Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Cllr Gavin Webb joins the LPUK



Gavin Webb, who was selected as the Liberal Democrat prospective parliamentary candidate for Burton in 2008 and elected as a Lib Dem councillor on Stoke-on-Trent City Council in 2007, has today announced that he has resigned from the Liberal Democrats.

He says: "I have made a good many friends in my fourteen years of activism in the Liberal Democrats and I hope that those friendships will continue, but regretfully I have decided to resign from the Liberal Democrats.

"The party, like the Conservative and Labour parties, has become a party of the establishment. It has unfortunately firmly wedded itself to the belief that there are primarily government solutions to the problems facing our country, and in the process, they are adopting policies that undermine our rights and freedoms as individuals.

"As far as I can see, most political parties in the UK appear to trust individuals when it comes to voting for councillors, MPs and MEPs, but once comfortably in power they are reluctant to trust individuals when it comes to them making choices about their own lives.

"There is however one political party - the Libertarian Party - that believes in giving responsibility back to individuals over their own lives and their own finances; and it is this party that I have now decided to join.

"We are on the road of authoritarianism, where government is our ruler rather than us being the ruler of our government. It is time for each and every single one of us to make a stand against government and those who feed off it, and demand the reduction of its size and scope.

"From what I've seen from many Lib Dem parliamentarians and councillors I don't believe the Liberal Democrat Party has the inclination to argue for smaller government in defence of our individual rights.

"Though there are some good classical liberal and libertarian types in the party, with whom I hope to continue to have a good relationship, their voices are crowded out by people who believe it perfectly okay to dictate to people how they should live their lives. I don't wish any longer to be a part of that.

"As an active member of the Libertarian Party, I will campaign to inform people that there are more voluntary, rather than coercive ways in which to influence positive outcomes for themselves, their families and the wider community. I hope to impress upon people that though there may be a need for government of some sort, it doesn't have to be government of the size and expense we see today.

Libertarian Party Leader Ian Parker- Joseph said

It has been a pleasure over the past months to speak with Gavin on numerous occasions, and following a meeting with him last month can attest to his personal commitment to the libertarian values on which he was elected, a man of honour, integrity and a passion for doing the right thing for his constituents.

I am therefore very pleased on behalf of The Libertarian Party to welcome Gavin Webb into the only party that wholly and uniquely stands for libertarian ideals in the UK.

I know that there is a great sadness from Gavin that the Liberal Democrat leadership were unable to rise to the challenge of veering away from the belief that the State has the answers to all our ills. It is a sadness shared by many.

In that light I hope that there are many more who now see the time as right to make the same changes that Gavin Webb has undertaken, not just from the Lib Dems but also those in the Conservative Libertarian wing who are unsuccessfully looking for reforms that will never come, and instead to look to a party that believes in libertarianism as a way of life, rather than one which merely gives lip service to it.

The Libertarian Party is here to stay, and new members such as Gavin Webb can only enhance the message that his constituents so clearly wanted to hear, and that Gavin Webb is living on their behalf.

Libertarian Party Chairman Andrew Withers said-

"Whilst we have a number of Parish and Town Councillors, Gavin is the first City Councillor that has crossed the floor to a truly Radical Party, one that wants to change the relationship between State and the Individual to the point where the State is subordinate to the will of the people, not the people subordinate to the will of the State.

Furthermore, the Libertarian Party argues that State should be small and accountable.

"We welcome Gavin, and hope that his decision will galvanise other Libertarians in other parties to join with us on the long march back to individual Liberty."


Gavin Webb Can Be Contacted On 07949 026660

Libertarian Party (LPUK) 0845 299 7650



I have long maintained that the doors of LPUK would remain firmly open to anyone who wanted to stop, take a step back and realise that trying to reform the existing Big Parties in the ways of Libertarianism was like banging ones head on a brick wall.

This is a door that Gavin has chosen to walk through, and I sincerely hope that with his brave first move, it will galvanise others who have been sitting on the fence watching, waiting to see who would be the first.

We have well formed policies, we put the people before vested interests, we put people before the wishes of the establishment and the EU, and the consistency of our policies means that we will not be issuing new policy documents every week as we see from the Conservatives and LibDems.

We are not fooled by the PR work of Cameron, the flip flopping of Clegg nor the increasingly desperate pronouncements from Downing St. We are clear and concise in what needs to be done for the UK, for its peoples to be free from government interference, to be free of daily suspicions, to be free from surveillance, to be free from privateers acting under legislative protection to levy and fine for every infringement of draconian rules, but to be able to live their lives as each sees fit to do so.

Gavin Webb has taken the first steps, we will be looking to you, your friends, family and neighbours to follow him in taking the next steps and making the Libertarian party a real political force in the UK.


Anonymous said...

Wow - fantastic news.

Gavin sounds like a man who lives by his principles. Welcome to UKLP.

I am not surprised we are getting defections from the LibDems - they ceased to be liberal years ago, and recently have swallowed a vast chunk of old Labour supporters. All the LibDems I know are true socialists, which isn't really liberalism.

Well done Gavin. Well done UKLP.

