman, Mandelswine and Milliwatt are as loyal to Britain as Milliwatt’s granddaddy was to his country, Poland!

Jess The Dog said...

There is a paper trail.

- Blair brokered the BP oil deal in March 2007.
- Blair signed the MOU on prisoner transfer in May 2007.
- Lord Falconer assured the Scottish Government in July 2007 that any prisoner transfer or exchange would not include anyone convicted of the Lockerbie crime.
- Jack Straw reversed this position in December 2007.
- The BP oil deal was ratified by Libya in December 2007.

The faux-WMD disarmament was announced in 2003, by the way!


Reimer said...

Re the WMD agreement: I recall faint puzzlement at hearing through the usual channels that a great rapprochement with Libya had suddenly been achieved, seemingly apropos of nothing deemed fit to frighten us with in the run up, after a long long spell of hearing nothing in the MSM about Libya.

40 years in power - not bad for a 29-yr old soldier.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Didn't hear a word of that. That brunette news-reader chick is stunning!

Yokel said...

Jack Straw was a scheming twat when he was President of the National Union of Students in the 1970s.

He clearly hasn't matured with age!

Delphius1 said...

I wonder whos idea it was to release the letters?

It couldn't be Mandelson could it? By way of payback for Jackie boy's efforts to stop peers moving to the commons (and thereby scuppering the Baroness's chances of becoming PM).

Rogerborg said...

Out of interest, does anyone here think that chumming up with Libya is a bad thing? They're sitting on top of our oil, and (for now) it's cheaper to buy it all friendly like than to take it by force.

For me the issue isn't whether Megrahi was handed over as a sop, it's what we obtained in return.

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