Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Iain Dale, MP

OK Iain, you want to be an MP

You want to represent the people of Bracknell. Not just the people like you who live in Bracknell. Here we go:-

1. Will you vote for proportional representation even if it means you have to share power with a communist?
2. Will you give up all other activities to serve the people who voted for you (as opposed to those who are paying you)?
3. Will you publish your diary and expenses? Every single day?
4. Can I meet you in a pub and tell you how unhappy I am?
5. Will you reject the whip if your constituents are not happy?
6. Killer Question: Your friend, Peter Tatchell, thinks 14 year old boys should be able to have anal sex with 11 year old boys. Do you agree?

I will hold you to it all. Loudly.


Anonymous said...

I will hold you to it all. Loudly.

Laudable stuff.

Might you first though sort out the HTML in this post, old chap? All those conditional tags and other whattums are likely to distract your less able readers from your message, y'see....

Old Holborn said...


God, I hate WORD

Norton Folgate said...

Wow, can you imagine Ian Dale MP being asked number 6 on question time?

what a scorcher

Joe Public said...

At least Bastards won't be an issue.

Guthrum said...

Will you vote to end all foreign wars and aggression

will you vote to end the unelected House of Lords, and stop unelected politicians lording it over us.

Gigits said...


Ahh, but can the 11 year old boys have anal sex with 9 year old boys?

Whatcha reckon, Peter and Iain?

Rogerborg said...

7. List all the unjust or pointless laws that you will lobby to repeal. When you've got rid of all of those, then we can talk about bringing in new ones.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I can't really see what Q6 has to do with Iain? Are you responsible for all the asshole opinions of your friends?

Are you friends responsible for your asshole opinions?

Bristol Dave said...

I have to say I was very dubious about the validity of Q6, until I checked our old friend Wikipedia and fuck me, it's true (should be linked OK, but check the first few sentences under "sexual liberalism". That's a fairly iffy POV to hold.

That said, I'm with Obo on this, I don't think Q6 is relevant.

evommis said...

Chaps, chaps, (chapesses), ya godda realise, OH has a wee "thing" about the path less travelled. Cut him (her ?) some slack ... (so to speak ...).

Rogerborg said...

Besides which, Guthrum just admitted to being friends with a socialist, which is worse by several degrees than a kiddy fiddler.

caesars wife said...

What on earth makes anyone think an elected second chamber will

A: cost less

B : be less corrupt

carefull what ye be wishing for in terms of a revsing chamber you may giving scoialism its third reich

Anonymous said...

Would Master Tatchell face castration for his views were he to visit dear friendly Poland in the near future ?

Coresect said...

lowering the age of consent to 14 doesn't actually say anal sex with 11 year old boys. Am I missing something? The question does suggest that anal sex between a 14 year old boy and an 11 year old girl would not be so shocking. Am I reading this right? Is it the anal sex part that is not acceptable? Would vaginal sex between a 14 year old and an 11 year old be ok? If so, why the focusing on "anal"?
Just curious, like. The other questions seem well thought out.

SO17 said...

These days Anal sex is all the rage amongst the young.
Forget gold buy stocks in Prep H and inflatable doughnuts.
Which funny enough is what most girls arseholes will look like over the next decade or so.

tim baxter said...

Anyone who quotes any fucking WIKI link has zero credibilty!

In tests 8 out of 10 fucking idiots who linked to a WIKI page was proven to be an animal fellator.

I just wish i had had the time and inclination to make the WIKI page to prove that statement.

But then i guess that would prove me to be a fucking idiot similar to the fucking idiot who thinks that Wiki is a reliable source of information!

Damn, next i'll be blowing goats!

electro-kevin said...

This Peter Tatchell chappy.

Not a public school Tory perchance ?

Rogerborg said...

People whose parents had different names before they were married can follow the references from Wikipedia pages. [citation provided]

Incidentally, that's game over for Broon as the Sun directs the mongos to vote for Camerbroon. Now we'll see the rush for the lifeboats begin in earnest. Women, children and Mandelson first.

Stuart said...

Vote Quimby!

Katie Price said...

I want to have Iain Dale's babies.

Stuart said...

Free to a good home Katie.

libertyscott said...

Surely the probably answer to the sex question is "only if the older one is passive"?

The sad thing is far too many Tories would regard the question in itself as being so exciting they'd ask to be excused for 5 minutes to think about it, as they would onanistically in a bathroom stall.

Then of course rail against anyone and everyone who would suggest such a thing and demand the death penalty for it.

Edgar said...

Mrs Dale is that curious, and somewhat paradoxical (given that penetration is not its strong suit) item: a boring cunt.

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