Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Confucius, he say.....

Picture courtesy of David Forward.

Confucius he say - "man not taking prescription painkillers could still be taking Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors (MAOIs)" - which are not a "prescription painkiller". A wise old bird Confucius, 2.650 years old today.

10 Downing Street are complaining bitterly today that Gordon was 'Marred' by Andrew Marr raising a matter of genuine public interest during his televised interview on Sunday morning.

Gordon tackled the question in typical politician style, by ignoring the heart of the question and picking up on a fringe enquiry which he could turn to his (supposed) advantage.

Andrew Marr If you were an American president, we would know all about your medical history. You were asked in the States about your eyesight, and I think the reason you were asked is because people were wondering whether that would be a reason for standing down at some point. Let me ask you about something else everybody has been talking about – a lot of people … use prescription painkillers and pills to help them get through. Are you one of those?

Gordon Brown No. I think this is the sort of questioning that is …

Andrew Marr It's a fair question, I think.

Gordon Brown … is all too often entering the lexicon of British politics. I have had very serious problems with my eye. I lost my eyesight playing rugby. I had three major operations and they could not save my sight. I then had exactly the same thing happen to my second eye … and every year, of course, I have to check, as I did only a few days ago, that my eyesight is good and there has been absolutely no deterioration in my eyesight, and I think people should be absolutely clear that although …

Andrew Marr What about my other question?

Gordon Brown I answered your other question. Although I have problems with my eyes and it has been very difficult over the years, I think people understand that you can do a job and you can work hard. And I think it would be a terrible indictment of our political system if you thought that because someone had this medical issue they couldn't do the job. So, Andrew, I think these questions … of course you might be right to ask them, but … I feel that I have done everything to show people that I can do the job even with the handicap that I've had as a result of a rugby injury.

The Guardian this morning is reporting that "The claims have mainly been reported by Paul Staines, the man behind the Guido Fawkes website, [...]Guido Fawkes congratulated the BBC with the words "Bravo Marr". Actually No, they weren't. John Ward's report was first read in its entirety on the Old Holborn site. Guido only commented on the story when the blogosphere was already alive with rumours.

Gordon Brown’s aides last night said they were amazed that despite issuing denials to an Internet rumour in recent weeks, specifically to the BBC, Mr Marr went ahead and still asked the question.

Lord Mandelson accused "extreme right-wing" figures on the Internet for spreading rumours about Mr Brown's health, adding it was "absolutely ridiculous" to suggest the PM had a problem with pill use, and blamed politically motivated bloggers for raising the possibility.

"We have seen out there on the Internet, the blogosphere, all these extreme right-wing people trying to put these smears and rumours about, all completely groundless," he said.

"People will now know that he has had a rough time and battled to save the sight in one eye and lost it in the other as a result of the rugby accident.

"But to jump from that to say that he has got some sort of dependency or addiction is absolutely ridiculous.

The only people who are making the leap from rumours of a dependency on heavy duty anti-depressants to a sad accident to Gordon's eye are - 10 Downing Street.

The rest of us are making the leap from a blog post specifically claiming a dependency on heavy duty anti-depressants to a series of evasive answers on a matter of legitimate public interest.

The more they wriggle, the more interesting the question becomes.

Cross posted by request from - Anna Raccoon


Ampers said...

I hope one of his pills smell every so slightly of almonds.


VotR said...

"But to jump from that to say that he has got some sort of dependency or addiction is absolutely ridiculous."

So it must be true then, if Mandy is getting so defensive. It is Mandelson denying it, after all.

Mandelson's Gerbil said...

But what about the rumour that he is injecting Crank into his Scrotum, and huffing Castrol GTX?

Ask him that one Marrtian!

subrosa said...

I can't take stills of videos but I did notice Sarah Brown is doing a lot more than being the decorative wife.

Many times in the past couple of days she's ushered him towards something.

She also seems to be taking a higher profile day by day and all this artificial smiling just grates...

Wyrdtimes said...

You've only to look at Brown's YouTube video to know that something's very wrong with this guy...

remind yourself


Anonymous said...

Many times in the past couple of days she's ushered him towards something"
The top of Beachy head one hopes.

GCooper said...

I'm not sure that Brown sufering from mild depression would necessarily bother me. I'm not sure that I would be troubled if he were taking antidepressants.

However, appointing that serially corrupt, lying piece excrement, Mandelson, to rule over us, qualifies him for a treason trial in my book.

As for 'extreme Right-wing', I take that as a compliment coming from the most loathsome man in British politics.

Funambulist said...

Brilliant bit of photo-shoppery! Maybe some similar photoshop artist could add the faces of Brownout and co to this snap of the chavy Simmons family?


Anonymous said...

Funny (pathetic) that the good citizens of Blighty have absolutely no right whatsoever to know what prescription medications are being quaffed by their PM.

The man is obviously either deranged, unhinged, or under the influence. The entire planet is laughing at this silly farce.

You English folks are funny!

GCooper said...

Be fair, Anonymous - at least we know where our Great Leader was born, who his parents were, where and how he was educated...

Rogerborg said...

Marr needs to take lessons from Paxman.

It's not rocket science. You ask one question, and then you just keep asking exactly the same question in exactly the same words until you either get a straight answer, or the slimy skidmark spits his dummy and flees the scene.

If he's not up to it, I've got a few hours free next weekend.

Anonymous said...

GCooper, be rational. So you know Broon's parentage, birthplace and education. How's that working out for you?

Like I said - funny stuff!

The man is obviously utterly unhinged, a laughing stock of historic proportions. The only statesmen who has ever made Bush look smart.

Anonymous said...

fucking cry baby.

if you dont like it, get the fuck out of politics. if you want to stay in politics, get the fuck used to it you fucknig tosser

Anonymous said...

What the fuck are you on about, Raccoon? He started answering the question by saying "No". What part of that is not a denial?

You stupid cunt.

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