Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Attorney General of the UK is a criminal

Baroness Scotland, appointed by New Labour to be the highest legal authority in the land, now has a CRIMINAL record for employing an illegal immigrant and has been fined £5000. I can only assume she has been dna'ed, fingerpinted and mug shot.

Let me repeat that. The highest legal authority in the land is a fucking criminal

And still, she won't resign. I need a lie down.

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Dazed and Confused said...

Another glorious day for democracy in New Labours Utopian Socialist paradise. Of course they know how to Cattle Prod the rest of us into conforming to their one sided ideals. That's a different ball game entirely. Socialist reasoning in a nutshell.

Anonymous said...

She can pay the fin painlessly out of her £170000 expenses fiddle

Anonymous said...

or fine even!

Newgates Knocker said...

So despite having a criminal record for breaking the law, this in no way compromises her ability to do her job. Right! Another nail in the coffin of decency in public life.

caesars wife said...

Like the poster in the background "February is " , having drawn up the legislation herself , it isnt really on is it , she shoulf be fired or resigned , The ruins explnation on GMTV was far from convicing , scrub erase I meant totally useless "I will decide when I see the report"

WT at best it looks like he is employing someone who cant do there job properly, this is a no brainer and hes flunked it , still waiting for expenses cheat offenders to get punished , heard nothing on that one .

Luke said...

" ... the highest legal authority in the land, now has a CRIMINAL record ... "

She doesn't have a CRIMINAL record. It is a CIVIL offence.

prome said...

Luke said...
" ... the highest legal authority in the land, now has a CRIMINAL record ... "

She doesn't have a CRIMINAL record. It is a CIVIL offence.

You're new here, aren't you ?

Winston Smith said...

Not only that, she is drafting the very laws that she chooses to break.

Old Holborn said...

Section 8 of the Asylum and Immigration Act 1996 sets
out the law on the prevention of illegal working.
♦ It makes it a criminal offence for you to employ
someone, aged 16 or over, who has no right to work
in the United Kingdom, or no right to do the work
you are offering.

Page 3

Luke said...

She wasn't charged with a criminal offence. She was fined under this law:

From the UK Border Agency website:
"We introduced a civil penalty system for employers on the 29th February 2008. This is allowed under Section 15 of the Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Act 2006."

Or am I a criminal when I get a parking ticket? Or an overdue fine at the library?

Snope said...

We are all criminals unless we join the Labour Party

Guthrum said...

Luke you are a Prat- this Government has introduced a two tier legal system, and bypasses the Courts on a daily basis.

Some people do not recognise a Police State until it bites them in the arse

Kinderling said...

"...despite her marriage, Ms Tapui [Cleaner] appears to have been advertising on internet dating sites, where she claims she is bisexual".
Something they are telling us?

Anonymous said...

Luke - "Technically" you are correct.

The greater principle is that the government's chief law officer, the Attorney General, has committed an offence, breaking a law she herself helped draft and pilot through the House when she was a Home Office minister. In earlier times when Britain was governed by an educated class, she would have resigned without a whimper.

That's all gone now thanks to the absolute shit that hold office today.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Luke's is correct. She does not get a criminal record.

Its stinks, its corruption, its Labour.

Bugger Lugs said...

We are not criminals if we have joined the Labour Party, until the next GE.

Until then we have the "Get out of Jail free" card.

Now bugger off, you members of the great unwashed, and leave your betters to run your lives.

Anonymous said...

So now, we needen't bother being law abiding - we have the great example of Baroness Scotland.

Anonymous said...

she can't resign. how would she ever pay for her watermelons and ganja?

Anonymous said...

What is her real name? Has she got one?

Lucas said...

Patricia Janet Scotland, born in Dominica.

Anonymous said...

Guthrum I hate to break it to you but Luke is correct and not just "technically". Your ad hominem attack undermines your point. It is a civil penalty. She has been fined and she does not get a criminal record. It is not a criminal matter unless it can be proven that she knowingly employed a person who had no legal basis for remaining in the UK. Maybe you should brush up on the difference between civil and criminal law. If you park on double yellow lines and get caught you pay a civil penalty. Do you think you should get a criminal record? I am not defending Scotland, the woman should be sacked, but throwing out insults and untruths makes you appear rather foolish.

Old Holborn said...


Who changed the law? It WAS a criminal offence. Now it isn't.

Hansard is your friend

Rogerborg said...

Right, so it's not a criminal offence, and so she's not a criminal. At least, she hasn't been convicted of a criminal offence yet.

Really, if you're going to engage in hyperbole then you're no better than Zanu.

I mean, apart from fucking over the entire nation wholesale and retail, starting a couple of wars for oil and selling us out to the Libyans. Other than that, you're no better than Zanu.

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