Friday, 4 September 2009


Operation Alamein started in April focusing on antisocial behaviour in the Edlington Safer Neighbourhood Team (SNT) area. As part of the operation, South Yorkshire Police, in agreement with Doncaster Council, has made a written authorisation under Section 30 of the Antisocial Behaviour Act 2003 for the dispersal of groups (two people or more) and removal of persons under 16 to their place of residence.

That went well then. Groups of two people can be dispersed by the Police, children can be rounded up by child catchers and still the little bastards are torturing each other. So much for totalitarianism keeping the streets safe.

I'm watching with interest how the Left will deal with this. Already at Labourlist, the meme is that society needs to be "more equal" and inequality was the cause.

Seven children by two fathers, dope, booze and a family out of control.

Who financed this? Who gave them a house, a nice warm secure place to beat the kids, get drunk and cause misery? Who gave them the money to piss up the wall, day in, day out? Who gave them everything they needed to live a life of violence?

"She [their mother] just sat in the house doing nothing really, she wasn't really bothered.
"On one occasion we had it reported to us that at least one member of that family was seen to pick up ducklings in the park and kill them by throwing them against trees.

A former police officer described the brothers as habitual troublemakers who were "a cancer" in the local community

New Labour did. In the name of equality. In the eyes of the State, these animals were "equal" to their hard working neighbours. They received everything they needed to live as they pleased, courtesy of the tax payer. WE funded them. WE facilitated the near murder of two children in the name of "equality".

This has to stop. I am not equal to a drug dealing pyscho. I am not equal to a 22 stone spunk bucket who will shit out a kid a year knowing that all the bills will be paid. I am not equal to dole scrounging drunkard who picks his beer vouchers up from the State.

Equality? Fucking earn it first. Don't you dare demand equality with me until you can take responsibility for your life like I and millions of others have to.


UPDATE: Frances Crook of the Howard League for Penal Reform has kicked off on her blog.


A.B. Gordon said...

Policing in Britain. 2009. Two guys hold up a "No war in Iraq" poster. Within minutes a van loaded with armed police arrives. Children tortured nigh unto death. Where were you P.C Fuckwit?

Anonymous said...

OH - The children in your picture are amazingly well dressed, even good quality hats. Did you take the piccie on holiday nn the Continong?

It looks like foreign beer as well.

Oldrightie said...

At last, OH, a post I can totally agree with. Always good stuff, mind you. Fucking Lefties and their equality. Broken Society, not at all, of course, not far better than Baltimore.

Marchamont Needham said...

This is Donny we're talking about. It takes as much policing on a Saturday night as the rest of South Yorkshire put together.

Anonymous said...

The basic problem is that poorly educated, not very bright young girls, realising that they're not about to become the Jade Goody of their local area & with very few career choices, opt for pregnancy & single motherhood as a lifestyle choice knowing that they will be able to live in a style to which they would like to become accustomed, and which they could not hope to attain by working, by spewing out a bastard every year - courtesy of the taxpayer. Unfortunately, the majority of these young girls already come from dysfunctional 'families'(I use the term families very loosley - about the only thing family like is similar DNA) and haven't a clue how to keep house, budget, mind the kids etc. I see them every day round my local shop, little girls who should be behind a school desk, usually smoking & with their mobile phones pressed to their ear, with 2 or 3 little kids of varied hue & possessing names like
Kaylee-Jordon hanging onto their designer name sportswar. Any question or demand from the kid is met by a motherly 'shut the fuck up you' and often by a swift backhander as well. My caring side considers providing education - my more realistic side calls for a massive cull.

hoheti said...

Where the state fails the answer is less state not more. All the latter brings is more failure.

Jess The Dog said...

Name the family and the children.

Let the rest of us make our minds up about them, not some box-ticking justice system.

Jess The Dog said...

To nip this in the bud, prevent these wastes of skin from procreating in the first place. Anyone unfit of supporting a family should be administered contraception in return for benefits.

Junkie criminal parents who slip through the net should have their children removed and adopted, not perpetually induldged by the so-called "system".

electro-kevin said...

Bang on the money, OH.

Clive (they guy I go camping with - NOT Brokeback style !) is a recruitment consultant.

