Sunday, 6 September 2009

Carol Thatcher heads for Switzerland

Good for her. Enjoy the freedom, enjoy the democracy, enjoy the low tax, enjoy the lack of EU rules.


The Paragnostic said...

I met Carol once (over 20 years ago) - she was a lovely, intelligent woman.

Sad to see her leave, especially following her hounding from the BBC.

Good luck Caz!

VotR said...

Wish we there. Or like there.

Anonymous said...

Re: The Paragnostic at 21:30

It is a badge of honour to be hounded out of Al Beeb. I wish I had one. Wait a minute, I told them to stick their Lies Tax demand where the sun don't shine. Does that count? Beebstards!!! Good luck Carol even though I loathe your Mum.

tris said...

Must be lovely to belong to the class of person who can up sticks and fuck off whenever they get a pissed off with England, eh?

Mind you she's the only half decent on of the whole family. The rest should be shot.

Anonymous said...

Is she taking her mother to that clinic?

Rogerborg said...

Euthanasia, or cloning? Steady on though - cloning Hitler is one thing, but Lady Thatcher? Beyond the pale.

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