Thursday, 24 September 2009

Chancellor Mandelson Rules Out VAT Reprieve

As soon as Brown is out of the Country Mandelson takes over everything ! What the economy needs now is massive tax cuts to put our money back in our pockets.

The Minister for Business and everything has stated that a delay of just one day will cost Millions to the Revenue. Good ! What are you going to do with the money, fight more wars, pay more benefits, employ more public servants, give it to the banks ?. The only business you are interested in is not UK Plc but Brown & Mandelson undertakers to the Economy.

Baroness Vadera is quitting the Marie Celeste Nu Labour Government. These faux Aristos have no staying power !

The Faux Baroness was originally Shriti the Shriek, hated by everybody but Gordon.


Tyburn Jig said...

Shitty who?

hangemall said...

It's not just something called "jobs" we need, but people creating wealth.

Demetrius said...

There is a big nasty out there, just beyond the shallows, it is called "Property Tax" and it will soon be biting. See my post of today, Thursday 24th September and start worrying. Prayers to St. Vincent de Paul, not St. Vincent of Twickenham.

Anonymous said...

great idea. Start with MPs and imams.

Anonymous said...

Who died & made that cunt Mandelsnake Queen?

Anonymous said...

Mandelson isn't Chancellor.

He's High Chancellor and you'd do well to remember it.

Labour Prevails.

JPT said...

I seriously do wander just what is going on with Brown and co,
It's a wee bit scary.

Bill Sticker said...

Where is "Lecrobat" when you need him?

Anonymous said...

Talking of Queens where is K McEgan alias Ron Broxted John Steed Wesley Groves today cottaging I expect and taking more halal meat whilst bending over facing Mecca.

reldf said...

The return to 17.5% VAT is neccessary to fiddle the inflation figures.

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