Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Baroness Scotland and the Fake Gong

After having posted on the trinkets and ermine our Socialist Party like to drape themselves in

I received this comment-

I can happily assure you that the "Constantinian Order" of which Baroness Scotland is a member is an imitation of the real Order, given by a junior prince of the Bourbon family whose claims are unrecognised by the King of Spain, head of the Bourbon family. Five Spanish government bodies investigated this prince's claim, and decisively dismissed it. The factotum of this Order is a Mr Anthony Bailey, a PR guru, who has recommended its wide distribution to a variety of individuals (he also recomemnds awards of the long extinct Order of Francis I of the Two Sicilies, given despite the fact that this kingdom has not existed for almost 150 years.

The real Order (see is headed by the Infante don Carlos of Spain, Duke of Calabria; its British delegate is Prince Rupert zu Loewenstein and it has no connection with Mr Bailey's group.

It just gets better, she can't drive for toffee, does not understand the Laws she has drafted herself and gets awarded fake medals from a PR company.

A true symbol of Socialism in the UK. We have not stopped laughing in the office.

Lord Guthrum of Duston in the County of Northamptonshire, Grand Inquisitor of the Marechals of the Mayenne. Noble of the Ancient Order of Ferret worriers.


More on Anthony Bailey and Tone and Gordon- Get your awards here the're luvverly

And more dodgy cash for Labour via Mr Bailey




joidari said...

PR Guru behind Brown cash drive.

Also mentioned here:

Labour questioned over £500,000 gift from a Frenchman

Tyburn Jig said...

Lord Guthrum, I humbly crave your indulgence to comment upon your Noble Post.

The Ignoble Lady Bastardess Scotland is a con artist and is not a fit and proper person to run a whelk stall.

Guthrum said...

You may peasant- I dub thee Viscount Jig of Tyburn, by the power invested in me by my next door neighbour who is a Labour Councillor

woman on a raft said...

A bit cheap, innit? She works with the people handing out the real gongs. You'd think they'd give her something instead of sniggering behind her back when she pops up the palace. Courtiers know all there is to know about gongs, and they know a fake when they see it.

P.S. What do I have to do to get enobled round here, then?

bofl said...

it might be funny if they weren't stealing our money each and every day.

stuffing their bank accounts with free money and buying houses- all with YOUR money!!!!!!!!

oh well,eastenders is on,then corrie then..........


Guthrum said...

What do I have to do to get enobled round here, then?

The going rate was £1m when Tone was about

Anonymous said...

Baroness Beastly of Bournemouth here. I've just been baronessed by ever such a lovely young man wearing a Labour tie & lapel button. Can't remember his name but I think it began with 'D' & he was telling me all about his blogging. He was going door to door selling cheap tarmacing to raise Party funds but once he saw me, he said he realised I was meant for better things & offered me a baronhood - and for just £5,000 (small donomination notes, please). Oh I'm so excited, I can sit in the House of Lords now - I'll maybe even get to sit beside Black Beauty. AND he threw in a free ticket for the Labour Party Conference next week.

Baroness Scotland - fake honours? You mean like McSnot's award for 'International Statesman of the Year' last night?

joidari said...

This reminds me;
Has David Abrahams got his money back yet?(As Gordon Brown said he would)
Have the Labour Party forfeited the same amount to the Electoral Commission?(As per the rules on inadmissible donations not returned witin the time limit (I think it's 30 days))

Anna Raccoon said...

Brilliant post Guthrum! Love it.

Old Holborn said...


I am officially Lord Old Holborn of Chelmswood, a landed title.


Upgrades a plenty

ukipwebmaster said...

David and Goliath – Taking on the juggernaut of the ‘Yes’ campaign:

Mick Jagger said...

Ah yes.Prince Rupert Lowenstein.
He used to manage our financial affairs

Guthrum said...

Yes and you are now Sir Mick !

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