Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Its Not Ideal, But It Is a Start

It is not ideal but the people behind No2ID are setting up Power 2010

It is chaired by Helena Kennedy and has funding from the Rowntree Trust, there were enough people attending the Convention on Modern Liberty who from the floor were passionately calling for a New Constitutional Settlement. For me where the Convention went badly wrong was inviting the warhorses from the Conservative/Labour and Social Democrats as the main speakers. This was before the Expenses scandal spoke, which just discredited them appearing in the first place.

We cannot allow the political classes to divide 61 million people into powerless ineffectual groupings.

I intend to try to swing the LPUK behind this movement, because the ballot box is being abused, I don't want to be represented by TV celebs. I want to emmasculate the political classes and reduce the State.

The Convention although flawed was packed with passionate people, I do not agree with some of the peoples views, but I want Radical Change, not more petty fogging tinkering at the edges.


Demetrius said...

"Private Eye" today on its lead page has an item referring to the way the wealthy, well connnected, and corporations can obtain injunctions forbidding not simply publication of embarrassing material, but any reference to any aspect of the matter. Re your data item, etc. where is free speech now?

Stop Common Purpose said...

Anything involving Helena Kennedy and the Rowntree Trust must be treated with suspicion.

Sir Henry Morgan said...


Yes, entirely agree.

Anonymous said...

F**ked before it starts

Guthrum said...

Everything must be treated with scepticism- but what is the alternative here Brown/Cameronism for ever ??

Marchamont Needham said...

The Rowntree Trust have always had their own agenda.

GCooper said...

Helena Kennedy and the Rowntree Trust?
Couldn't someone summon up the ghost of Uncle Joe Stalin, just to complete the comedy line-up?

The ready compromise of the whore is one of the problems we are facing. It isn't a solution.

caesars wife said...

well if a left leaning charity thinks somthing is wrong , then you could might start thinking labour nutters are seriously flawed , I dont recall being asked !

Dick the Prick said...

Quite agree with the sentiments above - it's a bloody tough nugget to crack but if the fuckers wanna flick their cocks in public then fine. I've been an employed Tory now since May and have lost a helluva lot of faith. Fortunately there is a job to do not involving listening or talking to the cunts.

adam said...

Holborn, this is evil. pure evil.

Dont sign up to it, especially when you dont know what they will come up with

Its following the official talking point agenda, because MPs were stealing we need 'constitutional reform and direct democracy' (this means: demolish westminster, install EU dictatorship,)
rather than punishment of theiving MPs

Anything involving rowntree should be avoided.
NO to ID is a very suspitious group, supported by all sorts of mainstream politicos and has plush west london offices.

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