Thursday, 3 September 2009

Bye Bye Bercow, Bye Bye......

The tradition that parties do not put forward a candidate to stand against the Speaker is going to have a fascinating result in Buckinghamshire.

Nigel Farage of the UKIP party has stepped forward to fill the gap. He is standing against John Bercow in the next election.

Will the Tories be able to resist the temptation to wave good-bye to Bercow by voting UKIP, or will they just honourably restrain themselves from voting at all?

Watch this space.

The finest tradition of comic farce looms ahead.

h/t The Telegraph.


Ampers said...

Yes, I read about this. It may persuide the rest of the shower (Labour, Lib-Dems et al) to bypass the conventual unwritten rule and stand as well.

I can imagine a lot of Conservatives switching from an encumbriant who is not a Conservative to a candidate in another party who is probably a more real conservative than 90% of Conservative MPs.

Edgar said...

All the old complacency and arrogance is being challenged. Bloody good thing, too!

Goodnight Vienna said...

Good fun ahead. The last I heard the LibDems and Labour said they wouldn't be putting forward candidates.

Quiet_Man said...

Should be fascinating as many Tories see Bercow as "Labours" man in place.

Gandhi said...

How dare he oppose a legitimate conspiracy to deny democracy?


Anonymous said...

Off-topic I know, but all the same a rather terrifying glimpse into this nation's unhappy future I think you'll agree.

Just read the words uttered by this Righteous individual and see exactly what they will do when they get sufficient power :

"However, Kirit Mistry, executive director of Derby Racial Equality Council, which was involved in organising the protest, said the fine was not enough.

He said: "He should also have been told to complete a cultural awareness programme as part of his punishment."

BNP member pleads guilty to making Nazi salute in Codnor

Chilling isn't it ?

subrosa said...

Good for Nigel. About time someone challenged the arrogant little man. I wish him every success.

Anonymous said...

O/T the enriching muslim who claimed to be abducted by the BNP in Epping looks likes he's facing charges for wasting police time.
Never believe a mosquerat!

I am Sick said...

Good on Nigel, give the treacherous, arrogant midget, the boot. I would imagine that given Bercows lamentable grovelling to the ZaNuLab PC agenda, there are many Tories in his constituency, who would love to see the back of the greasy twerp.

JuliaM said...

"O/T the enriching muslim who claimed to be abducted by the BNP in Epping looks likes he's facing charges for wasting police time."


Got a link? Oooh, if this is true, there's some crow to be eaten at 'Harry's Place'. And I know how best to serve up the crow.. ;)

Quiet_Man said...

it's in the Daily hate

Daily Mail

Rogerborg said...

Funny - I didn't see that on the BBC. Surely some mistake.

Anonymous said...

Julia M
The story is on the main BNP site.(probably won't make the MSM) Actually he's been charged with perverting the course of justice.
Wonder if the BBC will interview him again?

Anonymous said...

It's in the Graun too - so it must be true.

String the bastard up in Epping Forest, I say.

suigmypiel said...

It will be interesting to see who shows the most enthusiasm for saving Bercow's mangy, expenses contaminated and Zanuliebour tainted hide. I can't imagine Camoron showing too much vigour and would the monocular snot gobbler dare be seen campagning on behalf of Bercow. This would result in Farage winning for sure as people's suspicions on his role as a zanuLiebour stooge is confirmed. The shortest serving speaker and shortest serving prime mentalist will be heading for the dole queue together. Fucking brilliant.

CryBaby said...

A very good move for UKIP.

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