Friday, 11 September 2009

Labour Introduces Control Orders

Who are more depraved Paedophiles or this Government who have re introduced something akin to 'Witch Seeking'.

This batty Quango seeking a role for itself at the public cost, is seeking to 'restrict access' to children. The little buggers are around us all the time, they are part of our lives not some protected species that is in danger of extinction.

Are Labour about to proscribe the Catholic Church with its lamentable record on child abuse ? The Labour Party Youth wing ?

Are the Government going to proscribe the companies that produce some of the over the top pre teen TV programmes and shoot em up CD-Rom games for kids ?

Kids need adult role models with a bit of integrity rather than some pissed up Katie & Peter dross.

The true predator here is the State not the Paedophile, parents are the guardians of their children not the State. Otherwise this happens.


R Nosgrove said...

Another day, another freedom eroded, another step towards presumption of guilt.

"But think of the cheeeeeldren"

When will this madness stop?

Tony Blair said...

There is only one solution to this madness


Ray Nerslane said...


I don't know if your link to the Alan Turing story was intentional, but this is the same as restrospective pardoning of the executed WW1 deserters.

We may not agree with this now, but it was done in accordance with the law of the land at the time.

We should only apologise to or pardon the dead if there is evidence that they were treated unfairly according to the law at that time.

Why this obsession with apologising for the actions of our forefathers?

Kinderling said...

It is simply legislation to track every citizen in the UK. NuLabour have no interst in children but their indoctrination and their separation from those adults who go out of their way to help them.

On the same day Gourdon Brown appologises, on behalf of us, for Turing's death.
Not what Wikipedia says:
"On 8 June 1954, Turing's cleaner found him dead; the previous day, he had died of cyanide poisoning, apparently from a cyanide-laced apple he left half-eaten beside his bed. The apple itself was never tested for contamination with cyanide, but a post-mortem established that the cause of death was cyanide poisoning. Most believe that his death was intentional, and the death was ruled a suicide. He was cremated at Woking crematorium on 12 June 1954.

His mother, however, strenuously argued that the ingestion was accidental due to his careless storage of laboratory chemicals. Biographer Andrew Hodges suggests that Turing may have killed himself in this ambiguous way quite deliberately, to give his mother some plausible deniability.[34] Others suggest that Turing was re-enacting a scene from Snow White, his favourite fairy tale.[35]

Because Turing's homosexuality was perceived as a security risk, the possibility of assassination has also been suggested.[36] Assassination theorists point out that Turing's British passport was not revoked after his conviction, although he was denied entry to the United States. He was still free to teach mathematics and to travel to other European countries, which he did many times."

The agenda continues uninterupted. Hysterical Paedophobia held at one gate, homophillia let in in the other. Brainwashing.

bofl said...

haven't you lot realized yet that anyone who isn't in the 'elite'.ie mps,lords,businessmen etc are just a resource to be mined?

like any other commodity.used up,stripped and spat out.

anyone not in the gang is guilty.

stalin must ne laughing in his grave.

VotR said...

More liberties eroded amidst a socialist agenda for the UK citizen. Labour must go, as must their insulting, liberty destroying policies. Some simple checks should be made and not enforced, but the cotton wall wrapped nanny state has lost its marbles. Only protests, strikes, demonstrations and purposeful lack of job applications will make the government listen. Until then they will do exactly as they please, no matter how degraded and second class they make their subjects feel.

Government interference in the lives of everyday folk is unforgivable. No more trust for Labour.

libertyscott said...

Any extension of the authoritarian state can be justified on the basis of protecting children, and so it continues.

Turing deserved none of what happened to him. To say he was treated fairly according to the law as it stood at the time is abominable. It was once legal to bugger small boys till the 17th century. It was once legal to own a slave. Interracial sex was a crime in some US states until 1967. Turing hurt no one.

It was one of Britain's darkest hours that some tinpot nosy policeman who would have fitted in nicely with the Nazis poked his nose into the private life of a quiet peaceful and intelligent man who was a giant by comparison.

formertory said...

@libertyscott: of course Turing "deserved" none of what happened to him. Ray N didn't say he was treated fairly. He says rightly he was dealt with as the law stood at the time.

The contemporary lurch towards conspicuous grief and to apologising for the standards of behaviour our forefathers thought right is laughable in its simplicity.

"Say sorry and make it all go away" is the clear intention. There are those of us who feel that when things were done in the past which are now unacceptable, then they shouldn't be erased by apology but borne as a reminder of how we've grown - and of what happens when the State involves itself in our lives.

