Friday, 11 September 2009

Haringey. Yet. Again

"Muslim children can only be placed with people of the same faith and the need to find foster parents could mean that corners were cut in the vetting process."

Erm...The council at the centre of the Baby P scandal sent a foster child to live with the ringleader of the airline bomb plotters, the Standard can reveal.

Ali's family was approved for fostering even though he had a poor employment record, never holding down any job for long, and was unemployed at the time.

He was also under police surveillance and had a record of fundamentalist Islamic views, praising the Taliban and advocating the introduction of sharia law in the UK.

I am going to lie down for a while


Anna Raccoon said...

You are on form today OH - well spotted

TheBigYin said...

When you wake up OH have a read of this by Dick Puddlecote then have another lie down:

Dazed and Confused said...

I'm starting to wonder whether a lot of these local Authorities and quangos are actually financed by Saudi monies, as the "Great" and "good" of this Country, seem quite prepared to pimp themselves, to that of the largest cheque book.

If after cigarettes and booze, the next morality check we're given is to the evils of eating pork, (which lately seems to have had it's initial outing among certain media outlets) then we'll begin to realise for sure, that our future direction is that of Islam.

olly garchy said...

Muslim children can only be placed with people of the same faith

Says who?

How dare they apply a doctrine to a child in this way. The child is only 'Muslim' when it decides that is what it wants.

Ed P said...

Outrageous religious nut jobs!
Young children are unable to make rational decisions about god & religion, therefore a "christian child" or a "muslim child" is a tautology.
Leave them alone and the chances are they will reject the sky-pixie nonsense when old enough to decide for themselves - good.

Pogo said...

I remember Marcus Brigstock's lovely observation... "A four-year-old child is no more a Christian than it is a member of the Post Office Workers' Union". :-)

Anonymous said...

As long as they were non-smokers everything is ok!!

Usukh Dikh said...

Fuck. Me.

If there are any aspiring terrorists out there do us all a favour and put Haringay Council towards the top of your list - you will at least get straight through vetting (though I hear they do draw the line if you have a history of more than one suicide bombing).

Somebody please, at least put some burning dog shit through the letterbox!

Newgates Knocker said...

Guess what? If you be white, British, Middle class, nice house, tidy garden, regular job, spare bedroom. you will be expected to jump through the assault course of social service "diversity" group training sessions, always fearing rejection for saying anything that could be taken as racist. The hypocrisy is astounding. They say kids should be free to practice their faith, If they are not given a choice, what kind of freedom is that?

Call me Infidel said...

Olly Garchy you are in error. I think you will find that muslims believe we are all born muslims. Hence a Christian or Hindu does not "convert" to islam. He or she "reverts" to the religion of their birth. Praise Allan!

Anonymous said...

An easy target for Richard Dawkins, the "muslim child" bit, but he would have fun with it.

Vlad the Inhaler said...

How else do you think MI5 got 'inside information'?

Kinderling said...

The teenage Muslim is just an Angry Young Man. He know's nothing about Islam except what he's been force fed.

In the 1950's a boy would see his hero dad go to work everyday to the factory to clock in and out, to act, look and sound alike and he realized his dad was a fraud, dead from the neck up.

So too the Pakistani youth. Dad is the undesputed master of his home, then a poodle look-alike in his community. But he can't rebel because he'll be honor killed, so all he can do is be a Super Jihadi. A coward with no escape becomes the hero.

Have some pity on these children who know the socialists will just interfere with them and throw them back.

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