Most of the office workers on his books are on £15k pa. Had a guy come into his office for interview after drugs rehabilitation,"But I was on £21k when I was addicted and on the sick !!!" He walked out.

Bonkers. Utterly bonkers.

Anonymous said...

Outside the circle of vaguely-Libertarian blogs, it is very hard to find support for the following basic concept:

Welfare is an economic trap that keeps the poor in poverty.

"That is wrong," says almost everyone else. In between flames and accusations of "Victorian mill owner-ism", they explain that the unemployed poor would be starving without welfare, and this would be worse than what we have now. They would say that cases like Baby P, Shannon Matthews and this one are rare, and (although sad) are nevertheless acceptable for the greater good. Their limited experience of the welfare system tells them that (1) there isn't much money in it, and (2) they want to get back into work ASAP. They do not accept that this is not the experience of long-term welfare claimants.

How can the economic facts about welfare be explained to people, without them assuming that we are distorting the evidence because we want the poor to be permanently enslaved to a ruling class of evil capitalists? Without allowing them to think we want the (genuinely) sick and disabled to die in our modern-day workhouses? There's a century of brainwashing to undo, and it's very hard to find a positive message.

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when one 'waters the weeds' of society, they grow exponentially.

It's quite simple to fix, paid nowt in get nowt out. Daughter pregnant, you pay for the bastard.
Workshy or useless, tough here are some foodstamps that will keep you alive. Want a council house, sorry you are a greasy haired tracksuit wearing useless cunt, here is a tent and directions to a gypo camp. Problem is even gypos have standards that the children of NuLayba can't reach.

The Paragnostic said...

Compulsory contraceptive injections for all women of childbearing age who cannot prove that they have a stable relationship with a man who is willing and able to provide for the offspring, and the removal of the 'free council houce for sluts' regime currently in place.

That, and make every fucking social worker read 'Lord of the Flies' so that they understand what these feral bastards will revert to if not civilised by family and school.

Just a thought ;o)

A.B. Gordon said...

The natural corollary to your thesis is to neuter anyone with an I.Q less than 90. Should thin out the royal family somewhat.

electro-kevin said...

Anon at 14.24 gotta disagree there.

The vast majority of people are against supporting these lifestyles. It's just that there is a powerful clique in charge of us. The mouthpiece is the Guardian which ought not be in circulation - at least not commercially with its tiny readership. It is funded by Autotrader of which it is a subsidiary.

zoomraker said...

well said Kev but you left out the role of the state in funding the Guardian

zoomraker said...

Want respect, use a condom,

Want a council house, don't bother.

Anon 14.24 said...


I don't know. I think the "welfare = good" belief permeates society. The Guardian readership may be small, but remember that Guardian readers control the BBC and also the education system. Just look at the popular misconceptions about the pre-welfare era. You know, poor orphan boys dying in the street because the Government wouldn't give Dr Barnardo any money, mill owners starving strikers into submission, that sort of thing.

This is what we are up against, in wanting reform. Three groups of people who don't want an end to welfare: (1) dolescum, (2) Guardianistas, and (3) everyone who has been told what to think by (2). It is the third very large group that needs to be convinced, since the first two will never change. This is not easy, because our message "right wing" (Guardian newspeak for "bad") and sounds very negative.

caesars wife said...

Interesting take on modern day social problems OH , totally agree that we can now see what Nu Labour have done , basically sold us and society down the shitter .

JuliaM said...

"I think the "welfare = good" belief permeates society. The Guardian readership may be small, but remember that Guardian readers control the BBC and also the education system."

Agreed, but I think they are steadily losing their deathgrip as more and more people see the situations that this inevitably leads to.

And that woman from the Howard League for Penal Reform has her head so far up her own fundament that she can probably hear her ventricles rattle...

Field Marshall Watkins said...

Great article. I fucking hate the word equality. It has so many fucking meanings that saying it doesn't mean anything without an explanation.

This is what I always ask people when they use the term (and they can never answer it, the useful idiots they are)

Equality of opportunity or equality of outcome.

The first is capitalism and the second is communism (in a nutshell).

Equality of outcome is women getting the same prize money in wimbledon as the men. Although the men play more sets.

Opportunity is everyone plays the same sets, does the same work, and the winners get the same money.

Guess which one we have in this Marxist zoo.

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