I notice it's still legal for the NHS to kill 8000+ people a year with HAIs because some doctors and nurses are too bone idle to wash their hands properly. Perhaps an apology for that, too, to make it all go away?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone ever compiled a list of the alleged sexual odd-balls in the present Government? Might be very entertaining, allegedly.

We might discover that there are allegedly so many of them that a control order might have to be applied to the Government.

Westmonster may then be out of bounds for visitors, especially school parties or Scouts and Guides. It has been alleged that the words 'Hello Sailor' have been spoken in Pugin's rooms, so the RN should tread carefully, one never knows what might be on the floor. See Littlejohn today if you need another hint.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

...It was once legal to bugger small boys till the 17th century...

Mandelson is desperately trying to build a time machine as we speak....

Crumbling Edifice said...

They're pushing harder than ever for their belated 'Summer of Rage', They must be really desperate.

Anonymous said...

I have seen it written that the Apple logo is in homage to the genius of Alan Turing.

Fausty said...

This vile intrusion into our lives deserves a march on Parliament. The government must be made to realise that we will not tolerate it under any circumstances.

If we don't do this, they will push harder with other draconian measures on their agenda.

Please join the Facebook group "Say NO to CRB checks for parents" (and tweet it) in protest, and get others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

Another Turing bit (secondhand from my late father): after the war when it was sort-of known what Turing and Flowers had accomplished with their teams, a committee sat to decide how many computers were needed in the UK. After much thought, it was decided that four might be needed. One for the Inland Revenue, One for the Office of Statistics, one for Admiralty stores and one for the universities (but built in London).

My father was peripherally concerned with the Admiralty stores (but I know no more than just that). Sorry about the pun.

Turing worked with Ferranti for a while doing brilliant stuff.

Meanwhile, in the USA ......

Trixy said...

I still haven't calmed down from this latest rifle butt in the face from our beloved government.

That's the trouble with listening to the news - it makes you angry.

mungle said...

This will of course be extended incrementally once it gets under way. To do doubt that it will be extended you would have to be jaw droppingly naive. If it saves one child..........

Meanwhile those children really at risk go home to be beaten or buggered after being dropped off by a vetted driver.

Common Sense said...

I bet the 'If you've got nothing to hide you've got nothing to fear' brigade are having a field day over this.

SO17 said...

'If it saves just one pedo from real punishment' should be the mantra.
Lets be fair that is what it amounts too.
If the known perverts were locked away forever or better still shot we wouldn't need CRB checks.
So a Kiddy fiddler can walk the streets anonymously we the innocent must have checks and wear badges.
Make the fucking Pervert wear the fucking badge. Preferably nailed to his head.

Get Smart said...

Add to the list Government Ministers who invoke Press banning orders on reports that might involve ministers.

A.B. Gordon said...

As with the Orkney Inquiry? It would be funny if it was not so tragic.

Earthlet Nigel said...

Any and all means to gather data, fair(very rarely) or mostly foul.

Sit back and watch the cubs, scouts, guides and brownies etc. groups disappear.

Whoever gains power after this lot have gone has a lot to undo.

Roue le Jour said...


It would be nice to believe that Turing's life was destroyed by a "tinpot nosy policeman" but my recollection from his biog is that he marched into the nick and reported one of his rent boys for stealing from him. At that point, his homosexuality became a bit difficult to overlook.

However, I can't help feeling that if it had been someone known to the public, say Dougie Bader, the response would have been different, but as he was only some backroom boffin nobody had heard of, no reason not to throw the book at him. So much for the thanks of a grateful nation.

libertyscott said...

Deltyh Morgan is the chief supporter of this in the government.

"Ms Morgan said that the new scheme "is not about regulating parents in their own home" but will ensure that there is no reason why they should not be working with children"

Proof you are guilty till proven innocent. Not fit to work with children until the state says so.

Then what happens when the first vetted person has murdered a child. Video cameras wherever children are?

I am waiting for a politician or official to say "if you've done nothing wrong you have nothing to fear". Very Orwellian.

Newgates knocker said...

Does this really include parents on the school run? Could it possibly be enforced? Pre-school workers are already police checked up to the hilt, but it did not stop that woman taking indecent images at a nursery school. It's all bollocks and just another revenue raiser. £68 a time isn't it? Another army of state trained morons trying criminalise the innocent, while making excuses for the guilty!

Fausty said...


£64 per parent, guardian, nanny, grandparent, teenage offspring (presumably), plus a £5,000 fine for non-compliance.

I doubt it could be easily enforced, unless they have further legislation in the pipeline.

Any time a cop can't get you on one offence, you can be sure he'll try to get you on this one.

We all know how RIPA has been abused.

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