Monday, 7 September 2009

Close ACPO Down And Open Their Files

"Do they think that the public are so interested in policing that they would turn out and vote? And for whom? A politician? Or do they mind if they get a lunatic or a retired copper? All of these questions need to be answered."

Yes, we bloody well are, you arrogant Oaf. Orde patently has no concept of the ideal of democratic accountability of OUR money.

If we are going to have lunatics, lets have lunatics we have voted for not ones who are self appointed ! Not ones who owe allegiance to the Crown not we the people, and gun down innocent Brazilian electricians on the tube and batter newspaper sellers to death in the streets of the Capital.

Orde is playing politics here, Labour have been cowed by ACPO and given has them Carte Blanche, the Conservatives are playing lip service to Elected Chief Constables, but are far from radical enough to have thought the policy through and I have no doubt that they will not implement Elected Chief Constables.

Do I mind a retired Copper, no I don't, if he has a good track record, is not an MBA in cultural diversity and sexual politics, I might even vote for him or her.

However if She/He is crap after four years I want the ability to vote He/She/It out, not for them to stay there for years, given a massive pension, knighthood, then form a private company to control Policing with OUR money.

We either close ACPO down and open their files as happened in Germany in 1989, or we accept an unaccountable Police State.


Stop Common Purpose said...

ACPO is riddled with Common Purpose.

CP police

FTAC Watch said...

The police are just the para-military wing of New Labour.

JuliaM said...

The stench of arrogance and entitlement just pours off the page/screen, doesn't it?

SO17 said...

ACPO have got a branch full of lawyers ready to take down anyone protesting their innocence relating to a motoring offence,is what I have heard
Even if the case is found to be in the innocent persons favour the cost will be worse than the contested fine.
Shut up and pay up is now the order of the day.

Captain Swing said...

Was he speaking in his capacity of knobhead of ACPO or in his capacity of sad act ex police twat.
Either way he can fuck right off as he has got no more influence over anything than your local Tesco security guard (despite what he thinks).

Captain Swing said...

I have just been told that he is not a sad act ex Police twat but a sad act Police twat.So let me get this right a police occifer cant be a member of a certain legal political party but senior officers can be a member of a dodgy
private policing company and can spout all sorts of pseudo political bollocks.Lets face it he is just another useless cunt that has been promoted way above his capabilities because of who he know (nudge nudge wink wink).

Anonymous said...

I agree with all the above comments. It is risible that the so-called senior police officers are complaining about the politicisation of the police service (force). What do they think Ian Blair was doing; and there are plenty more of them both in the public eye and behind the scenes. It would appear that it's OK if you are a labour party activist but god help you if you have countervailing views. The next, hopefully Conservative, government should abolish ACPO as one of its first actions. This unelected bunch of anti-democratic thugs needs to be brought back into the realms of accountability - and sackability when they get too uppity. But of course, most of them have been on the Common Purpose course and will have already planned their defence. I just hope that the Conservatives are also planning their attack as diligently as the enemy.

john in cheshire

Anonymous said...

I would say all the most senior police officers in the UK are in fact political officers, promoted because of their ability or willingness to impose ruling party dogma onto the population.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Anon 18.50.

Spot on. I have a son-in-law who is exactly that.

An utter cunt, in fact.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but the cunt is not a PC pc as he fucked his mistress and got her pregnant. Forgot about that one didn't he.

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