Thursday, 24 September 2009

Confirmation As If We Did Not Need It Who Is Running The Country

Baroness Scotland is still in post largely because another title loving unelected politician has 'sympathy' with her over 'impudent' questions.

Gordon would have caved by now.

And Peter Poppet thinks the other unelected Prime Minister out to have more razzamatazz. I would love to see that- eyore in a glittery boob tube

Am I the only one embarrassed by Gordon Brown running around after Obama trying to get a photo op. Americans hate losers Gordon- just have a bit of self respect, you are showing us all up.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Yep, no surprise there. Mandelscum was always hovering in the background.

I mentioned it yesterday at mines.

w/v - imandy

bofl said...

chasing obama thru the kotchen? ffs!!!!!!

the man of courage sinks to new depths....
so tell us this really how the saviour of the world should act?

what a cock........
a man with no skills whatsoever....

social or economic.......

bofl said...


defender said...

Mr Magoo?

JuliaM said...

You spelt 'ruining' wrong in your post header... ;)

Under the Westway said...

Poor old Omaha, ruler of the free world but he still gets persecuted by the Nutter with the Stutter

Anonymous said...

Well the baroness now claims to have been robbed.
I wonder who she is trying to have blamed for this.

Made up interview:
Police: You been robbed madam Baroness?
Baroness: Oh yes it was thousands of pounds (petty cash don't you know) and thousands in jewels
Police: When did you see it last?
Baroness: Well, hmmm, just before I fired that Tongan.

1) Trying to cheat the insurance company
2) Being honest
3) Trying to get the bloody Tongan banged up for a few years

I think we can discount 2

3 seems likely

2 and 3 is less likely, would require even more greed and the insurance company would run its own investigation.

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