Public Scrutiny

Nearly Headless Nick. said...

The absolute non-news of the day - nay - the week.
An obscure local councillor in Middle England jumps ship: wow - hold the front page!

Guthrum said...


But something you felt the need to comment on ;-)

Gavin was suspended from the Lib Dems for advocating the mildest of Libertarian policies- because the LIb Dems are just as capable of control freakery as Cons and Lab.

He was also brought before the Standards Committee for calling two Labour Councillors Fcuking Fascists in the Chamber.

He is therefore not all bad, and had a reputation in his former party.

Tony Blair said...

Another slap in the face for. Nick Clegg-over

Good move Gavin and may many more follow you

Katabasis said...

Absolutely outstanding news.

Maturecheese said...

Its hard to disagree with a lot of what the LPUK says, although I don't totally subscribe, but it has as much chance of gaining power as does the BNP. I get the impression that we are f**ked and no up an coming party is going to save us.

IanPJ said...

@ Maturecheese

Its very simple. If you continue voting the same Lib/Lab/Con, you will continue to get the same.

Don't wait for them to change their spots, it will never happen. Come join Gavin and do something positive.

VotR said...

Good news is rare these days. But this is good news, I am hoping LPUK will grow in the general election.

Max Andronichuk said...

I think most of us at LPUK recognise that we are in it for the long term, I am personally very pleasantly surprised how quickly we are growing and of course welcome it. :)

Gavin has taken a very brave step forward when all others are waiting on the side lines to carry on watching what will happen, hopefully his dedication to Principle will inspire other Libertarians to follow his example.

digger said...

I welcome his changing over and I'm a UKIP supporter.

the news will be the increasing trickle of people moving over to the other parties over the next few years.If we had PR as we do at the Euro's,the results for the big three would drop off.I accept UKIP would suffer outside of Euro elections but that isn't the point.How can any democracy call itself such when around 15-20% of the electorate are excluded from representation.Mugabe would be pleased.

' am not surprised we are getting defections from the LibDems - they ceased to be liberal years ago,'

how true.

Ampers said...

You're all mad if you think the Voters will vote for anything but their ultimate destruction!

Marchamont Needham said...

There is nothing more despicable than a turncoat.

Roger Thornhill said...

If Gavin were a "turncoat", but he is not. Gavin is being true to his views and has stayed on side. The LDs have been the turncoats, moving from Liberalism to Social Democracy, i.e. Centrist, Statist, Authoritarian, prod-nosed hogwash.

I suspect more Libertarians will see the benefit and honesty of moving away from the albeit cosy embrace of the Lib/Lab/Con parties.

Anonymous said...

I don't get why the guy joined the Liberal democrats in the first place if the Libertarians are now his bag.

The Liberal democrats are a pro EU socialist group, a mini Labour that likes anarchy and the destruction of family values.

mothers, fathers, disipline etc.

The Liberals and the Libertarians share almost no common ground other than having a name which sounds close!

perhaps that's it?

Well another person fighting for Liberty is welcome, however the tories mini me are not the party to do it, social liberty on one hand and corporate slavery on the other.

Perhaps the guy is a subversive, and yes if the Libertarian party ever get anywhere they will come under attack from the state, that is a given.

and given their new found totalitarian powers they can pretty much manipulate anyone from anywhere.

Max Andronichuk said...

Anonymous (the one above) he probably joined the Liberal Democrats because there has never really been any party for Libertarians to settle down in. There are Libertarians with the Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP... we have been scattered.

LPUK is trying (and doing rather well) to unite Libertarians to put forward libertarian policies rather than have libertarians trying to influence the policies of the establishment parties.

Gavin has always said he was a Libertarian, on his website we would have "Liberal Democrat (Libertarian) Stoke-on-Trent", so I don't think people can accuse him of pulling this out of nowhere.

Edgar said...

Well, good news, is it? Wait until we get a libertarian elected somewhere and s/he decides that, say, the Tories aren't so bad after all. Then it will be 'treacherous bastard' and 'turncoat'.

He should stand down, then stand as a libertarian. That is the honest way. Anything else is Brownian undemocracy.

Yes, I'm a member of LPUK.

Jock Coats said...

Edgar, whilst I would normally be the first to say the same thing, I do rather think that Gavin's case is somewhat different.

There could be no doubt from his election literature last time round, from I can make out, that he was promoting libertarian views, explicitly so, to the extent of always modifying his party description to "Lib Dem (Libertarian)".

I stand to be corrected, but I believe he mostly won that seat on his own, as himself, and not, for example, using the more recognizably Lib Dem "corporate" leaflets and so on.

*Anyone* who actually looked at what they would be voting for would, I think, be aware of his positions and his semi-detatchedness from the mainstream Lib Dems locally (as were those internally who voted for him as their parliamentary candidate for East Staffs/Burton or whatever it is now called).

So I think normally I would agree, but this is not like he moved from one apparently polar opposite to another in political local council opportunism (indeed, it could easily be argued that he has actually sacrificed much, though I hope for LPUK's fortunes that this does not turn out to be the case).

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