Sunday, 6 September 2009

English Defence League

As a Libertarian, I have little time for Nationalists. I have even less time for religious extremists of any persuasion, especially those who seek to force their doctrine onto me and mine . It would appear that we are approaching a new phase in tensions in the UK though. I post the above purely as a reference to yesterdays disturbances in Birmingham as I predict a growing movement of Nationalists of all colours and creeds are likely to push our "Leaders" to introduce unheard of levels of civil control.

I am watching. Whatever tactics the State uses against the (peaceful so far) EDL, they are likely to use against me. Forewarned is forearmed.


Tyburn Jig said...

Cheese and Chianti for Broon

Apparently McDoom is on medication so strong that he must avoid certain foods - "a huge list of things he can't eat or drink because of the drugs he's on...most importantly, cheese and Chianti". So no more wine and cheese parties for him.

See here.

How about a 'Cheese and Chianti for Broon' campaign?

Wine and cheese should be sent to: 10, Downing Street: London: SW1A 2AA

Pugwashed_out said...

"I am watching. Whatever tactics the State uses against the (peaceful so far) EDL, they are likely to use against me. Forewarned is forearmed..."

Probably not before some "raghead" tries to cut ya fuckin head off when you visit the local spar.

The Economic Voice said...


"I have even less time for religious extremists of any persuasion, especially those who seek to force their doctrine onto me and mine"

See in church for evening mass then? lol....

Back to the Video....

This is good old divide an conquer at its best.....

The cure will be welcomed by the masses as they wish away their freedoms through fear....

The Economic Voice said...

That should read divide AND conquer......bloody keyboard

Fed up of Brum said...

Birmingham (like every city these days) is full of Jihad lovers.

Go into Sainsburys and W.H.Smiths (union sq, Bham) and you hardly see a white face behind the till!

UK = Shit hole!
And Im a brummie born and bred!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to zanuLabs "Scorched earth policy" ~ no doubt to continue when ZanuCon take power.

All aboard the Cameroon highland Express (Boy George in charge of Excess fares).

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

the importing of millions of foreigners was always going to cause a problem.....

as usual nobody asked the British people what they thought.

not surprising when you look at the calibre of people supposedly running the uk.

Sue said...

I would like to know why an organisation like the EDL (as you said, so far peaceful) is called an "extremist right wing" faction and the UAF are not termed as "extremist left wing" which they essentially are!

Unite against Fascism give the impression of peaceful demonstration, whereas, they are the ones who are causing most of the trouble!

Labour list are even called the Taxpayers Alliance "extremist right wing" now...

Anonymous said...

Extreme Left, Right

All the same coin.

Black (Fascist)
Red (Communist)
Gold (Capitalist)

Sounds like the german flag?

Anonymous said...

"As a Libertarian, I have little time for Nationalists."

Despite independent nation states being the best building blocks for individual liberty.

There is a lot to be said for libertarian nationalism, especially in the days of the EU, it need not be fascist in origin.

Anonymous said...

When left and right meet in the middle they become the same.

SO17 said...

What pisses me off, are plastic Muslims who drink,take and deal drugs and fuck white teenage girls then come over all Holy in their early 20s and start calling for Jihad.
If war is coming I hope I will still be young enough to defend myself.

Anonymous said...

And so it came to pass

Anonymous said...

Again the anti-fascists acting as fascists, again Asians beating up random white guys who happened to be on 'their patch'.

Yokel said...

@ Sue
Part of the Left's tactics to shut down all debate, except agreement with their own objectives, is to keep moving the "centre" as far to the left as they can at any one time. That invariably leaves the old "centre" as to the "right", and the old "right" now becomes "extreme right".

So there is no "extreme left" because that is where they (the left alliance, including the mainstream media) hope to have the "centre" very shortly!

Anonymous said...

Thats a spot on comment Yokel - much of what the EDL say would have been stock Tory policy 20 years ago, and much of what the modern Tory party say was Labour policy 10 years ago. the Tories need to drag the centre back in the other direction.

The fact we now live in a country where protests against Sharia law and challenging the levels of immigration we have are reported as fascist beggars belief

Yokel said...

This on Gates of Vienna

"It made me think of Samuel Johnson’s famous dictum, and that we need a modern variant:

"The accusation of racism is the last refuge of a scoundrel."

Sue said...

@yokel, it seems like being right wing has become a dirty word! I would describe myself as right wing (insofar as I am a capitalist) but not racist. I do however agree with the sentiment that any sort of extremism should be eradicated. In their efforts to neuter the extreme right, the socialists have forgotten that their far left are just as bad!

Mind you, the EU is left wing and they have the nerve to call themselves right of centre!

Yokel said...

As for the debating tactics of the "left", have a look at Andrew Klavan on PJTV.

A.B. Gordon said...

The only heartening thing about B'ham yestreen was the piss poor showing of unser herrenvolk. It takes a bit more than shouting Seig Heil to accomplish a putsch. On the distaff U.A.F could not form, hold a line nor advance against Popo. Fucking shower.

