Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Gordon Brown - Cut

Meanwhile, £10.5 BILLION goes unclaimed

Up to £10.5bn in income-related benefits went unclaimed in Britain in 2007-8, government figures reveal.

A calculation of take-up of the five key benefits showed that the estimated amount that went unclaimed shifted up slightly compared with a year earlier.

Unclaimed funds from the five benefits was between £6.3bn and £10.5bn, or 15% to 23% of all entitlement money.

The data includes Income Support, Pension Credit, Jobseekers Allowance, and housing and council tax benefits.



Anonymous said...

23% still back ZaNuLab! Mind blowing. There must be more immigrants,career welfare claimants,educationally subnormal retards and hard left than I thought.

Billy Blofeld said...

This song would knock Dame Vera Lynn off the top of the charts.

Maybe Pan's People can come out of retirement and do a dance routine for it as well...........

Harri i wont give up my day job said...

Man naked (obviously Gordon Brown) looks in the mirror and says to his wife " why do i always get a hard on when i look at myself?" wife replies " Because even your cock thinks your a cunt "

I will get my coat on the way out !

Anonymous said...

Love the song! Pity we can't do a 'V' & broadcast it after blanking out the Six O'Clock News

manfromthefuture said...

i see. this is where labour are to make their "cuts" - the unclaimed benefits. Then there's all those VAT fraud billions to be "cut" too.

cutting without cutting - show me some!

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