Friday, 18 September 2009

Electoral Commission

It appears that the Electoral Commission are worried that the Internet might produce some weird and wacky Election videos and (moreso), that they cannot police it.

Liberal Democrat blogger Mark Pack, who used to be in charge of the party's web presence and co-wrote its election law manual, said the government was either unaware of potential problems or "keeping their fingers crossed" they will not get out of hand.

Can anyone recommend some simple PC Video software to me? This is going to be FUN


John Steed said...

Good blog. Slightly O/T. My name isn't McEgan, nor Groves, nor Gordon, nor indeed Steed. "TUG" or Baglady (Torygraph) may I say that the BNP types here (whom you affect to dispise there) may be thick but they are Intellectual Titans compared to you. A failed repressed gay special constable in a wheelchair "giving it large" that you are back from New York, Dubai, Tokyo. Your Mum had 2 cunts, you are one of them.

Harri said...

New York, Dubai, Tokyo. Your Mum had 2 cunts, you are one of them.

Potsed by the Cunt Mc Egan the Norfolk " I love you long time Sister " Fenian , sucky fucky five Euro Sister ! since when did charges apply, you interbreeding Incestual cunt !

By the resident cunt Mc Egan.. give it a fucking break you total hoon, or do you want me start on your mother again !

You lost miserably last time .. remember !

At the very least Mc Egan you twat, come up with something fucking original.. er , you Rasclat ... there, how does that suit you.

Look Mc Egan, we all act like cunts from time to time, granted, but there really is no need to turn it into a profession ?

Anonymous said...

I never knew he had a twin. Has he met you yet?

ps 'Intellectual Titans' tend to spell it 'despise'.

You bell end. Cunt. Sorry.

VotR said...

Slightly off topic but Nick Clegg has re-enabled his blog comment facility.

Smell that fear as the general election looms!

Windows movie maker can be a simpler option, OH.

Gigits said...

They cannot police it YET. Give them a couple of months and they'll have legislation against it.

Grumpy Old Twat, Dazed and Confused, Ollie Cromwell (Red Rag) etc do some great vids - have a word with them about software. I bet it's hard to use though, OH, best stick to typing...

Stuart said...

John Steed,

Who mentioned Groves or Gordon?

Now piss off you nonce.

Rogerborg said...

SILENCE! Or I'll tell Harperson that teh internets excludes fat ugly wimmin, and she'll have them banned.

Teh internets, I mean, not fat ugly wimmin.

gasums said...

Completely O/T but :-

The face of Jesus seen in pancakes and everywhere else, A passage from the Koran on a goldfish and now this:-

Anonymous said...

Oops. gasums was the WV.

Katabasis said...

Back on topic -
so it appears that they are afraid of the hoi polloi having a voice eh?

John Steed said...

Stuart Ich wolle mein Oberscharfuhrer any plans for ze wochenende? A bit of dressing up i Afrika Korps uniform singing Horst Wessel, you retarded cuntstable.

Old Holborn said...

John. I'm fluent in German. Really.

My eyes are bleeding at your attempts to write it.

welcome to Labours `Britain` said...

Postal vote fraud rocks Birmingham by-election in Sparkbrook

Police are investigating the worst outbreak of voter fraud at a Birmingham City Council election for five years.
Almost 400 postal votes cast at Thursday’s Sparkbrook ward by-election – a third of the total issued – were rejected as likely forgeries.

Ali Shokat (Resp): 2495
Mohammed Azim (Lab): 2228
Abdul Kadir (Con): 799
Naeem Qureshi (Lib Dem): 506
Charles Alldrick (Green): 213
Sakander Mahmood (Ind): 55

Why is this area so corrupt and why do Labour insist on the postal voting system, which this time it appears they were beaten at their own game?

Harri the nazi hunter ( Mc Egan ) AKA John the ' cunt ' Steed ! said...

Old Holborn said...
John. I'm fluent in German. Really.

My eyes are bleeding at your attempts to write it.

18 September 2009 20:36

OH, that might well be the case, but not as much as his ?

shizati said...

If the nanny state hadn't tried to exorcise man's natural curiosity with it's constant 'we know what is best' mantra there wouldn't be millions of dolts out there ready to believe whatever they see and hear wherever they come across it.

Dazed and Confused said...

Whatever gave the electoral commission the idea that we've got videos planned?


I'm not sure about Ollie Cromwell, but both myself and "Grumpy" have run into all sorts of trouble on You Tube with our videos, and have been issued with a "Distasteful" kite mark, that prevent them from being sent Internet wide. Hence, we have to either put them on the blogsphere, or deliver them personally, to individual You Tube channels.
"Beau Bo D'or" too, has his efforts "banned" or "removed" at the earliest given opportunity, under some alleged petty rule break.

A New Labour quango polices the Internet far more stringently than the blogsphere it seems, but in their defence, we're hardly making send ups of a wholesome nature.

John Steed said...

Alte Holborn! I give you the palms when it comes to German. I am better at Yiddish.

Old Holborn said...


I'm fluent in Yiddish as well. Really

BraveHead said...

If you want to make videos and post them on sites like YouTube, LiveLeak and LiveVideo OH (and anyone else who hasn`t tried it), then these are the applications I use:
K-Lite Codec Pack (Make sure that you choose the right codec pack for the operating system you use ie 64 bit Vista version. I also use Media Player Classic which is bundled with it, as it is a good low resource media player)
MediaCoder to convert the downloaded videos from the web(into a file type that can be edited in your movie editor like AVI) that you are going to chop and re-use in your own video.
VirtualDub is a very good free movie editor.
Audacity, which is an audio editor.
Then finish the video off in Windows Movie Maker.
This is all free software and if you are not poor like me, the whole process might be easier with paid for software. There are tutorial videos on YouTube showing how to use these applications. They take a fair bit of getting used to, even to just install them!

Fausty said...

Try Graboid Video or these.

Fausty said...

Forget Graboid - wrong link.

Computer problems have fragmented my concentration. (3 of the b*stards are down, grr)

John Steed said...

Keh du? Odema. How is your Ibo?

BraveHead said...

If you post controversial videos on YouTube then they will of course be subject to flagging by anyone who comes along and doesn`t like them for any reason at all, so it`s good to use different video hosting sites as well. Some groups have been set up as self-appointed censors who flag down videos on an organised basis, like the "Jewish Internet Defence Force" and even factual and reasonable videos critical of israels behaviour in Gaza get routinely flagged down, especially when Israels actions are in the news.

Anonymous said...

Was ist das fuer eine Judenschule?

My MIL used to say that.

@OH - try googling how they made the Downfall clips featuring McSnot. I run Linux but there are some Windows tools around.

The LDP is so inconsequential that I doubt that it will be worth the effort, though.

Stuart said...

John Steed said...

"Good blog. Slightly O/T. My name isn't McEgan, nor Groves, nor Gordon, nor indeed Steed."

You've been rumbled for fuck sake. Why continue to make a fool of yourself?

Field Marshall Watkins said...

If YouTube start being wankers, there are other big video hosting sites that allow original work posted. Dailymotion, Vimeo etc. Now that youtube is GooTube, it has a policy of sucking corporate cocks for rocks.

Thanks for all the hard work. And fuck the government.

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