Anonymous said...

Oh the silly cunts in

Nobody was seig heiling you deluded twat

Wyrdtimes said...

"As a Libertarian, I have little time for Nationalists."

No nation - no liberty. Look at the way the EU is going - the closer the ties the less freedom we have.

What worries me is that this will be used by the establishment media to tar all English nationalists with the same brush. When the real English nationalists* have a just cause and are working to address the problems caused by lack of recognition and representation for England and who want to see England as a free, peaceful, independent nation.

The only good thing is that the Islamists are hearing in no uncertain terms that the English people don't want Sharia law. Sharia is the opposite of freedom and justice and there's no way we're ever going to submit it or their pervert prophet.

But who are the real fascists in this picture anyway?

The EDL protesting about Islamic funda-mentalists?

Unite against fascism? Who are prepared to use violence to suppress opinions they don’t agree with.

Or Islam which which preaches hatred of Jews, hatred of kuffar (unbelievers), hatred of homosexuals, hatred of freedom of speech and expression (see cartoons, satanic verses etc etc etc) and as far as I can tell hatred of pretty much everything else that is un-islamic?

* EDL are not English nationalists - no self respecting English nationalist would be seen dead waving the union flag.

Anonymous said...

Let’s start putting blame for the Muslim mess in the UK where it belongs.

Muslims didn’t fall out of the sky one sunny day, nor did they smash their way into Europe as in previous centuries. The Muslim presence is Europe is entirely due to the criminally short-sighted policy of mass immigration pursued by both left and right for their own greedy, selfish interests.

If you support, or ever supported the policy of mass immigration, then you bare responsibility for what is happening to Britain right now, and no one else.

Will the supporters of mass immigration stick around and fight for their multiethnic Britain, which they created? Will they fuck.

When the shit really hits the fan, left, right and libertarian mass immigrationists will be scrambling for the airports, leaving the rest of us to face the music.

And the worst thing is, even as these fuckers flee Britain, they will still not admit that their beloved policy of mass immigration was wrong.

Anonymous said...

Globalists/communists and so called anti racists have brought about the conditions through their ignorance or subversion for the NWO Bankers and corporates stripping you of your rights and any higher accountability.

Your national identity and a degree of nationalism was part of your protection against a tyranical global enslavement plot.

Yet now with your help and their bought politicians, using so called anti racist propaganda they have brought about the fragmentation and destuction of society, the end of national identity and the protective construct that this offered, both in terms of National security, prosperity(you are paying for your own enslavement), a more free press, democratic accountability and basic liberties.

We are now arriving at the stage where the word `Britain` means NOTHING! and so too do the words, democracy and freedom and quality of life!

The aim is a fragmented society not a united world other than united in it's control structure, a tyranical world made up of fragmented societies.

To harmonise all differing factions within a society construct as big as the world may take a thousand years or more if at all possible, the globalists dream is a practical nightmare that is currently being used to enslave you while giving you ZERO benefits.

No more wars, no more poverty, no more tyrany is the cry of the globalists, this is a joke, it is the globalists that have started most of the wars and most of the civil unrest and poverty in this world, the globalists who for greed have supported many of the tyranies through history and if they were to finally achieve their goal at some point then their will inevitably be a power struggle between the families involved and the whole thing will collapse after millions if not billions have die or been imprisoned.

well done guys, at least no one called you a racist, huh glibs!

How you have been suckered!

Delphius1 said...

Love how the Islamic spin on the report works: the EDL are provoking UAF and their supporters into being violent...

I'd love to see whether the government is sponsoring both groups.

Reimer said...

"Love how the Islamic spin on the report works: the EDL are provoking UAF and their supporters into being violent..."

Weyman Bennett and co accord legitimacy to the Pakis' posture of being imperilled ("if a finger is laid on us, we will defend ourselves") but never give serious weight to the corresponding existential imperatives of the natives.

Made my first visit to Brum in 20-odd years a few months back: from the sight of nightshirted aliens praying in the car park of services alongside the roaring M6, the dim-lit third-world-driving-style of the inner ring roads, to the hordes of Taliban clones & Negroes swarming among the seemingly-oblivious metro trippers it was quite the most unsettling experience, a face to face encounter with colonisation, expropriation and regression. The elite is tacitly backing those cocky young alien twats in the video. I hope some of the former are made an example of very soon for the part they have played in this nascent war.

Anonymous said...

Cameroon it seems supports the "anti-Fascisti"

Good ole tories - cant even sort themselves out, even with this shower in gov.

Anonymous said...

Weyman Bennett, useful idiot on the states payroll. '150 masked men attacking women and children' when was that you deluded cunt.

Like the lone white face in a college of ethnic 'minorities' bombarded with literature about evil white racists. The idiots who push this out fail to even recognise the irony nor that even racism works the other way far more on a much larger scale.

A white man trying to report a racist attack to the police is treated like a male domestic abuse victim in the 70's.

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