Tuesday, 1 September 2009

I Thought It Would Be A Royal Wedding

Well, I must admit I had a bet on that the deeper that we got into this recession that a Royal Wedding would hove into view.

No instead we have the obscene 'Oh What A Loverly War' , Dame Vera Lynn is in the charts again, interviews with Children deported by the State to rural ares being interviewed, should Chamberlain be treated better by History etc etc

We are fighting a real war, that we are losing, the economy is in a mess andBrown is still the unelected PM.

Additional note

Sam Wanamaker, father of Zoe, the driving force behind the 'Globe ' reconstruction, would have been interned by the Government for his political sympathies ie Anti American acccording to the FBI in time of War, according to Documents released today.

It all comes out in the end Peter Poppet.


Ampers said...

I hate the Taliban! Loathe them in fact.

How many times has Gordonzola been over there, and not one bullet fired at him!

Useless terrorists!


Dick Puddlecote said...

All very ironic considering that if we were to fight a world war tomorrow, the public would soil themselves after 12 spineless years of nannying, PC and risk-aversion.

And mother of Zoe? Shurely shome mishtake. ;-)

The Paragnostic said...

When the recession bites, will it be a case of 'Whale Meat Again'?

Ironic that our previous 'leaders' were supine enough to consider internment for anti-Septic sympathies - there's a streak of yellow running through our political class that goes back decades.

Still, it's nice to have some melodic tunes in the charts - I'll dig out my Glen Miller in celebration, and have a few choruses of 'Little Brown Stain' to cheer me up.

Anonymous said...

By the time it 'all comes out' about Peter Poppet I imagine he will have been airbrushed from the annals of history (except as a Bogy Man used to frighten misbehaving small children 'If you don't eat up all your dinner Peter Poppet will come & get you tonight) & will be buried in some obscure spot with either a bullet through the head or an assassin's garotte around his neck.

The Economic Voice said...

Dig for victory.....

Why haven't you got 12 chickens in your back garden?

You miserable lot

Anonymous said...

>Anon 12.22

Can't really see Popsicle being airbrushed out of history. He is a classic fascist as defined by Mussolini (as the nexus between politics and big business) and will stay in the text books as 'how not to do it' or 'how to do it' depending on who wins the ideological battle over the next couple of years (meaning a fascist EU or not).

Guthrum said...

And mother of Zoe? Shurely shome mishtake. ;-)

The Moral of the story is don't type posts when you are still half asleep !

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:42 Perhaps you're right - I just hope the bit about the obscure grave is correct.

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